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Total Vegan Delight - Isolated Pea prot. Reviews

By: TBN Labs

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to TBN Labs for sending it out!
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  November 30, 2018

  • Builds Muscle
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan
  • Needs More Servings
  • Not Cheap
  • Wish There Was More Protein Per Serving

Quick Summary

A vegan protein with strong pea flavoring but still a good protein powder.


Thank you to the people at TBN Labs for letting me review your protein. I always like trying protein powders that are not the norm and I sometimes stray from vegan products but this is a good one to try. TBN sometimes gets a bad rep but I believe it makes a good product so this was an easy choice.

Ingredient Profile

This is per serving of one scoop.

Calories 134
Total Fat 1.7 g
Carbs 10 g
Sugar 4 g
Added sugar 3 g
Protein 20 g

This is an isolated pea protein so needless to say, pea is the main ingredient. This is vegan so no added beef or chicken based products. The secondary ingredients are what they call "Farmer's Berry Blends" of 6000 mg. This comprises isolate pea, organic mild blueberry juice powder, organic strawberry juice powder, organic blackberry juice powder, organic pomegranate juice powder, and freeze dry strawberry powder. I think these ingredients are self-explanatory so I am not going to get into a breakdown of each ingredient. The core pea protein is where the protein comes from and the berries are to help with the flavor as this is berry tasting product. The ingredients are organic and vegan so this is great for anyone looking for a vegan protein, so I give it a great rating, but from a normal protein powder, it is a middle ranking due to the one scoop being low in protein amount.


In order for me to rate this product, I have to look at this from a vegan point of view so this will not reflect the normal protein powder available on the market. First is the taste of what is supposed to be berries but not a lot of berries taste but I give it a great ranking for a vegan protein powder. I used mainly almond milk to give it a berry taste as the taste was meant to be berried flavored. The berry flavor was not the core taste because the core is pea's and that is what I started to taste by the 6th serving. The water did not help the taste so the almond milk is what I recommend. The pea taste was overwhelming near the end, so I did have to use my normal protein along the way to finish the tub. Even after taking it, for a few minutes to an hour I would get the pea taste left in my mouth. For a vegan taste, I think it was pretty good, so I give this a high-ranking.

Second, mix-ability was not an issue. I did have to use a lot of almond milk like products that are vegan to get the protein powder to mix. I would usually mix it with 12-16 ounces to get it where I like it. No liquid item used seemed to make it easier to mix. At no point when I stirred did I ever get a good mix. You have to shake it pretty well to get a good mix and even. then it could be hard to mix servings. For mixability from a vegan stand. point, I would give this a good ranking.

Third, is the dosing. It lists everything at one scoop which is 20 grams of protein. The one scoop was not enough protein amd I want my protein shakes. to get the amount of protein around 30 to 40 grams. I usually had one scoop and a half after a workout. So, dosing wise a little low, so I give this a low rating.


The straightforward answer is this was an effective protein since it is hard to rank with measurable elements. The nice thing is that it was not only isolated protein but a natural vegan protein. I had good muscle recovery. Sometimes protein shakes. can make your stomach a bit upset but that was never an issue with this product. I was able to get the things that I needed with my protein. I would say it was effective, so I give it a good ranking.


I was only able to find this on the TBN website. A 20 servings is $60 which is $3.00 per serving. I usually keep my protein powders around $1.25 per serving but again, I need to look at this from the vegan products. The vegan product can get from $2.50 to $6.00 per serving so that puts this one in the low price range. The price hike is due to the vegan protein ingredients. For me, this is not too high per servings, so I give this a good ranking.

Side Effects



I believe this is a nice protein powder. The ingredients were good. The carbs, sugar, and calories were a little high. The taste and mixability were nice. The dosing was low per serving. The Total Vegan Delight was effective. The price is good for a vegan protein. I think this is a solid protein powder. I like my beef and chicken and due to the price, I would not buy it again but natural heathy protein is always worth the try. I give this a high-ranking for a vegan product.
  • Farmers Berry: 6/10

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