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Cardio Igniter Reviews

By: Top Secret

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Cardio Igniter is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Top Secret. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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  October 7, 2013

  • Improves Cardiovascular Capacity
  • Good Focus
  • Blocks Mental Barriers During Cardio
    Everyone has weaknesses. Some people hate doing legs and lack the proper lower body strength or symmetry, other's lack muscle fullness in other muscle groups. Some people suck at doing HIIT cardio while others may burnout fast or simply get bored doing steady-state cardio. I will admit, one of my biggest weaknesses is running for multiple miles. I herniated a couple discs in my lower back in high school and if ever ran longer than one mile my lower back would start to ache tremendously. Throughout my college football career I used this as an excuse not to run or jog for miles and the coaches were really big on HIIT style cardio so I built my body on that style.

    I really love the benefits of HIIT but I got hurt earlier this year and moving my arm in such a fast motion was not allowed anymore. My back is healed so I started trying to do steady state cardio again. Needless-to-say that sucked for me. I was really curious about Cardio Igniter but I couldn't find much on it and (until today) this was only one review done for it on the site by Raptorbh12. Being in the military he's used to the running and PT training and he said that this actually helped him improve his cardiovascular capacity. I dove in for more research on this product but found nothing so I figured I would go out and buy this product and leave my honest opinion on it.

    Profile: 8

    Calories from fat

    Total carbohydrates

    5 g 9%

    0 g **

    14 mg 70%
    Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)

    7 mg 350%
    Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

    4 mcg 67%
    Calcium (as Calcium Silicate)

    32 mg 3%

    135 mg 14%
    Magnesium (as Magnesium Glycerophosphate and Aspartate)

    51 mg 13%
    Sodium (as Disodium Phosphate)

    69 mg 3%
    Potassium (as Dipotassium phosphate)

    224 mg 6%
    Proprietary Lipobolic Blend:

    7,836 mg **
    Carnosyn Beta Alanine, Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine, Red Beet Root Juice, Taurine, Caffeine anhydrous, Amino Shield® with Ursolic Acid (Proprietary Extract of Eriobotrya japonica (Fruit and Leaf) Standardized to 30% Pentacyclic Triterpenes), Razberi-k® (Raspberry Ketones), D-Ribose, Kelp, Brassica Campestris Powder, Uva-ursi (leaf) Powder, Thiamine Disulfide, Advantra Z 30% Citrus Aurantium (fruit), Evodiamine, L-Norvaline, Vinpocetine.

    As you can see, it contains some familiar faces. We all know the benefits of Beta Alanine, Choline Bitartrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, and L-Tyrosine and Carnitine. But this product pimps the hell outta some fad and newer ingredients in PWO's such as Raspberry Ketones, Ursolic Acid and Red Beet Root Juice. Red Beet Root Juice has been feature on that dreaded Dr.Oz show but it has been around for quite some time and is said to lower blood pressure and also aid in betaine. It is also a great NO booster and has a fantastic source of dietary nitrates

    As far as Raspberry Ketones and Ursolic Acid go, I'm going to take this exert from Garlicks Nova Burn review on these ingredients just in case you missed it:

    Raspberry Ketones are also a fad product, that I'm honestly tired of hearing about. They don't really have much effect on fat cells, and there's actually very little evidence they will do much in the system.....but they're the hot topic item at the moment, so I can't blame (in this case it would be Top Secret Nutrition) for including them here.

    Ursolic Acid has several benefits, including helping to reduce white fat cells, through lypolisys, and increasing the activity of your brown fat, which is metabolically active in the system. Brown fat will actually BURN CALORIES. It also causes your body temperature to rise, which in turn burns calories through the need for your epidermis to cool the system. Basically, increased temperature, equals higher amounts of perspiration, which equals more calories burned.


    So there have been many questions lately asking if there are any PWO's a person can take before cardio and/or sports. I usually recommend people to stay away from high stim PWO's when doing cardio because of the effects it can have on the heart and tell them to stick with Gatorade, Pedialyte (Yes Pedialyte; they practically FORCED Gatorade switched over to the G2 series) or Bcaa's. Ironically enough and I couldn't make this up; TS started doing a Cardio Igniter vs. Gatorade and Cardio Igniter vs. Bcaa before cardio battle on Facebook.

    In short, this product worked fantastic in allowing me to push harder when running for a distance. I fatigued less and as odd as it sounds had a great sense of well-being while performing steady state. After a while I quit driving to the gym and starting jogging to and from there instead (about a good 2miles from my place to the gym).

    In the long, Cardio Igniter has a lot of claims. Why not go thru the laundry list of claims to see if they worked for me

    "¢ Supports Enhanced Aerobic Performance: 9/10 - As I stated I was able to push harder. I would love to try this during halftime of my football games since the 3rd & 4th quarter is when players fatigue the most.

    "¢ Provides Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Support: N/A – BCAA's claim to do this and TSN claimed CI did the same thing on Facebook. I'm not so sure however.

    "¢ Boosts Lipolysis, Fat Oxidation & Thermogenesis: N/A – Obviously when you perform more cardio there's a chance of increasing the fat burning ability in your body. This product helped me push harder than I normally would and has some suggestive ingredients but it's honestly too hard to tell because of said reason(s).

    "¢ Increases Energy & Endurance: 5/10 & 10/10 – This did little to get me going energy wise as I actually had to force myself to run tbh but once I got going that's when I found myself more energized & focused and the endurance was never ending.

    "¢ Supports Mental Focus: 8.5/10 – If by this they mean the ability to block mental barriers of wanting to quit then yes. This goes right along with the never ending endurance.

    "¢ Helps Utilize Fat As Energy Source: N/A – As I stated above this helped me push longer and thusly I did lose a bit of body fat. Mentally, because of the hype and claims you wanna believe that it utilizes fat as energy but it's hard to tell.

    So did Cardio Igniter live up to what it claimed to promote?

    "¢ Helps Protect Lean Muscle Mass: Yes. But it's not hard for me to keep my gains while doing LIIT. Once I started to recover and was able to do more HIIT (Speed Ladder, Heavy Ropes, Tires Flips and Hops & Sprints) which helps you lose fat but muscle too if you overdo it, I noticed I lost a bit of fat but kept my gains.

    "¢ Helps Boost Aerobic Capacity: Yes

    "¢ Helps Accelerate Fat Loss: Not sure if it helped accelerate fat loss but the potential fat loss ingredients are more than welcome.

    "¢ Provides Stamina-boosting, Long-Lasting Energy: YES, YES, & YES

    "¢ Helps Improve Concentration and Stave Off Boredom: Yes, this goes along with my sense of well-being comment and mental comments above.

    "¢ Provides Key Electrolytes That Help Delay Fatigue and Maintain Mental Alertness: Once again yes. But to go along with the Key Electrolytes I did notice that fatigued less doing sprints than I normally would. I usually did fasted HIIT in a hoody then stripped accordingly as the temp shot up to the 90's pretty fast but after a swig or two of this I was ready to haul ass again.


    You can take this PWO, Post Workout Before Cardio, Before Stand Alone Cardio, or Prior to an Athletic Event. I have not tried this before sporting events but since it says you can take prior and since I tried this for myself I usually recommend this to people who want a PWO before sports (or cardio). I know, and Mooselini stated that this product is pretty popular with Cross-Fitters as well. Idk how much caffeine is in this but be weary of that. I, however took this before standalone cardio. As I stated earlier, this didn't give me that get up and go energy, it kind of kicked in once I got going and the endurance followed.

    Value: 9.0/10

    This on average is around 29.99, but I lately I have seen specials where you can get this and Pump Igniter or Astravar 2.0 for free 25.99 on M&S. I started using half a scoop to good effects but bumped up to 1 scoop especially when I was able to move my arm more and do more HIIT. It contains 35 servings but this lasted me around 3months. Reason being that I did not use it every day. I did HIIT 2x a week and gradually dropped my prolong steady-state cardio to 1, maybe 2 days. Note* I did steady-state for 5-10min every day prior to my workout but I treated that more as a warm-up and did not use this product for that. But like I said this lasted me a while and I was sad to finally see it go.

    I said earlier that Top Secret compared this to Gatorade and BCAA's so I had to knock this value down a bit as I took those products into account. "Powdered" Gatorade or Pedialyte is obviously cheaper than CI and in the long run can be cheaper than the bottles too. They may not give you to enhanced energy and endurance that CI does but we've all tried these products and know that they still get the job done. I can also buy MBCAA for $20 (which seems to last me forever) and get prolonged energy and endurance on one scoop. It may not have the fat burning abilities or give me that midpoint energy like Cardio Igniter does but as an intra MBCAA's endurance matched up evenly.

    Taste & Overall: 9.3/10
    I definitely enjoyed my run on this product. I had the fruit punch taste but honestly they could have put Raspberry, mixed berry, or anything punch wise on there and I would not have been able to tell the difference. It had a pretty good but generic taste but I'll give it props for not having a chemical or aftertaste. I would be ok sticking with MBCAA prior/during cardio or an athletic event but this is competitively priced and comes off as sexier product due to the ingredient profile. I was able to push-it in 90-100 degree weather doing HIIT so I'd be eager to try this out in a game. I definitely recommend prior to cardio, or if you are in the military, a marathon runner, male/female or do any type of extended running. Just remember that there are cheaper options out there. Sorry I ran a bit long, but thanks for reading if you did indeed choose to do so.

      December 18, 2012

    • Improves Cardiovascular Capacity
    • Increases Aerobic Endurance
    • Tastes Good
    • Affordable
      Cardio Igniter is essentially a 'pre-workout' designed specifically to be taken prior to running or any other kind of cardio that requires prolonged effort over time. It is not great for straight up lifting heavy ass weights.
      The Bullet points of this product are that it claims to do the following (which I agree that it does):
      *Supports Aerobic Performance
      *Provides anabolic and anti-catabolic support
      *Boosts Lipolysis, Fat Oxidation, Thermogenesis
      *Increases Energy, Endurance
      *Supports mental focus

      Effectiveness: 8
      This was one of the best pre-workout powder type supplements I have ever taken in regards to improving cardio. I felt less out of breath on moderate intensity runs and in between sprint intervals. I also experienced less muscle fatigue throughout my runs which allowed me to push myself harder and further than usual.

      Sides: 2
      Its use of stimulants is moderate so if you are an avid runner who detests stimulants then you might want to stick to nature valley bars in the mean time but I didnt notice any side effects that were detrimental to my cause aside from having some 'sloshing' of the pre-workout liquid if taken too close to the actual run time.

      Taste: 8
      The flavor I had was fruit punch and its hard to mess that up. No bad aftertaste and fairly sweet since its sweetened with sucralose.

      Ingredients: 8
      Niacin- I dont really understand its purpose in this (could anyone explain?)
      Vitamins B6 and B12
      Sodium (a nice electrolyte)
      Potassium (compliments the sodium)
      The lipobolic blend has some nice ingredients but its tough to say how much of each is included in the doses. It does have at least some of the following, Beta alanine, caffeine, L-carnitine, raspberry ketones, Ursolic Acid, Evodiamine, L-Norvaline, Vinpocetine.

      Value: 9
      I was surprised at how cheap this was. You can get a 35 serving tub from for less than $20.

      Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who has devoted cardio only days. If you run after a workout then use a typical pre-workout and suffer with a less than stellar cardio session.

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