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Doughnuts Reviews

By: The DoughBar

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Doughnuts is an Alternative Protein Supplement manufactured by The DoughBar. It provides additional dietary proteins that can increase lean muscle tissue and increase fat loss.
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  June 17, 2017

  • Amazing Taste
  • Decent Protein Per Serving
  • Filling For A Snack
  • Limited Availability
  • Too Expensive


I am 37 years old and lift in the Gym 5-6 days a week. I try and eat Protein at least 6 times a day, and I love variety. Its easy on the meals to get that meat, but in between and on the go at work, its nice to mix things up outside a Protein Shake. Then I discovered DoughBar Doughnuts, and life got tasty!!

Ingredient Profile

There are a variety of toppings and glaze to get, which change the Macro's around, so I will break this down in a few ways and the flavors I had:

Doughnut by itself, no glaze or toppings:
Calories - 150 (40 of these are derived from fat)
Fat -4g
Carbs - 16g
Fiber - 2g
Sugar - 3g
Protein - 11g

Cookie Butter Glaze with Fudge Goldfish (5 Goldfish)
Cal - 41
Fat - 1g
Cabs - 8g
Sugar - 7g
Protein - 0g

Cake Batter Glaze with Sprinkles:
Cal - 29
Fat - 1g
Carbs - 5g
Sugar - 5g
Protein - 0

So, the Protein all resides in the Doughnut itself, at least on the ones that I tried. The protein is a Whey Protein Isolate (Wheat Gluten, Lactic Acid, Sulfite). Also this products DOES contain eggs, milk, tree nuts, wheat & Soy, so if have any allergies bear this in mind. Sure 11g is not the greatest protein intake, but your getting it from a doughnut! Depending on how your macro's are for the day, you can even have 2. The doughnuts are also baked and not fried. Nice thing is these are delivered on Mondays only, so made fresh weekly. One thing to note is, they have a shelf life of 9 days if left at room temperature, but can last longer if put in the fridge. I had one for 10 days in the fridge and was still fresh!


Taste: Oh this was soooooo good. I mean I grew up eating Dunkin Donuts, so I love me some donuts. The Cookie Butter was delicious, and the Cake Batter was great as well. It does not taste like a doughnut from DD or Krispy Kreme, you can taste that its a homemade doughnut, which I like. Very easy to eat.

Mixability: The toppings are in separate containers, already allocated in amounts per doughnut in the box. 5 seconds in the microwave and you are good to go, comes with easy to follow instructions.

Dosing: Up to you! I only ever had 1 per sitting, every day or two. It does not quite fill you up, but a nice snack to get your taste buds fired up again. I mean this tries to be as macro friendly as possible, but if you crush a box of 4, then well, you are defeating the purpose!!


I can only really gage effectiveness on how it filled me up versus a regular doughnut. This feels more filling than a DD or K Kreme doughnut, and is perfect for a snack! Sometimes I eat this doughnut instead of my nightly Casein shake, and I go to bed happy. Great taste, decent macro's, filling for a snack, so effective in its use! Like anything else, this will only be effective if you show self restraint and eat 1 - 2 per day depending on your macro availability. I would like to see more protein that 11g per Doughnut, but it is what it is. Basically its effective to round out your already healthy day!


Okay, this is where it hurts! You get what you pay for though right? The company offers a ton of varieties, so I can break a couple down. Your 4 pack of flavors averages between 15 - 16 dollars or $3.75 to $4 dollars per doughnut. You can buy 8 packs with a variety of them, still comes out to $3.75 a doughnut. Different flavors are different prices. So yes, you are paying a bit more for this versus a protein bar or something, but man its worth it if you wanna shake things up. The shipping is also an issue, and is a flat rate of 9 bucks in Continental U.S., Alaska & Hawaii. So not something I would keep around all the time, but not bad for every once in a while. Combining it all together it would average out to be $6 - $6.25 per donut on the 4 packs, if you count in the shipping cost, which you may as well since it is not available elsewhere. So yeah, pricy!

Side Effects

None, it only makes you want to eat more and more because they are so damn good!


You may have freaked out when you saw I am trying to review Doughnuts on SR, but this really is a great alternative for some quick Protein that is fairly macro friendly. Not something you would have around every day, and it is expensive, but worth it if you have those sweet tooth cravings, or if your like me and always finding new and fun ways to get some protein, then give it a shot! The 2 flavors I had are so good, I can only imagine what the others are like. Great variety of flavoring, and you can even just order the doughnuts bare. Though limited as they only ship on Mondays, but at least you know they are fresh when you get them! My wife bought these for me for our wedding anniversary, which I thought was the perfect gift. For the rest of your protein needers and lovers out there, not a bad idea!

The only place I know of that sells them is their website, so check it out if you like:
  • Cookie Butter: 9/10
  • Cake Batter: 8/10


  • smashley23
    Rep: +1,969
    June 19, 2017

    I heard about these, but hadn't seen a full write up before. Cool.

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