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By: Thin Fit Line

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Thin Fit Line for sending it out!
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  October 28, 2018

  • Convenient Packs
  • Good Absorption
  • Decent Value
  • Complex Profile
  • Regularity Improvement
  • Limited Retailers
  • Low Dose On Most Things

Quick Summary

Thin Fit Line presents an interesting newcomer to the multivitamin line of supplements. Like many newcomers to the market, HEROES PACK gets the job done, but has room for improvement.


A special thanks to Thin Fit Line for their participation here on Today, I discuss their multivitamin supplement HEROES PACK. Multivitamins are a general staple in both my own and others' fitness supplement regimen. Multivitamins can help support general health and ensure adequate micronutrient intake. While we should always get the bulk of our nutrients from food, multivitamins do have their place and come in great use.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is very long and complex as one would expect. So for time, please refer to the included image for a complete breakdown of the profile.

Overall, the profile has a good amount of all the essential vitamins and minerals. However, there is some substantial underdosing in areas. For example, the Vitamin D3 is a sparse 133mg. Being that D3 requirements can range from 4,000-8,000 IU for many users, this is clearly an unacceptable dose. In addition, the Vitamin C is a mere 332mg. Again, with a dosage requirement that is much higher for daily consumption, that is not an efficient dose. The additional vitamins and minerals could also be slightly higher, but are not as severely underdosed.

As with many "pack" class of multivitamin supplements, there are also extras. However, these extras could also use significantly higher dosages. For example, the fruit and veggies prop blend provides an abundance of nutrient dense fruit and vegetable extracts. Though, dosed at a total of 105mg, no doubt the underdosing is severe for all of them.

I will note that their is 6.7 million CFU dosage of the probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus for regularity support. You don't often see this in multivitamin supplements so it was good to see as an extra. I will say though, I prever probiotics in the billion CFU range.

Lastly, the other additional bonus ingredients are also dosed pretty low in comparison to their effective ranges.


The direction call for one pack daily with a meal. I took one pack in the morning with breakfast.


I base my score on multivitamins on how they benefited my overall health.

I will start by saying that I did see some improvement in my regularity thanks to the included probiotics and enzyme complex. Therefore, this area I can safely say did see some benefit.

I never fell ill while on HEROES PACK. As a result, my immune health potentially was improved.

I didn't see much change in my natural energy levels outside of anything else I was taking or normally experience. However, the potential benefit ot my immune health and helping me stay illness free I would say did have a carry over effect since being ill clearly doesn't do your energy levels any good.

Truth be told, the underdosing of a majority of the ingredients made it a less than satisfactory way to ensure proper micro nutritent intake. As a result, I was still remaining heavily prident on my micro intake from other sources. The inconvenience of the lack luster dosages was not welcoming.

Overall, I'd say it gets the job done provided your diet is in strict check, but doesn't have an advantage over other vitamin packs I've used.


The cheapest I found HEROES PACK was 28.95 on While it is slightly cheaper than other pack multivitamins that I've used, I'd say the value is still not the greatest considering the severe underdosing within the profile. I personally would recommend throwing down the few extra bucks for something more complete like Vital 4u or Myovite.

Side Effects



In conclusion, while HEROES PACK is not complete miss, it is not a pack multi-v I would recommend over others. Keep your diet strict with plenty of nutrients coming from your diet and it does help to an extent, but the overall underdosed profile simply won't cut it in the long run.




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