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Energizing Whey Reviews

By: Top Secret

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Energizing Whey is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Top Secret. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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  May 2, 2013

  • Increased Energy
    Alright, here's a review for a relatively new and unique product from Top Secret Nutrition. It's called Energizing Whey and it's basically a whey protein energy drink. Before I get into the review I would like to thank the ER program exclusively for providing this product. Top Secret had nothing to do with this. Tom and Petey have provided some products to the ER team that really haven't gotten attention as of yet on SR. It's really appreciated and proves how committed SR is to providing all of us members with the most diverse and accurate product reviews anywhere. Now, on to the review.


    Since Top Secret is not a well known brand around here and specifically this product is largely unknown, I will give all the details of the profile.

    2 lb Tub Serving Size (42g)(1 scoop)
    Servings per container 22

    Calories 190
    Cals from fat 50
    Total fat 6g
    Total carbs 8g
    Dietary fiber 1g
    Sugars 4g
    Protein 26g
    Calcium 123mg
    Iron 2mg
    Sodium 180mg

    Proprietary Energy Blend 4240mg

    Taurine, Caffiene(200mg), Ginseng Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

    Protein blend used: WPC, WPI, MPI

    The profile is pretty good here. The protein blend is pretty average but it's is propped up by a pretty sweet energy blend. I was surprised that only one scoop had 200mg of caffeine. Some might say that the fat content is a little high, but 6g doesn't bother me too much.


    This product only comes in one flavor. It's called Mocha Boost and as the name suggests it tastes just like a mocha coffee drink. I can imagine the flavor being really hit or miss for people. If you don't like a little coffee flavoring, then you are probably not going to like this. I personally really enjoy coffee, and although I never drink mocha's or cold coffee drinks, this tasted really good. I usually mixed this with vanilla almond milk and had no problems with mixing. Even the couple of times I used 2 servings, the shake got thicker, but still mixed okay. Top Secret did a nice job producing what I believe they wanted. A pre-workout protein for the morning gym goer.

    Effectiveness (8/10).........................

    Okay, this is usually where we insert the line "protein products are hard to judge effectiveness" in these protein reviews, BUT, this one has some goodies in it that gave me the ability to really judge if it was working. It was 2 lbs, so I can't say I made gains as a result of Energizing Whey. I also can't say that I had any noticeable increased recovery from it. What I can say is that I had some pretty good workouts as a direct result of this product.

    My usual experience was one scoop by itself about 45 minutes pre-workout. The energy from this was very noticeable. It doesn't compare to some of the better pre-workouts on the market, but it's a real nice clean energy that doesn't hit you like a sledge hammer. One of the things I liked about this was the energy gradually built and gradually faded. A couple of times I used 2 scoops just to see what it would be like, and the product ended up sitting pretty heavy in my gut for most of the workout. This is probably just a personal issue, as I don't digest some proteins all that great. The energy with 2 scoops was pretty nice. Right up there with a max dose of your average pre-workouts. I wish I could have taken advantage of the energy from two scoops, but the digestion issues all but killed that.

    I would have liked to experiment more with Energizing Whey. I think if you were to add some beta alanine and maybe some agmatine to a scoop of Energizing Whey before a workout, the results would be pretty sweet. I didn't have bulk tubs of either, so the product was a stand alone for the most part during my use. Overall, I really liked the effectiveness. It was a different kind of energy that is really welcomed some days.

    Value (7/10).................................

    At first look, the price doesn't look too appealing for Energizing Whey. It's just shy of $30 for the 2 lb tub. As a protein blend, that's not a good deal. But as a protein/pre-workout hybrid, it's not too shabby, and I would go as far as saying it's a good, not great value.

    Overall (8/10)...............................

    Overall I felt that this was a pretty solid offering from Top Secret. Energizing Whey has a good taste, and does it's job well in the energizing department. I would recommend giving this a try, especially if you can get it on sale.

    Thanks for Reading- SoCal

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