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1,5D Bomb [DMHA Powder] Reviews

By: TBN Labs

(Out of 10, after 2 reviews)

Ranks #62 of 248
(Better than 75% in Pre-Workout > Stimulant)

1,5D Bomb [DMHA Powder] is a Pre-Workout manufactured by TBN Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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  December 4, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Great Value
  • Only DMHA Solo Supplement
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Endurance
  • Minor Headache
  • Not Widely Available
  • Lack Of Pumps
  • Lack Of Focus
  • Bitter Taste When Alone
  • Minor Difficulty To Breathe


It's time to review a supplement that only contains DMHA from the brand TBN Labs (Total Body Nutrition). This is a brand with some interesting products, I made a review of their BCAA, tried a sample of their preworkout too and I liked them both. I had a sample of their other products but can't say much about them based on a sample. Thanks to them and SupplementReviews for making this connection possible and trusting us. I've tried some preworkouts that contain DMHA and I've had good results with them. So when I saw there was DMHA as a separate individual supplement, then I was eager to try this and finally take my trainings to a next level. Let's see what happened...


Only 1 ingredient: 200mg of 1,5 Dimethylhexylamine HCL also known as DMHA. There's a lot of confusing controversy about DMHA, about its sources, if it's real DMHA or fake, etc. The DMHA from TBN has been HPLC tested and it's 100% pure (according to them). So I guess you can feel safe about this being real DMHA. What is HPLC test? "HPLC and UPLC are both Liquid Chromatography used in separating the components of a compound or mixture. HPLC stands for High Performance Liquid Chromatography, and is a technique used to separate different constituents of a compound using high pressure to push solvents through the column. It is the most widely used technique to identify, quantify and separate components of a mixture. HPLC is widely used for the analysis of constituents of a pharmaceutical actives, drug products, pesticides, and countless other substances." Source:

DMHA is a strong stimulant, said to be similar to DMAA and AMP Citrate. Among its benefits we have: Increased Energy, Attention, Focus, ability to handle pain, better mood, alertness, memory, etc. This ingredient is relatively new so there's not a lot of information and studies about it.

Claims by the product:
Optimum Muscle Pump, Increase Body Heat, Extreme Focus, No Bloating, Insane Energy, Expedite fat burn, High Potency, No loading period.


TASTE: Unflavored, it didn't change the taste nor texture of my preworkouts or other supplements but by itself, it may have a slight bitter taste.
MIXABILITY/POWDER'S CONSERVATION: Usually no problems mixing it. Powder conservation was overall good. It clumped at the end but that's to be expected after a product has been opened for 2-3 months and sometimes left abandoned without shaking for a whole week.

DOSING: 1 scoop with a stimulant preworkout 30 mins before working out. This has 60 servings and I used 1 scoop per day. I have 20 workouts per month so that's why it lasted me so long. I was so stupid because I didn't try this with an aminoacid during the morning (for example) to test its effects. I only tried it with my stimulant preworkouts. I tried it for only 1 week and a half without any stimulant preworkout, DMHA was then my only stimulant for that week and a half.


So, during my 3 months of using this, I used this with: UXO Preworkout V2 and Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen. Also but not always, just a couple of times, with VMI Vasogen powder. Considering one of the claims was "Optimum Muscle Pump", the results combined with UXO Preworkout V2 were dissapointing. But the results with Outbreak Pathogen were positive in that area (Pump). I tried this with and without Pathogen and my conclusion is that it slightly helped with the Pump, it "optimized" the pump but it wasn't really that significant. Combined with VMI Vasogen, I didn't feel it helped with the Pump. I wasn't really expecting that claim to be true, I can't say it's false either , it just didn't work for me. It's just strange that one of the claims is Pump when it constricts blood vessels and if you add Caffeine to the party, then don't expect much from it...

I had more expectations on DMHA regarding energy, strength, endurance and focus. Those are the reasons I wanted to try DMHA. I don't think DMHA helped my Focus, in fact, I think it sometimes made it worse so I'm also dissapointed in the Focus area with DMHA so that's another negative thing. I think this happened because sometimes when taking DMHA, I felt it gave me a minor headache. The first week I took DMHA, I had positive results. Increased Energy, I could feel the DMHA working, increased strength because of the DMHA. But at the end of Week 2, I started to see the effects slowly starting to hide (not dissapear)... And this is where the "talking with the ingredient" began lol. I had to literally talk with DMHA and tell it to come out and work! It's like if I had to ask DMHA if it was available to use first and if yes, then I could use it. This happened several weeks. Considering sometimes I had to stop using DMHA because I wanted to try the effects of the preworkout alone, then it wasn't a big deal.

About the fat burning effects, can't tell much because I'm bulking. I slightly lost some weight but that can be because I stopped taking Creatine (my 10g daily) or maybe some DMHA was involved. If you want to try something different than the typical separate ingredients we add to our preworkout (Creatine, Beta-Alanine, maybe Glutamine, etc) then I suggest you try DMHA, I'm sure it's going to help you somehow whether is more stimulant energy, more strength, more focus, fat burn or who knows, any other benefit. I think it will depend on the person. My brother, who is usually tolerant to stimulants, had problems with this, he combined this with another stimulant preworkout (can't remember which one) and he was too agitated... so he never tried it again. He had that serving with other stimulants though. I gave a few servings to another person to see the effects and he wasn't too agitated but he also got a minor headache (without me mentioning I had it too). He did have good effects though, good energy, strength, he got better focus results, endurance was also solid for him. Endurance for me was alright, if I forced DMHA, then it was there to help me.

The real test for DMHA came when I used it as the only stimulant of my preworkout. I combined DMHA with Aminos (I think it was Intra-Blast) as pre-workout and it felt different than Caffeine. It worked alright, it worked like if I had 150-175 of Caffeine (but felt different). Based on claims, it had to work like 350 or 400mg though! lol. But overall, I was satisfied considering it was the only stimulant available for my +2 hour workouts. I did this for like 1 or 2 weeks.


TBN Labs website ( has it for $39.75. You may see that as expensive but if you divide this by 3 (because it will last 3 months), then its $13.25 a month. There's no price reference either, this is the first DMHA supplement I've seen, so based on that, I think it's a great price, based on the dose, servings and considering it's the only one in the market right now. Don't judge my review if cheaper options show up later on in the Market. If Effectiveness was higher, I would have rated Value higher. You don't always need to use full scoop though and you don't need to use it everyday, it depends on you. However you want to see it, it's a great value.

Just as a reference, when talking about Value, you have to look at several factors: Market price, form of processing, amount of ingredients, quality of ingredients, dose of ingredients, amount of servings and other factors. It's not only something like "Oh it's $10 a month, I think it's ok". What if it's $10 a month but market price is $5 a month!? Still worth it? It changes right? Ok. This is NOT an Amazon review, this is NOT a bodybuilding review, it's SUPPLEMENTREVIEWS. If we say our reviews are top quality, then we need to prove it.


Minor headache and a minor difficulty to breathe. You have to take into account I was also taking other stimulants though. My head sometimes felt "full", I attribute that to the headache and the difficulty to breathe sometimes made it uncomfortable to go more than 10 reps in 1 set. That's why I think these side effects lowered the Effectiveness of the product. I was using full scoop though. (Imagine if I only used half-scoop, it would be 120 servings, I would have never ended! lol). When I would finish my set, sometimes I would stand up kind of "confused". This last part didn't happen all the time. Never exceed 1 scoop. You can also experiment some slight crash after workouts but that's expected after all the stimulants taken. Nothing serious or significant.

I also took a week off stimulants and DMHA after I finished taking this supplement to see my body's reaction. As expected, my body is adapting to the new reality again of not having DMHA. And if you suffer from high blood pressure, then it's not recommended for you.


I don't think DMHA will help you much with Pumps but it's going to give you something "extra" when it comes to Energy, Strength and Endurance. Nothing out of this world but you will feel it working and the times you don't feel it working, just force it to come out and it will work ;) Trying this supplement once a year is actually a good idea, to see if you can make progress trying something you've never tried before. I honestly wouldn't recommend trying it during all the year because we still don't know the negatives it can cause to us. I didn't get scared with the side effects but exposing your body to those side effects during all the year is definitely not healthy. But you might not suffer them all so go try it!

The reason I think it didn't help much with Focus was because of the high dose of stimulants I was taking. I guess the stimulants were too much for the focus ingredients to handle and obviously, the distractions don't help either! So I think taking this with an amino during the morning for example, might give a nice focus benefit. I would also suggest trying it with a fat burner, like user @Clipper83 did. Just don't exceed 1 scoop per day. If your preworkout already has DMHA, then use half-scoop.

I had to lower all the scores because of the side effects and lack of focus, pump benefits. But this can easily become a "9" product for someone else, I wouldn't be surprised if it did. It has the potential.


Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to TBN Labs for sending it out!
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  September 25, 2017

  • Increase In Focus
  • Increase In Productivity
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Bitter Taste


DMHA is the new stimulant on the market. While most agree that it is not as good as DMAA, it still has some notable effects. This is the first straight DMHA powder I have seen, which is what got me interested in this product in the first place.

It was nice to see how this new ingredient that is taking the market by storm works on its own, without caffeine or any other nootropics.

Ingredient Profile

One scoop gives you 200mg of DMHA. I feel like 200mg. Not much to talk about here except for what DMHA is.

DMHA has limited info on it, which is why I advise some people to do more research on it before they go out any try it. Most would say it is the new DMAA, I'll get to that in my "Effectiveness" section.

Claims on DMHA are the following(from the TBN website):

Longer Endurance
IncreasedPhysical Performance
Sharpened Focus
Quickened Alertness
Insane Energy & Drive


I typically added this to Shred Complex from Famed Labz. It seem to give it a bitter/chemical flavor. Fairly easy to mask.

It mixes well, maybe slight sediment at the bottom of my glass, but nothing bad at all.

One scoop is 200mg, I typically took one half of a scoop and took 1-2 doses during the day. Easy dosing for sure, would probably be better in a capsule form however.


This was pretty fun to add to any of my caffeinated drinks. It does provide a nice boost and some mental clarity. If I noticed anything out of DMHA, I noticed the focus and mental clarity. Work was much easier to stay on top of, along with school whenever I added this to my day. If I added some to a pre-workout, there was a noticeable boost along with great mind-muscle connection.

I must note as well, I did not use this solely as a pre-workout, while I certainly did give it a few tries, I utilized it more as a "caffeine enhancer". I guess I was more interested in the nootropic effects. It was quite beneficial in this regard.

Now for the DMAA comparison...

I'd say the mental clarity aspect of it almost makes it better than DMAA. While I admit I enjoyed DMAA back in the day, all it really did was give me that "REPS FOR JESUS" type of energy, where I'd just take go in and move weight instead of actually focus on the exercises themselves. While on DMHA, I felt more of a need to focus on what my muscles were doing. Also, I never thought to take DMAA as a focus pill, I just saw it more as a way to give you that euphoria to make you feel good on either a cut or during a workout. Well, DMHA may not give you as much of a euphoric feeling, but it give you a nice boost with a slight feel-good feeling.


You can get a tub of this for $45 off of the TBN website. While at first glance it may seem like a lot for a single ingredient product, remember that this tub can last you a VERY long time.

I feel as if most will only need 100mg(half a serving) and if you take it as an "as needed" product, I would argue that one tub could last you well over a year. I felt as if 100mg was plenty for me, which is why the tub lasted me so long.

Side Effects

None that I noticed.


1,5D Bomb is a great way to enhance your day, enhance you pre-workout, enhance your energy drink, the list goes on...

While the price seems high at first, the tub could last you a very long time, and I wouldn't mind buying this to keep it sitting around my house in times where I just want the taste of a Monster energy drink, yet want a little more than just a caffeine fix to get me through the day.


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