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By: Steel Supplements

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Amino Acids > Recovery
ADA2BOLIC is a Recovery Product manufactured by Steel Supplements. It is an amino acid based product that is designed to assist in workout recovery.
(Out of 10, after 1 review)


  July 15, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

Hello Everybody! I saw STEEL has no supplement reviews and decided to be the first to review ADA2BOLIC for y'all. With the brand on the rise, they need some honest reviews so new time buyers know what their getting into. 18 years old, 5'10 and 205 lbs. Lift six days a week with cardio classes in between. I'm an instructor at my gym, and teach a spinning class. The product was decent, expensive, taste was bad, but would I buy again? Probably. Ill explain why....


ADA2BOLIC is supplement that is advertised as a mix to be used as a pre, intra and post workout formula. The product is stimulant free, which is a nice change since most supplements are jam packed full of caffeine. Its listed to restore muscle glycogen, increase muscle tone and hardness, be a recovery time accelerator and finally maximize endurance and power. ADA2BOLIC seems like the perfect supplement to ever grace the earth. Upon checking out the supplement on, I was already sold on it. Currently sitting at 5 stars and 391 reviews, I jumped right into it. It helped having people like robertfrank615, an lifting celebrity talking about the "vein juice" that magically makes veins appear when your lifting. Just to let you know, these reviews are selected by STEEL to show on their website. A review can be rejected by the company so that it doesn't show on their site. Reviews of the product on their site say stuff like "this is the king of all preworkouts, I turned into a god" and my favorite
"Intraworkout on steroids". Sounded pretty good to me, but was it too good to be true?

Ingredient Profile

Here is the whole list of ingredients in this big tub.
To be fair, it's really well rounded. When yo check what you're getting, it seems like your getting great bang for your buck.
Two things that really stood out to me was the 12 grams of CARBS and the 12 grams of GLYCOMAX (a carbohydrate deriving from rice and potato)
The carbs are fantastic because after all, this is a intra workout viable formula. Carbs are your main source of energy and I did find that sipping on this while I lifted boosted my energy throughout the work out. Good job on this STEEL.
Calories - 60
Calories from Fat - 0
Total Fat - 0 Grams
Saturated Fat - 0 Grams
Cholesterol - 5 mg
Sodium - 220 mg
Potassium - 290 mg
Total Carbohydrate - 12 Grams
Sugars - 0 Grams
Protein - 0 Grams
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - 60 mg
Biotin (Vitamin H) - 0.3 mg
d-Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) - 10 mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - 1.7 mg
Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1) - 1.5 mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) - 6 mcg
Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) - 400 IU
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate) - 30 IU
Phytonadione (Vitamin K1) - 80 mcg
Magnesium - 50 mg
GLYCOMAX (homo polysaccharide derived from Rice & Potato) - 12 Grams
L-Citrulline - 4 Grams
Leucine - 3.5 Grams
Glutamine - 3 Grams
Beta Alanine - 2 Grams
L-Isoleucine - 1.75 Grams
L-Valine - 1.75 Grams
Kre-Alkalyn - 1.5 Grams
Betaine Anhydrous - 1 Grams
Hydromax - 500 mg
Beta Vulgaris (Beet Root Extract) - 500 mg
L-Lysine - 300 mg
L-Threonine - 300 mg
L-Methionine - 300 mg
L-Phenylalanine - 300 mg
L-Tryptophan - 300 mg
Histidine - 300 mg
Bioperine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract) - 3 mg


As far as taste goes, I speak for all. Me and my two friends all bought a tub of ADA and I bought the cotton candy, while they bought the strawberry banana and blue raspberry watermelon. Starting off with cotton candy I can just say that it does not taste like cotton candy at all. At first it feels like a dirty muddy water taste, followed by a cotton candy aftertaste. The worst part is I couldn't enjoy and take my time with the mix. Sometimes it tasted so bad I had to take giant gulps just to force it down quickly and get it over with. After about 2 weeks, you get used to the taste and its not so overpowering any more. I tried both of the other flavors, and I just wasn't a fan of them either. STEEL responds to the bad tasting supps with "can't take the taste of the supps, that's p***y sh **." So they know their supps taste like butt, yet they market that as an only for serious manly lifters quota.

As for mixability, it shakes pretty well in the beginning but the drink or shaker bottle will get darker in color in between sets because the particles settle at the bottom. There is a slight residue at the bottom of the shaker when you finish as well.

Dosing. This is where it gets confusing. 1 dose was one scoop, but STEEL suggests that you can take 3 scoops of this a day. One as a pre, one as and intra and one as a post. Apparently that formula yields the best results, but that is just so much unpleasant chugging.


Was it effective? Yeah it actually was. My forearms really grew and got solid when I started this tub, and noticed results about two weeks in. I was actually really pleased with this. My muscles got fuller and stronger, but I really couldn't tell if this was due to the ADA or because I was putting in a lot of time in the gym. Probably both.


Sheesh this is the worst part for me. The lowest price I can find on is 69.95. Its actually the same price on
There is 40 servings per tub. That comes out to a 1.74 a scoop. If you use 3 scoops a day, thats looking like 13 days of ADA before your paying another 69.95. Yikes. Yes you can use discount codes, but then you must pay for shipping which comes out to around 65 dollars anyway. Shipping with no discount code will bring the product up to a whopping 78 dollars. No Thanks

Side Effects

Extreme Sweat didn't really bother me though.


Overall, my take away for STEELS ADA was that the product was way overhyped and priced. If I had some money to just throw around then maybe I would consider buying it again? Still not sure. The taste was awful but the effect were pretty good. The carbs really kick in great there and help go the extra couple reps where you feel like your arms could fall off. I felt that maybe If I try it again, then I might like this product more. Something to consider.
  • Cotton Candy: 3/10
  • Strawberry Banana: 3/10
  • Blue Raspberry Watermelon: 2/10


  • bctuthill
    Rep: +2,134
    July 15, 2018

    If you tagged it as builds muscle and noticed it yourself, why the low rating for effectiveness?

  • scholl24
    Rep: +107
    July 15, 2018

    Hey @bctuthill! I just went back and re adjusted the scoring for effectiveness. When I first set the measured tabs I was being a little harsh on the product, but hope that everyone understands this is my honesty and not me bad mouthing the product. Thanks for the comment!

  • bctuthill
    Rep: +2,134
    July 15, 2018

    I always feel like it's the choice of the reviewer to justify the rating but agree the new rating makes more sense when factoring in taste and other things you mentioned.

  • JayT
    Rep: +2,781
    July 15, 2018

    Wait so you'd recommend it even though you thought it was way overpriced and overhyped?

  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    July 15, 2018

    Nice first review. All the sections had some nice detail except the effectiveness, which some believe is the most important section of a review. Some additional details about your experiences with a product would be recommended for that part.

  • Unheard0f
    Rep: +337
    July 15, 2018

    Stole a scoop from a friend who swears by this stuff & I think I owe him like $20 for it.

    Good first review.

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