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Steel Sweat Reviews

By: SteelFit

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to SteelFit for sending it out!
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  September 23, 2018

  • Brings The Heat!
  • No Side Effects
  • Trademarked Ingredients Used
  • Transparent Label
  • Increased Sweat
  • Expensive
  • No Real Preworkout Or Appetite Support

Quick Summary

A great thermogenic, but needs extra support for well rounded workouts.


Hey SR, knocking out a review for the thermogenic Steel Sweat by Steelfit. Being on a cut, this caught my eye. Of course when you're cutting, exercise and caloric (and carb for me) intake is where you're going to see your results, but certain products can really help and speed things up a bit. Thermogenics have been hit and miss for me, but do enjoy when I find a good one that really raises my body temp and metabolism to shed a few extra pounds. This turned out to be a good one. On to the review.

Ingredient Profile

I really liked the ingredient profile of this product as it included a ton of different ingredients, several in patented form. I really like the 1 g of carnitine, but question such a small dose of green tea at 50 mg. Then we have a variety of thermogenics and metabolism boosters in Capiastra (sweet pepper extract), grains of paradise, Capros gooseberry extract, ginger root, and GBBGO a patented form of GBB. This profile also includes a small dose of 100 mg of caffeine, which should be a nice boost but not really anything in terms of a preworkout or fat burner. Overall, with a few question marks this looks like a nice combo of thermogenic ingredients.


This was a powder that mixed very well y itself or with another product (bcaas, preworkout). Dosing can vary but I always took before I hit the gym or sipped throughout. The flavor I had was strawberry mango and it was very nice as it was a combo of spicy and sweet. You get the sweet upfront and then a nice lingering spiciness from the pepper on your tongue after. I really enjoyed it.


Overall, this is a very effective thermogenic but not sure I could use it just by itself. I took it in two different ways, sometimes I would dump it in my preworkout and other times I would sip on it throughout my workouts by itself or in my intra bcaas. Honestly, it worked great both ways and during my workouts and/or cardio I noticed a big difference in body temp and sweat production. Over the course of the month I took this my weight loss did accelerate some and I became more defined and the couple target areas I have left in lower abs and love handles shrunk some. Of course diet and exercise were the main factors but I felt this definitely helped. The only reason I say this can't be a standalone is with the limited caffeine and ingredient profile it doesn't really help with your endurance or workouts like a preworkout does. It also doesn't help like fat burners in appetite control, nootropic support etc. This really helps as a thermogenic, but that's about it. So even though it's great at what it does, it's more of an add on for me than a staple.


Another reason this could be considered a luxury item, as it's $35 for 30 servings. Even though it's great at what it does and has a lot of patented ingredients, for this price I would like a more well rounded product that helps in a couple more areas.

Side Effects



If you're looking for a can't miss thermogenic in terms of heat and sweat, this is it. For workouts and other fat burning support you will still need other products.

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