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Astravar Reviews

By: Top Secret

  October 19, 2013

    • Too Expensive
    Well, I've heard Astravar 2.0 could be used solo but honestly I couldn't feel anything this way. Tried 1 pill and also 2 pills solo, and got nothing! No pumps, no extra focus.
    So, I ran it with 2 pre-workouts: 1st time with White Flood, 2nd time with Neurocore. I could feel some effects when stacking with another PW. 2 scoops of Neurocore + 1 pill of Astravar 2.0 gave me the same effects of 3 scoops of Neurocore... Honestly, I don't think it worth the price.

    Price: 3. If you can get it on a great deal, and also get your PW on a great deal it may worth it. But today I don't think it worth the price.

    Taste: 7. It's a pill, but sometimes you gonna burp something like beetroot. No big deal here.

    Profile: 6. A lot of stuff on a pill and it's a prop bend. They say it will give better pumps.

    Effectiveness:4 - I will make 2 reviews on this part:
    Effectiveness solo: 0. Nothing special, nothing happened, zero.
    Effectiveness stacked: 8. It can "make the PW last longer", since I could take less scoops to have the same effects. Also, when I took full dosage with Astravar, I had bigger and long lasting pumps. Maybe it was a placebo, maybe it was really working, maybe I could habe the same "bigger and long lasting pumps" adding 1 more scoop than full dosage.

    Would I buy it again? No. I think it's a good thing to add in the PW, but the price doesn't worth it.
    I'm taking Pump Igniter, from the same company, and they have Astravar inside their formula, and maybe it's a good thing. But buying it to add, for me, it's the same thing mixing 2 pre-workouts in the same time.

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