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Kraken Reviews

By: Sparta Nutrition


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Kraken is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Sparta Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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  July 11, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle

    Quick Summary

    Like many other Preworkouts, the DMHA is being eliminated in many countries, Lets see if it still measures up.


    I am not a Stim junkie and can usually get by without a pre-workout, but on those days when i just cant get started or I am playing in an all day tournament or event, This thing hits the spot perfectly

    Ingredient Profile

    In Canada the label is for a 1 scoop 7.6g serve, I know in Europe and Asia the panel will give both the 1 scoop and 2 scoop serve.
    In 1 Scoop

    L - Citrulline 2g
    Beta Alanine 1.6g
    Hydromax Glycerol 1g
    Taurine 500mg
    Agmatine Sulfate 500mg
    N Acetyl L Tyrosine 250mg
    Eria Jarensis Extract 125mg
    Caffeine 100mg
    Theobromine - 25mg

    When you add everything together you will see there are 6.25 grams of total active ingredients making this 81% actives and 19% Colors/flavours/other. This comes to no surprise when i talk about taste a little later
    When comparing this to the old profile the 200mg of DMHA is out and nothing else has been put in.

    Now people look at this and complain that the caffeine is extremely low for a self proclaimed "Extreme" Pre workout. Please look closely at the Ingredient profile, Eria Jarensis Extract is a very potent Stimulant, Also Theobromine is a cardiac Stimulant and Diuretic, so the total Stimulant blend is 250mg per scoop which is very high as many take 2 scoops


    The Taste is amazing, which should be expected with almost 20% flavors and colors. Kraken has followed the growing trend of Candy based flavors so it is a little sweet but I enjoyed it very much, you will get the Bitter Agmatine after taste which isnt too bad but it is there. To me its a good sign of quality active ingredients

    Mixability is okay, you will get some sinkers at the bottom of your cup as is with most pre-workouts. There is a small risk of clumping in the tub due to the pump ingredients, but if you are like me, I take the scoop full directly into my mouth and swish it around with water.

    Dosing : You can look at this 2 ways. on a 1 scoop serve the ingredients are not efficaciously dosed its essentially half of everything. But if you arent a stim junkie like myself then it is more than enough. If you enjoy using fully dosed pre-workouts then the 2 scoops will be good and potentially extreme
    with 500mg of active stimulants. Also the 1 scoop serve makes this product really good with stacking it with a good Pump Product.


    The 1 scoop serve was perfect for my needs, 200-250mg of stimulants is my threshold for a single serve, the energy came quick and was well sustained for a solid 1.5 hour workout, the endurance was good with the Beta Alanine and the pumps were great without stacking it with anything.
    The only issue I will comment on is the mental focus was not apparent. I worked out well but didnt get that Dialed in, Tunnel vision focus.
    With the high dosing there was no crashing later on in the day which was what i expected


    The value in the Canadian market is fair, it is smack in the middle of what you can expect for a Pre-workout. I have seen prices from $49.99 - $59.99 per tub, as i only take 1 scoop i have a full 40 serves making it $1.25 - $1.50 per serve.

    Side Effects

    No side effects during my use of the product. If you are sensitive to Beta Alanine then you might get some tingles or itchy feelings under your skin. If you are sensitive to stimulants then be careful with the dosing, Be aware that the 100mg of Caffeine is not the sole source of stimulants in the product.


    Great product. This is one of my staple pre-workouts that i will rotate through with 2 others. Great energy, great pump without a crash.
    • Bombcycle: 10/10
    • Rainbow Candy: 9/10

    COMMENTS (2)

    • bzyczek
      Rep: +1,736
      July 13, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-07-13 10:25:39

      Noooooo! Why! DMHA will get banned probably ... I wonder why they removed it ...

    • S3Y74Q
      Rep: +132
      July 13, 2018

      @bzyczek, i know its ridiculous, I know its fully banned in Australia, now most companies are staying ahead of the curve by just removing it from their products in anticipation of other countries following suit

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