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BurnerTEK™ is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by TEK Naturals. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

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TROOPer Level: 61
  April 17, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to TEK Naturals for sending it out!
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As mentioned in another review, the birth of my second kid (and the weeks leading up to that) have been hectic for me and rough on my body. Inconsistent workouts and sleep hours combined with a less-than-ideal diet has me perfecting the dad-bod. I'm getting back on the wagon though and grabbed TEK's Naturals BurnerTEK when it opened up to Troopers. I delayed starting this product due to the fact I was already running another burner - Radiate - and didn't want the two to overlap.

Ingredient Profile

TEK Natural might be the first company I've seen to produce a pill-form fat burner with a completely disclosed ingredient profile. It was one of the reasons I was attracted to this product. The older I get, the more cognizant I am of my stimulant intake, and thus I've been hesitant to try some of the other blend-heavy burner pills.

BurnerTEK has a solid profile comprised primarily of caffeine, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and a few standard vitamins all aimed at improving energy and metabolism. Also included are Glucomannan (water absorption) and Garcinia Extract (appetite suppression and sugar control). It's a solid profile - not overly fancy, but well-rounded in my opinion. Almost all the ingredients are appropriately dosed (when taking three pills in a single dose) with the exception of L-Carnitine.


Like most fat loss supplements there's flexibility with how to dose the product. BurnerTEK suggests taking one pill, three times daily, or three pills at once with breakfast. Personally I found my ideal dose to be two pills, which I usually took in the AM. No issues with swallowing the pills or any type of powder-burps.


I had to mess around with the dosing of this product before I landed at what I thought was best for me. I didn't find taking one pill at a time to have any effect. I felt no increase in energy nor did I get the sense the product was working. Contrarily, three pills at once was too stim-heavy, especially considering I was sometimes taking this an hour or two after dosing a preworkout supplement. But two pills was money. Rather surprisingly two pills hit me with a solid burst of energy and, as Chef also mentioned in his review, a shot of mental clarity. There're no nootropics here, but for whatever reason I definitely felt more focused after taking this product. A nice perk at 11AM on a busy workday.

My weight was all over the place while I ran this - I bounced around between 215-225. I did feel as though it was helping me keep things under control, but when I backslid for two weeks mid-run, I saw my weight jump back up rather quickly. Clearly this isn't a miracle pill and I do think I would have seen better results had I been stricter with my diet through the entire run of the bottle. End of the day I ended up at 218 with a net loss of ~5 lbs. in 45 days. A good result considering I wasn't giving BurkerTEK a ton of support.


I could only find BurnerTEK through TEK's own website for a cost of $51 for 90 pills (they have a 10% special running right now). Considering I got essentially 45 days of use out of the bottle for a per day cost of $1.13, I'd say the value is decent less so if you run the bottle at three pills daily as instructed. Most fat loss supplements are going to run you around $1.00 per day so BurnerTEK isn't egregiously over-priced, but it is more expensive than a lot of competitor supplements. Still from my experience and from reading other reviews, I'm more apt to spend a few more dollars on this product considering its effectiveness.

Side Effects

As mentioned, three pills at once was a bit too stim-heavy for me, but otherwise I had no side effects while on this product.


BurnerTEK is a good option for someone interested in a clean fat loss support agent that contains a disclosed profile of proven ingredients. It's no magic pill obviously, but combined with a solid diet and exercise regimen I do feel this product is helpful is dropping body fat. I'm keeping an eye on this product and, as soon as it becomes more widely available and I can get it at a cheaper price, I'm going to grab another bottle for a more serious cut.
  • Fat Lost
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Focus
  • Disclosed Profile
  • Might Be Too Expensive For Some
  • Not Widely Available
Rep: +1,583
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 15
  February 26, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to TEK Naturals for sending it out!
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I've used several "fat burner" supplements over the years, TEK Naturals Natural fat burner actually works.

At first I was somewhat worried about this product after inspecting the label. I'm not a fan of heavy stimulants (300mg of caffeine and 150mg of green coffee extract), I never felt over dosed. This gave me enough of a jolt to get through the day with plenty of energy without being over caffeinated with negative side effects.

As directed I took one cap three times a day for the 1st week but my preferred dosing was 3 in the morning with breakfast for the remainder of the bottle. I even used it as my pre-workout 1st thing in the morning. So I didn't have to take a pre workout this past month. It gave me enough energy to power though my workouts before work and had no crashing sides after lunch.

I didn't have some sort of miracle weight loss this past month but the results were notable. I didn't change my workouts or my diet.
I lost 9#'s on the scale and I did lose some fat. My pants got a looser around the waist and my shirts fit a little bit better than before. Nothing crazy but hey it worked.

A few other things that I had improvement on were unexpected. My mental clarity improved, I was more focused and oddly enough my joint flexion improved. I have suffered from arthritis for over a decade. I ran out of my staple joint supplement and I didn't replace it in my arsenal. I have had no joint issues since taking this product. When and if TEK reprints their label they should include helps improve joint mobility and reduces joint swelling.

The only negative I felt was on my 1st week of use I took three tabs spread out through the day. I had 2 nights that I couldn't fall asleep until 4am. I adjusted my dosing and my sleep cycle returned to normal.

I received this product from the TROOPS program and I didn't research the price until writing this review. I found it on Amazon for $59 and on the TEK web page for as low as $50.99 if you subscribe to their site. Each bottle has 90 pills at 3 per day as directed, for 30 servings. I think that this is one of those products that you should run for at least 2 months to see improved results.
I've never been price sensitive for products that work but I think that this is a little overpriced, maybe not.
Would you pay more for something that works? I've paid a lot more for products that don't work.
This worked for me. Your mileage may vary?

Niacin 20mg
Vitamin B6 10 mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg
Chromium picolate 100mcg

Green tea leaf extract 500mg
Glucomannan 500 mg
Caffeine anhydrous 300mg
Green coffee extracts 150mg
Garcinia fruit extract 150mg
L-carnitine 145mg
Cayenne pepper fruit powder 100mg
Turmeric root powder 100mg

I recommend TEK Naturals natural fat Burner. It had effective results with proven ingredients that didn't leave me over stimulated after I adjusted the dosing. It is strong enough to use as a pre workout and even helped my joint flexion. You might want to pick up a few bottles to see best results though. This is not an inexpensive product but I feel it is worth the investment.
  • Fat Lost
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Reduced Joint Swelling
  • Might Be Too Expensive For Some
Rep: +1,996
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 66
  February 10, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to TEK Naturals for sending it out!
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I would like to give a shout to TEK Naturals and the Trooper program for allowing me to give Burner Tek a run. In the past, I have only ran maybe 2 to 4 fat burners in a year; normally I try to eat as clean as possible, which can be hard at times, since I love to eat! When Burner Tek came up for the Troopers, I decided to give it a run and see if I can get my 47 (soon to be 48), year old body ready to mingle with those mamasitas in Miami on spring break.

Ingredient Profile

Right off the back, thank you TEK Naturals for being transparent; all ingredients are fully disclosed. This has a decent combination of goodies, here are few:

Caffeine Anhydrous - There is 300 mg per servings, which is a nice dose for those who are stim junkies like myself.

Glucomannan - There is 500 mg. This the 1st time I have seen this in a fat burner, it pretty much works like fiber, it absorbs water from the intestines. In addition, it slows down the absorption rate of sugars and controls any sugar spikes that might happen depending if you eat a sugary food.

Green Coffee Bean Extract - There is 150 mg of this, it supposed to help with blood pressure, since some of us using high stims can get high BP leaves. Of course, due to our number one Doctor of the land (DR. OZ), this became the craze in 2012 and there is still some lack of solid support that this helps with BP levels.

L-Carnitine - there is 145 mg of this, which is very under-dosed; normally this should be up around 1 grams.

Taste - these are capsule and there were no after take after taking them.

Mix - nothing to Mix, just pop in your mouth and go!

Dosing - one serving is 3 capsules, I played with the way I took this, which I will explain in the effectiveness section.


Burner Tek did performed to what I expected, based on the profile; this is not a thermogenic, so no heat and sweating while at work after taking this. When I took my 1st servings, which are 3 pills, within 10 mins of taking it, the energy levels were there and I am sure is due to the 300 mg of caffeine this gives you. About 20 mins into it, I started to feel more energy; however, I got a nasty headache, which lasted about 2 hours. I decided the try taking this differently the next day, I took 1 pill in the am, 1 pill mid-morning, and 1 pill in the afternoon around 3pm; this help eliminate the headaches I was getting.

As for the results, I noticed some definition in the mid sections, in the mornings, I would look more define, which is due to all the peeing I was doing while on this; eliminating water weight. In addition, my appetite was under control, not to the point where you forget to eat, but it control the amount of food I would eat. Furthermore, I noticed some of my older slacks, I keep around to see if certain supplements work, and I was able to fit in them; by the end of the cycle, I was able to lose between 4 to 5 pounds and trimmed about 1 or 2 inches.

Value - I was only able to find it on TEK Naturals site and Amazon for $ 60.00, which is high for a fat burner with only 30 servings.

Side Effects

When taking 3 capsules at the same time, man, the headaches I would get were not fun; this is the reason I broke down the way I took it. In addition, I was peeing like a mad man, about every 30 mins; yeah I got rid of the water weight, but when you sit all day at work and your VP see you getting up every 30 mins, they start looking at you. Furthermore, I started to drink coconut water, on some occasions, I would get a cramp in my calves.


TEK Naturals seems to have put together a decent product, hopefully other people on this did not get the same sides I did; supplements work differently for everyone. The price point on this needs to be a lower to be more competitive in the market, if this was a 60 day supply, I can justify the $60.00 price tag. At the end of the day, Burner Tek worked; however, due to the sides I experienced, I will not be able to give this another shot. Thank you again TEK Naturals for the opportunity.
  • Fat Lost
  • Water Lost
  • Increased Energy
  • Headaches
  • Frequent Urination
  • Too Expensive

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