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By: Thin Fit Line

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Thin Fit Line for sending it out!
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  September 4, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Calming Effect
  • Low Dose On Most Things

Quick Summary

Watching the old glory days of wrestling, I always wanted to be big like Hulk Hogan. So I knew at an early age to take my vitamin's everyday.


I always do feel better when I take some good quality vitamin's and it is always easier to try and get a pack of everything you need and just have it with you and take when it is convenient. So first off seeing something that is geared directly towards first responder's I thought was interesting. I understand that they have a hard job and have to be on the 100% at moment's notice , so I was curious to see what would be in these that would be different than say an athletic mutivitamin.

Ingredient Profile

When you first look at the profile you will see a very long list of ingredient's which I thought was impressive. And there is some interesting things thrown in there also. But I started doing some comparing and noticed some things I feel are pretty important was really very low dosed especially when compared to others like Vital4u or the Original Animal pak.
Now that is not saying this is not a complex profile, just in my opinion I think some are low dosed.
I am not going to list the entire list of the profile but I will hit on some things I found low or should be mentioned.
D-3 133iu. Very low as compared to the animal pak at 680iu even if you take half serving ( one pack ) you still have 340 iu. Vital4u has 4000iu.
Zinc is at 5g. Again low. Animal pak has this 30mg ( half dose would be 15mg ) and vital4u at 15mg
Niacin 7.5 mg , again the pak beat it at 82mg and 41mg at half dose.
lecthin is 125mg here and vital4u has this at 1200mg. Big difference.
I do like they have Ashwagandha in this at 200mg. Huge plus for that and also having the Bioperine in this also at 5mg.

Like I said they have a huge list of stuff and solid ingredients I feel they would be better off upping the dosages of some and raising the price a bit to put together a better vitamin. Like the Fruit and vegetable blend. Great mix of things but it comes in a low 105mg. For 42 ingredients of that, you are barely getting anything from anyone of them.
Anyway take a look at the profile and do some comparing yourself. I feel it is a good profile just some things need a bump.


I can taste these a bit. It is just 6 pills so big plus there. I would like to see more hard pressed pills instead of the veg caps. This slows the absorption rate some and helps you process it slower.


I did not get as good of a bump of energy as I normally do from the vital4u which is my " go to " as of now. But I think I did notice a bit calmer mood. Maybe from the ashwagandha root? Maybe. The one thing I did notice was my allergies was a bit worse while on these as compared to the vital4u.
I did not get sick during these so there is a plus there. They did not make me sick to the stomach or anything either.
I might have had a bit more alertness than I would have without a vitamin at all. So I could tell they was working .
All in all it is hard to gauge a Multi while you are on it. That is one reason this review took a while to get done. You can not really feel any difference until you have been off a multi for a few weeks.


i have only been able to find these for 29.95 for 30 packs. So they are bit cheaper than the others I did mention. But I also feel like others will pay more for a better profile.

Side Effects

Small funky taste. not bad


This is a great profile but I feel this needs some improvement. Not bad though. Just some small things could be bumped up and yes it might cost a touch more, but if this site has proven one thing, is that people will pay more for a better product. One big positive here is though, they do not have crazy claims about their product and I really like that. Sorry it took so long for the review.


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