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Genius Test Reviews

By: The Genius Brand

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  September 25, 2017

  • Increase Strength
  • Muscle Fullness
  • Fat Loss
  • Huge Increase In Libido
  • Too Expensive


The effectiveness of a natural Test Booster often depends on the user. As a rule of thumb, they aren't meant for folks in (at least) their late 20s. For me, I took my first NTB about a year ago now and quickly decided it was easily my favorite supplement category. NTBs usually have a gradual ramping up to full effectiveness, but Genius Test kicked in so quickly I was actually able to use it twice from 1 bottle; not fully, but i'll explain further what I mean.

Ingredient Profile

Great lineup here...
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root: Ashwagandha is great stuff, and KSM-66 is its best version. Genius Tests touts itself as less of a testosterone booster and more of a male optimization supplement. This primary ingredient is in keeping with that marketing tactic. Ashwagandha won't cause your body to produce a ton of testosterone, but what it will do reliably is help reduce cortisol levels and keep hormones in a healthy balance. In my experience it has always been helpful in promoting sound mind, and aiding in keeping my energy levels high and recovery periods low. Altogether I just feel healthier, less moody, and more confident when supplementing with Ashwagandha.
PrimaVie (Shilajit Extract): This is a male superfood that's growing in popularity. According to, it can have a minor impact on boosting super-antioxidant dimutase levels, increase follicle-stimulating hormone levels, decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol, and provide a minor increase in test levels and sperm quality. I'm happy to have all the above, thank you!
Fenugreek Seed Extract: One of my favorite NTBs. This always seems to slim me down, dry me out, and boost the libido. In science it has shown a propensity to do all of those things during studies, and has demonstrated the ability to increase HDL Cholesterol, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce blood glucose levels, have a notable increase in libido, and for the ladies: can apparently double the level of milk production in nursing mothers.
Quercetin: Quercetin is an ingredient that is less effective on its own, but becomes more effective in combination with other compounds; essentially reducing the need to use quite as much. Either way, it does have some very useful health benefits. It helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (Good) cholesterol, and has a notable effect on reducing exercise-induced stress response.
Diindolylmethane (DIM): More good stuff. It's been shown extensively that it regulates estrogen levels, but specifically, to keep them steady and without radical fluctuation in either direction. It will act as an aromatase inhibitor by actively targeting more potent forms of estrogen and preventing conversion of testosterone to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme. A dose as low as 100mg has been shown decrease estrogen levels. Tread carefully though. DIM can go Benedict Arnold on you and switch sides to start upping estrogen levels. Make sure you don't run supplements with this compound for more than 6-weeks at a time.
LJ-100 (longjack): This one's all about the bedroom and body-recomp. The most common effects include slight increases in power output and lean mass, slight reduction in cortisol levels along with an increase in general feelings of well-being, and an overall boost to any and all things related to intra-sheets performance.
Boron Citrate: At just 10mgs in Genius Test, this stuff is effectively dosed and has shown clinical evidence of being able to boost free testosteron while reducing estrogen.

Altogether we have some common themes. There are ingredients in there to boost testosterone, but the ingredient panel as a whole seems to be more focused on overall health and well being. As we get into the effectiveness, you'll see that I think this stuff worked across the board.


No taste or mixability

Dosing: 4 pills daily, split throughout the day. 2 with your first meal, 2 later in the afternoon with food.


I was very impressed with this one. I initially thought I was doing a disservice to the product because my schedule had begun to get hectic and I kept taking 2 pills in the morning, then forgetting about the afternoon. Despite doing this, I started feeling the effects within days. I had more energy, less water retention, and a more prominent sense of confidence. Eventually I got my act together and started remembering the second dose. That's when the strength gains took off. I started repping significantly more, and needing much less recovery time. The bed room became a proving ground and overall both myself and my wife were very please at the effects. After about 3 weeks the effects started to level out and I started to notice a bit of acne starting. I figured I'd probably turned a corner with effectiveness and decided to cut my run. I noticed the fall off, let some time pass, then ran another test boosting product; this time not with natural ingredients. I hated it. I was shut down within days and I noticed I was actually losing some hair too; all without a noticeable increase in strength. So, I cut that out and tried to run a pct. The pct wasn't working so I threw in the Genius Test for the few days I had left. I stuck to 2-pills a day and within 48-hours my libido started to return and my hair stopped falling out. If I wasn't happy with Genius Test already, I certainly was at this point!!


Here's my only negative for Genius Test: It's too expensive.

The going rate looks to be $57.99 for 30 servings.

I do think you can stretch the servings to last longer and I recognize they are using many name-brand products, but I just have a hard time justifying the cost here.

Side Effects

Slight acne developing at the top end of the dose and at the end of the run.


Overall I really liked this stuff and $60 isn't a lot for you to spend, I'd say give it a shot. You'll notice yourself lean out quickly, strength will increase, and you'll feel great overall. Just make sure you have a partner around that can help you subdue your urges to start humping legs. Follow me? Thanks for letting me try this stuff and keep up the good work Genius!!

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