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Pump Igniter Reviews

By: Top Secret

  November 4, 2013

  • Effective
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Wish More Pumps
Well, got it again on a BOGO, and had a good surprise! I was a lot skeptical with this "Pump Igniter" after trying the "Astravar 2.0" from the same brand.

Consideration: I was using "Beta-Cret" from Promera 2 times a week and the other 4 training days I used Pump Igniter. Upper parts I used PI, lower parts I used BC, it's explained on my BC review.

Price: 8. Had it on a BOGO sale at BB (I always get these things on a BOGO do make the shipment and taxes here worth for me), 2x 14 servings for around 18 dollars. In this case, I would rate a 10, but getting 14 servings for 18 dollars or 30 servs for 30 dollars, it's just regular, so I'm giving 8 due the good job it did for me.

Profile: 8. I wish it wasn't a prop blend, so I would give it a 9. It has Hydrocarn, a different beta-alanine, and I could feel the tingles much faster with this, around 5-10 minutes I'm feeling the tingles. It also has L-Citrulline, and a bunch of other things.
I need to consider the 300mg of caffeine. I wish it was a smaller dosing so I would try 2 scoops to get a bigger pump, but due my training schedule I couldn't add 600mg of caffeine and keep my sleeping routine.
It also has the Astravar in the formula, I think it does the job since I was able to feel it kicking in every time with only 1 scoop.

Taste: 8. Had cherry limeade, a very good taste but with some beet root aftertaste. If you don't have issues with beet root, like me, you gonna like it.

Effectiveness: 8. Could feel it kicking in every time I used it, 1 scoop each time. This time I used a precision scale to measure the scoop size and it's not tricky. 1 scoop filled to the rim has the right amount.
Pump: 7. Due the name, "PUMP IGNITER", I wish I had bigger and better pumps, so in the pump part I'm giving 7. Just an Ok.
Energy: 9. 300mg of caffeine and a lot of stuff to turn you on in 1 scoop. If you are sensitive to stims, take 1/2 scoop in the 1st time to see what it happens.
Endurance/Recover: 8. Better endurance and recover when using it than not using it.

Cons: No side effects at all.

I like it, TSN did a very good job with this one. Wish it had a little bit more pumping stuff than stims.


  • felipeba
    Rep: +54
    November 4, 2013

    Forgot to say: mixes really well. No clumps at all!

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