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Genius Mushrooms Reviews

By: The Genius Brand

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Genius Mushrooms is an Herbal Product manufactured by The Genius Brand. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.
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  February 28, 2018

  • Helped Me Avoid The Flu This Season
  • Did Not Experience Most Of The Product Claims


Hello all. Full intro about myself can be found here in the forum:

I picked these up from Amazon shortly after the company released this product and a Facebook ad showed up on my feed with a discount code to give them a try. Since I have had some good results with previous products from The Genius Brand, figured these were worth a try as well. After reading the product claims; who wouldn't want a stronger immune system and stress relief among other things? Let's see if this product lives up to the claims...

Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile is pretty simple and straight-forward for this mushroom product. As you would imagine, it contains three different species of mushrooms, all dosed at 500mg each. Below is a list and the corresponding claim from the brand on what each species is supposed to do:

Cordyceps >> Strengthen the body and fight through fatigue. Increases energy and ATP levels, allowing for increased oxygen utilization and endurance.

Reishi >> Relax, rejuvenate and be calm. Known to be a powerful anti-aging and overall wellness herb. Prolonged use can lead to a sense of renewal.

Lion's Mane >> Boost brain function and memory. Powerful mushroom that is known to improve mental health, immune function and overall well being.

For an in depth article about Lion's Mane, I would highly recommend checking out this blog post from PricePlow:

Here are some other claims made by the company for taking this supplement:

NURTURE YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT - By combining 3 of the most researched mycological species on the planet, Genius Mushrooms deliver an organic wellness formula unlike any other: Enhance mental clarity, immune function, natural energy and more
IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER - Elevate immune support to another level with reishi mushroom extract: Having been used for centuries, this immune booster is what you need daily to stay healthy and avoid the common cold
MEMORY, FOCUS & COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE - Lions Mane provides a safe alternative to highly questionable nootropics and smart drug hitting the market nowadays: This species is a proven brain booster, great for work & studying
CAFFEINE FREE ENERGY SUPPLEMENT - Elevate your energy levels naturally via ATP production with Cordyceps Sinensis: Increase oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity and athletic endurance without stimulants
STRESS RELIEF, LIVER SUPPORT & DETOX - Reishi has also been shown to improve mood and to potentially act as a detoxifying liver cleanse: There isn't another wellness formula on the market that delivers like this

Honestly, this is the first time I have purchased a "health" supplement like this and I don't know what to make with all these claims. Some of them seem too good to be true and that brings me back to that old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I guess we will see how this worked out in the effectiveness section.


Taste >> Product is in pill form. Nothing to taste.

Mixability >> As with taste, nothing to report here. Simply swallow the capsule with some water.

Dosing >> Per the label, take one capsule with eight ounces of water 20 minutes before meals three times daily. Each tub contains 90 capsules, so you should get 30 days out of this product following these dosing instructions.


As I listed in the ingredient profile, this product has a long list of intended benefits that the consumer can expect to experience. Sadly, I can not say that I physically felt most of those claims. Since this is more of a "health" supplement as compared to many of the sports performance supplements that we are used to reviewing on this site, many of the benefits are likely to happen silently within the body. I did not notice any increase in mental clarity or energy while taking this product. Same goes for the claims of the nootropic effect of memory, focus and cognitive performance. Those aspects stayed the same throughout the entire bottle as compared to before I started taking this supplement. The last claims that I can not personally attest to is the stress relief, liver support and detox that is supposed to come from the Reishi species. I do not have a preexisting liver condition, so this product did not provide any support or repair for that organ that I can speak to.

At this point, you may be wondering why I rated the effectiveness of this product a five instead of a zero since it sounds like it did absolutely nothing for me. On the contrary, I do believe this product helped boost my immune system. I started taking this supplement just after the New Year when most of the country and especially my state was getting hammered by the flu virus. Some of you may recall the national news stories of hospitals being over-run with flu patients, people of all ages dying and hysteria of a flu epidemic (and some of these people even received their flu shot). I did not get a flu shot this year and work in an enclosed office space with shared workstations and team members that all suffered from either a cold and/or the flu this season. While I can not prove 100% that this supplement prevented me from catching a cold and/or the flu, my consumption coincided with everyone else getting sick around me while being able to escape unscathed. For providing me with that good fortune, I am more than happy to turn what would have been a zero rating into a five for this product.


Currently listed at $22 per tub on Amazon. Each tub should last a person one month if you use as directed and eat three meals a day. This brand seems to have sales every once in a while as well, so you may be able to get this at a discount if you follow them on social media or keep an eye on the product through Amazon. If a person is able to get more of the intended benefits from this product, the value at the regular retail price is much better.

Side Effects

I did not experience any side effects. Needless to say, if you know you are allergic to one or more of these species of mushrooms, do not consume this.


In conclusion, this product was mostly underwhelming in terms of the various benefit claims that the company lists on the product page and bottle. As I mentioned in the effectiveness section, the only thing that kept this product from being rated lower was its possible ability to keep me healthy through the cold and flu season. I think many people who experienced the flu this season would have gladly payed $22 for a bottle of these mushrooms if they would have kept them from catching the flu and that is how I look at my experience with this product. Since I have used the entire bottle that I initially purchased and the flu season has mostly passed, I do not see myself picking up another bottle until next year's flu season is upon us. Maybe others will have better luck with experiencing some of the other benefits, but for me this will be a seasonal supplement instead of being used year-round.

Thank you for reading my review and let me know if you have any questions

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