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C-BOL Reviews

By: ThermoLife

  October 9, 2011

  • Helped Me Bulk Up
  • Increased Energy
  • Very Effective
  • Improves Vascularity
  • No Water Rentention
  • Pricey
  • Tastes Like Sulfur
  • Devastating Gas
Like many on this site I tried C-Bol because so many others had been talking it up and recommending it! I have to say I am thoroughly pleased with the results. Unfortunately I never got that pump that everyone else was talking about but I think I may be an N.O. Non-responder (I have tried Yok3d a lot of different ways, opening the capsules, different timing, and different amounts. In the end I got nothing...ever. I will try Nitrox II soon just to make sure of this and let everyone know.) Even though I didn't feel a large aspect of C-Bol in my opinion it is still a great product that anyone looking for a new creatine should try! I'm not going to go into the ingredients or just say what is on the bottle that can be found in the other reviews for this product no need to be redundant.

My stack during my bulk and while I was taking C-Bol included: C-Bol, Glycobol, Dymatize Elite XT, Dymatize Elite Whey Isolate, MHP Up Your Mass, NOW Dextrose, GNC Multi Digestive Enzyme/Triple Strength Fish Oil, Anavite, Glutamine. Bulking diet, eating clean and hitting the gym hard etc Split goes like this: Monday-Back, Tuesday is Chest, Wednesday rest, Thursday Arms, Friday Shoulders, Saturday Legs, Sun rest.

Dosing – Like Irish and Kingmeat suggested, I dosed this at 6 pre and 6 post workout for 7 days and then just 6 pre for most of the rest of the bottle. I decided to mix it up around halfway through the bottle and did 2 in the morning 2 pre and 2 post. Finally I decided on 6 pre for workout days and 2am 2 around lunch and two at night on rest days.

(Also if you buy this in store make sure that caps are not broken up, first purchase at a local Vitamin Shoppe had a few that were broken apart and the powder was all over the bottle, I returned it. At the end of my bottle same thing happened, powder all over.)

Taste/Smell 1 of 10 – I have to say when you first open this bottle it smells like pure poo! After awhile taking this unfortunately your gas starts to smell exactly like it...its devastating to anyone around, including yourself be careful! No burps really just really really bad smelling gas. My roommate says is smells like "Pure Butt"...nice example.

Value 7 – This product ran me 35 bucks with 4 dollar shipping so basically $40 for 300 capsules or 50 servings so it's not too bad, not as cheap as regular mono, like others have said, but I feel that this price is warranted especially for those where the pump aspect works! Another great part about this product is that it not only has C-Bol's Patent Pending creatine in it (Creatine Nitrate) but it also has Creatine HCL (Con-Cret's creatine) and Creatine Anhydrous which I've not heard of yet. Other than those three you know exactly what you're taking because it is not a prop blend.

Effectiveness 9 – Like I said I did not experience the pump of C-Bol even still this product works. It definitely helped me bulk up, I am on a very large bulk right now (after last year's 50lbs cut) and over the past 4 weeks I've gained ____lbs and I'm sure with the help of C-Bol (and the rest of my stack...aka glycobol) most of this was not fat. I had very little (if any) water retention even though I was drinking water throughout the day. My veins were popping out all the time at the gym and I really had noticeable strength gains. (I can't say 100% for sure how much my lifts increased because they have still yet to peak so any number I throw out there would sound too much.) Strength was up after the loading phase so right around 7-9 days I felt it. It did really help me push out those last few reps I'm sure. My endurance was up for sure but unlike others my recovery did not improve, but my energy did as well! I have tried both Kre-Alk and Creatine Mono and I personally think C-Bol beats them both out.

Overall 8 – I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to try something different other than normal creatine. It has a versatile ingredient profile that has more than one purpose, a pump product that can "rival any other great pump product", and a great creatine as well. It works great on a bulk and since there really isn't any water retention I'm sure it would work just as well on a cut!


  • October 9, 2011

    Sorry there is a blank in the Effectiveness Section...I've gained in 4 weeks 12lbs 3 each week actually. Ha just excited to get this review out there!

  • Virtus
    Rep: +1,935
    October 9, 2011

    Good review bro!

  • October 9, 2011

    Thanks man!

  • October 9, 2011

    Yo man no such thing as an N.O responder. It takes time for N.O enhancement for different people. The key is to drink litterally as much waster you can, and eat things such as superfoods, garlic, onions, brocolli etcc. You cant rely just on supplements but they help alot. Nitrix i recommend if you want even a remotely close N.O enhancer.

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