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Test Worx Reviews

By: Superior Labs

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Test Worx is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Superior Labs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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  March 3, 2017

  • Slight Libido Boost
  • Too Expensive


SNUP SR! Here to review a few supplements I received about a year ago, but finally got around to using haha thanks to Superior Labs for sending them out. This is a straight up test booster that has a rather basic ingredient profile compared to a lot of other brands out there, and costs quite a bit. The date I received this back then to now it still costs the same on Amazon. The product did help with test levels, but nothing that significant.

Ingredient Profile

Got a high dosage of zinc at 20mg then common B-vitamin complex. The testosterone boosting complex is unfortunately a proprietary blend, which is considered in my rating since the product wasn't that omazing like others I've rated high with prop blends. The ingredients are nothing new to our fitness world: Tribulus terrestris, maca root, nettle root, and longifolia extract. The blend is 950mg and just not really impressive for fitness enthusiasts. Probably works good for average inactive middle aged men.


No taste to the caps really, but if I burped I could definitely taste the tribulus. If you ever take pure tribulus powder you'll know what I mean lol

Mixing N/A

Dosing is 2 caps in the morning on empty stomach before meal, and take only 5 days then stop for 2 days, then repeat taking a week off between bottles. Not sure what this is all about, but I feel it's to make the bottle last longer haha I did the whole 5 on 2 off and didn't notice it being any different than other test boosters with similar ingredients.


Strength was kind of increased in the sense that without Test Worx I'd probably fail 1 rep shorter. I couldn't put up any extra pounds unless it was stacked with pwo and pumps supplements. Recovery seemed okay but not really different. If test levels are high muscles recover better. Libido is definitely something that shows if the test boosting ingredients are working, and sadly my libido wasn't changed very much. I didn't have a heightened urge for sex like other test boosters. Overall slight changes in test levels as far as what I could physically tell.


Cheapest is on Amazon for $59.95 and has been for quite a bit. This is just too steep for a basic prop blend without anything extra to even help with absorption i.e. AstraGin, Bioperine, a good capsule. I mean this is the new age of hormone changing with these ingredients to help absorb the tribulus and all that better. That's probably why this supplement fell short for me. $2 a serving for the benefits just isn't worth it.

Side Effects

No Side Effects


Overall I think this is good for men that are not active and have a crappy diet, so they're age with these factors make a simple test boosting complex work. They have decent real reviews, but for peeps like us that train and eat well we need something better for increasing test levels. Overall I wouldn't buy simply due to price for ingredients.


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,093
    March 6, 2017

    hmm, so the average male who isn't on srreviews? Because we are all active and somewhat diet conscious. Good review

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