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Nectar Sweets Reviews

By: Syntrax


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Nectar Sweets is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Syntrax. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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  August 2, 2012

  • Very Good Tasting
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    Alright, first time I'm writing a review but figured I should write one on this product seeing i'm using it religiously and just ordered 3 more tubs.

    Result: 9/10 - Reason I say 9 out of 10 is because it just seems to have worked the best. I've used a fair few other protein shakes but this one doesn't compare. I feel excellent after a heavy workout the next day if i have my nectar sweets. I feel great recovery from it and i don't feel full. I'll have 2 scoops in 1 shake after workout and sometimes on off days ill have 1 for breakfast too. In a month my chest went from mostly fat to full muscle, probably not only due to this stuff but i guarantee it's playing a large role in it.

    Taste: 10/10 (less for some) - this stuff is sweet. Very very sweet. For an isolate whey protein it's rare to have such a taste protein with such lower fat content/sugar/kcal content overall. I've never tried the 'vanilla bean torte' flavour but I've got a tub waiting to be opened. I'll add it to this review in about a month or 2 when I break the seal on it. So far I've had:

    Double stuffed cookie: Tastes like blender orea cookies with milk, nothing more nothing less. Can be a bit sickening though how sweet it is. (Sweetness comes from Sucralose, totally harmless sweetner, 100x sweeter than regular table sugar, but doesn't have that rancid after taste of aspartame or the negative health effects).

    Chocolate Truffle: Milkshake from McDonalds. My old house mate would sneak a portion of this stuff just to drink it for the flavour. Think that says enough.

    Side effects: Honestly, only side effect is that it can be too sweet for some and just make you feel ill. Otherwise it's great. No mentionable side effects really, no bloating, and I do notice a nice flow of pump I get from it, probably from the arginine in it, but again, not too sure, probably circumstancial. I do recommend this product wholeheartedly and am disappointed not seeing more reviews on here. (my motivation to write this actually)

    Value: 10/10 - For an Whey Protein Isolate, definitely the cheapest product for the quality you get. 907g for €35 (though on some sites like where I bought my last supply, you can get it up to €25 euros PER tub if you order 3 etc) so it's great. The portion size (1 scoop 27g) has 23g of protein, which again is good if you're looking for an isolate. I do however not recommend this product for those who can do with regular protein (non isolate) as I doubt you can bulk as easily from this.

    Hope this review helps and that it motivates you try it out.

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