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AndroMax Reviews

By: Sparta Nutrition

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Sparta Nutrition for sending it out!
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  September 14, 2016

  • Builds Muscle
  • Hardness
  • Increased Libido
  • Recovery
  • Some Strength Gains
  • 8 Weeks Would Be Optimal
  • Too Expensive
Shout out and "thanks" to the Spartan Nutrition reps.

Each pill (one serving) contains 50mg of Androsterone and a "TestaSorb Advanced Delivery Matrix".
Androsterone is pretty much what you're going to find these days, in terms of prohormones. The stronger and more desirable compounds have pretty much all been banned, leaving very little in terms of variety left on the market. 50mg is a pretty standard dose, but I think something along the lines of 75mg would be better. Reason being, that the reported effective dose range is from 300mg-400mg per day. Given the fact that the recommend dose (according to Spartan Nutrition) is already 5 caps per day, you're going to have to down 6-8 caps on a daily basis. At that rate, you'll whip through a bottle in a couple weeks or so.

I stated previously, I don't think 50mg is enough. Five caps (at least) spread throughout the day is fine, but again it isn't enough.

First things first, my dosing protocol. I don't necessarily use a unique protocol, but it certainly isn't what I think most prospective users are accustomed to seeing. With things like Andromax, I'm a big believer in front loading the cycle. That way you saturate your body (as best you can) with the compound, get it to a point where enough of it has built up in your system to start being effective, then taper down as the cycle goes on. In addition, due to some other things I may or may not be taking, past the first two weeks I only took Andromax on days I trained. One reasoning behind that, is to give yourself an easier time coming off cycle, but the main reasoning in this instance was to make the one bottle last as long as it could (I was sent only the one bottle). At the end of all of this, my dosing protocol was a s follows:
Weeks 1 & 2
250mg on off days
400mg on training days
Week 3 & 4:
300mg on training days
Overall, I would say it worked as advertised, just not as well as some would think. The changes in muscle mass and density were barely noticeable, and "alpha male intensity" wasn't noticeable at all. The major caveat here, is that I am on "other things" at the moment, but I pretty much know what to expect from those "things". If I was provided enough for a 6-8 week cycle (a full cycle), I probably would have more positive things to say. But I wasn't, and I don't.

Andromax runs around $70 for 140 caps, which is enough for four weeks (according to their dosing instructions). However, as I stated before, their dosing instructions are on the low end. Furthermore, even if you follow their instructions, you'll still fall short of an optimal cycle length. It was expensive to begin with, but now it's just ridiculous. You can get "other things" for the same price, and they will work beyond a shadow of a doubt.

First-time users might have a better experience than more seasoned users, but in the end it's still too expensive. You'll just end up throwing money at gains you'll most likely lose over the next few months.

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