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Pre Koala Freak is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Staunch. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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  October 7, 2018

  • Hard Hitting
  • Good Taste
  • Mixes Well
  • Increased Energy
  • Can Be Hard To Sleep
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

41 year old man that still enjoys a high stimulate Pre workout from time to time. I had been wondering about this one for a while before I pulled the trigger.


Staunch nation and Calum Von Moger has done pretty well bringing up some Hype to his products. I have watched a few videos of him and he seems like a really cool guy and so I thought maybe I should try this one.

Ingredient Profile

Serving size is 17.20g ( but I am having a hard time matching that up to the ingredients on the bottle )
Pretty good profile, even though I think the caffeine is a bit high for me.
Thiamine 75 mg
Niacin 75mg
Vit B6 75mg
Folic acid 300mcg
Vit B12 50mcg

Pump complex
Citruline Malate 2:1 6000mg
Arginine AKG 2:1 750mg
Agmatine Sulfate 750mg
L-Norvaline 100 mg

Strength/performance complex
Beta- Alanine 3200mg
Betapure Betaine Anhydrous 2000mg
ElevATP 150mg

Energy/focus complex
Choline Bitartrate 1000mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 360mg
L-theanine 360mg
Higenamine 75 mg
Hordenine 50mg
Huperzine A 300mcg

I think this would work better with a slightly lower dose of stimulates in it. I feel that if it was lower this would deliver a really good pump.
There really is nothing huge or new and improved with this one I do not think.


I got the Aussie Apple and It was pretty good, Nice and tart but not overkill
Mixed up really well too.


I did not know what to expect from this one, So first the time I took a half scoop and it was a good " awake " feeling. So the next heavy lifting session I had, I took a full dose. It turned out to be a pretty strong, but not so much that I did not like it. I enjoy a hard hitting Pre here and there so this one fit the bill just right. Now because of the High caffeine that is why I never got a huge pump I would assume. Now one thing about this one is , DO NOT TAKE THIS LATE IN THE EVENING!. If I took this any later than 6pm and tried to hit the bed around 10pm . It was dang near impossible to sleep.
I never had any weird after taste or upset stomach or crash from this so big points for that.


It is more costly than most other Pre's that I would typically buy, but I found a good deal through staunchnation and did a bundle of this and the Bcaa Hydration. This alone with run you are 39 - 49 bucks on amazon, which is the cheapest place to find it.

Side Effects

Restless sleep if taken close to bed time.


I think the price could be a little less as there are few trademarked and highly sought out ingredients in this. Also I would like to see the caffeine a bit lower but that is just me. Overall a solid and fun , different Pre workout.
  • Aussie apple: 9/10


  • rodefeeh
    Rep: +73
    11 days ago

    I could see why you didn't get a huge pump. It's a good pump complex but there's nothing too special about it. Maybe if CM was 8g and Agmatine was 1g then you might have gotten better pumps. That is a huge dose of Theanine. Hopefully it didn't mellow things out too much. It sounds like it didn't. I love Hordenine. That stuff always takes the stim experience up a notch if dosed high enough. Did you see any better than normal strength gains with that ElevATP?

  • mhseaver670
    Rep: +6,646
    11 days ago

    Maybe slightly, but I don't really know how to judge stuff like to a pre-workout, simple because so many factors can attribute a good strength day.

  • rodefeeh
    Rep: +73
    11 days ago

    I hear you. Creatine is about the only supplement when I can really tell a difference when I'm on vs off it when it comes to strength.

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