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(60 ct) - [$0.72/ct]

TestoRipped is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by TestoRipped. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

  January 4, 2013

Discovered SR while examining reviews for testoripped. Wanted to share my thoughts with others on this product. I have never used any other similar product to compare against. I have taken this product for 2 1/2 months. I have a very strict & healthy diet of 3 meals a day & 2 Muscle Tech Whey Protein Shakes (A great product for lean muscle mass). Diet consists of chicken, fish (salmon/tuan) & lean beef, veggies, eggs, fruit, Fish Oil tablets, Multi Vitamins. My exercise routine is 6 days a week of weight lifting ( 2 bodyparts a dat and stomach everyday)& aerobics with an emphasis on lean muscle mass. I achieved the results I expected but at a price. I was only capable of taking 1 tablet a day (30 minutes before breakfast) due to the serious side effects of head aches, sweating heavily during workouts,increased heart rate, sleeplessness, nausea, shaking (felt like I was on speed) and severe anxiety. The positives were more intense workouts, a nice pumped feeling thoughout the day, energy & stamina. In addition,I lost 15 pounds of fat, 2 waist sizes, & 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. Abs, chest & arms were nicely ripped. Even taking 1 tablet I had these side effects. The only reason I stuck with it was due to the results I was achieving. You could improve this product by eliminating these serious side effects. I have achieved my results & must discontinue use due to the side effects. I found no taste because their tablets (black in color).


  June 8, 2012

  • Increased Energy
  • Felt Like My Arms Were Blown Up
  • It Does Exactly What I Bought It For
  • Lots Of Energy
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
  • Lots Of Anxiety Which Lead To Nausea And Dizziness
  • Overly Aggressive
Supplements Fact:
Caffeine Anhydrous: 150mg
Synephrin: 15mg
Tribulus Terrestris, 80% Saponins: 200mg
Arginine AKG: 100mg
Creatine Ethyl Ester: 100mg
L-Glutamine: 100mg
Cinnamon Extract: 50mg
Eurycoma Longifolia 100:1 : 50mg
Guggulsterones 2.5%: 15mg
Yohimbine: 1.5mg

Its been quite awhile since I used and finished this product but let me tell you this product really works, when it comes to having a lot of energy and feeling pumped for a workout. It also helped w/ burning fat, but I don't think that this product is worth the price.

The taste and the smell once you open the bottle is terrible and made me feel nauseous, even though the "taste" is suppose to be fruit punch.

The only other supplements I was taking at the time was GNC's Whey Anabolic 60 as a post-workout and I would basically use Testoripped as instructed on the bottle, which was basically 1 pill 2-3 times day and drink with 16 oz of water.

Huge increase in energy
Felt really pumped and like my arms and other muscles were gonna explode
Burned a lot of fat

Pretty expensive at 40-50 dollars a bottle for only 75 pills
Taste and smell after opening the bottle made me nauseous
Felt overly aggressive
Can cause major anxiety


  June 24, 2011

  • Increased Energy
  • Felt Like My Arms Were Blown Up
  • I Notice More Muscle And Less Fat On My Stomach
  • It Does Exactly What I Bought It For
  • Lots Of Energy
  • Drinking 16oz Of Water Twice A Day Makes It Hard
  • If You Do Not Eat Anything Before Taking This Pills They Taste Like
  • Sweety @zz Crack
Ok first of all this product did WORK REALLY NICE FOR ME.If da hommie (longjump420) says is a terrible product i wonder how terrible are his work outs?

Let me star by saying if you buy this pills and you are not committed to work out, do not buy them, my neighbor bought It hopping to lost wait
but the lazy @zz never work out, all he does is take the pills and eat every day at MacDonalds and taco bell and drinks soda like crazy. we both started at the same time
and he still looks the same .

Yes it works

Yes i see a difference in my weight

Yes it gave me more promising results

No i wont work if all you do is work twice a week and eat like a PUERCO (pig)

No i wont work if you eat fast food or drink soda

No i wont work if you do not work out at least 5 days a week.

Here's my review:

The results I had on this product were really good.I just finish 2 bottles of TestoRipped of this testo ripped ( but my pills where black no blue) i also can tell you after this 2 moths of using
this product i did notice a big change in my abs, that's the most important part for me i do not care or want big arms and legs
all i want is to get my abs, y notice a better results with this product than Pink Magic,i also notice the B I G results when i was almost
done with the first bottle my upper abs are getting bigger something that you may want to be aware is that by the time you taking the
second bottle you will get more energy and more hyper, i also notice that i got R E A L L Y horny, big time i want to fudge 3 4 times
a day ma *** was like move over my head hurt, and i was like bithc bend over spread your @zz here i go, so beware you may get horny
like a monkey i have so much extra energy after working out i feel like i was high on Crack or something all i want to do after my
work outs i was fudge like a rabbit or a horny Indian monkey.

Cons:You will pee like this horse
How ever if you do not eat anything before taking this pills they taste like Sweety @zz Crack
Drinking 16oz of water twice a day makes it hard but if you mixed with kool aid or other kind of flavors helps a lot.

* I does give better results than Pink Magic
* Lots Of Energy
* Felt like my arms were blown up
* I notice more muscle and less fat on my stomach.
* It does exactly what I bought it for

Oh and thank to (longjump420) i didn't get my t-shirt i really want one and you have to f-up writing a bad review just to get your shirt thank you i hope you used at least @zzwipe

In Spanish, En Español

Ok antes que nada quiero decirles que este producto si sirve, si el compa (longjump420) dice que es un producto terrible, me pregunto que tan terrible son sus ejericios?

Voy a empezar diciendo que si piensas comprar estas pildoras y no te dedicas a hacer ejercicio no las compres.My vecino huevon las compro con la ilusion de perder peso
pero el cabron nunca hace ejercicio,todo lo que hace es tomar las pildoras y traga todos los dias en el Mactortas y el Taco bell, toma mucha soda como loco, Ambos empezamos a hacer
ejercicio al mismo tiempo

Si si funciona

Si si note la diferencia en mi peso

Si me dio mas resultados de los que esperaba

No va funcionar si solo haces ejercicio 2 veces a la semana y comes como puerco

No va funcionar si comes comida rapida o tomas soda

No va funcionar si no haces ejercicio por lo menos 5 dias de la semana.

Aqui esta my crítica

Los resultados en este producto fueron muy buenos. Recien termine 2 botellas de( TestoRipped ) pero mis pildoras eran negras no azules.Tambien quisiera decirles que despues de 2 meses usando
este producto note un cambio demasiado grande en mi abdomen, Esa es la parte mas importante para mi no me importa tener brazos o piernas grandes
todo lo que deseo es tener un abdomen marcado tambien note mejores resultados que con Pink Magic tambien note MAYORES resultados casi al final
de mi Primer botella y mis abdominales superiores empezaron a creser,algo que debes de tener cuidado es que en lapso de la segunda botella
es que tenia demasiada energia y mas loco, tambien note que me puse DEMASIADO caliente no mas queria estar coje y coje como 3 o 4 veces al dia
como chango my perra me decia, muevete hoy no quiero y yo le respondia perra empinate abre el culo que ahi te voy,a si que ya sabes ten cuidado por
que estas pildoras te van a dejar bien caliente, tenia tanta energia despues de hacer mis ejercicios, sentia que andaba bien drogado, todo lo que
queria hacer era cojer como conejo o como un chango de la india.

Cons:Vas a mear como caballo
Y si no comes nada antes de tomarte las pildoras te van a saber como a culo sudado
Tomar 16oz de agua todos los dias es dificil pero si lo mesclas con kool aid or otro tipo de saborisantes ayuda demasiado


* Sentia que mis brazos hiban a explotar
* Note mas musculo y menos grasa en mi estomago
* Hace exactamente lo que esperaba

Oh y para el compa (longjump420) no recibi my camiseta gracias a ti y neta que queria una pero no tenias que cagarla escribiendo una critica mala, gracias espero que por lo menos a uses cabron.

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