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Mucuna Dopa Reviews

By: Source Naturals

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Mucuna Dopa is a Health Product manufactured by Source Naturals. It is meant to improve the health of the body at the micronutrient/mineral level.
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  July 26, 2018

  • Deep Sleep
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Surprise Boners!
  • Not Effective
  • Groggyness

Quick Summary

I've been trying various products that are said to improve cognitive function and mood. I've used DHEA products, stimulants, and nootropics, all in various combinations with each-other. I decided to give a few bottles of L-Dopa a try, and see if the results were comparable to some of the positive results I've had with other supplements. This was a 6-week ordeal that could have been spent on another product. -_-


Mucuna Pruriens is sometimes referred to as the "Magic Bean", or "Magic Velvet Bean". They contain relatively high concentrations of L-Dopa, among other mildly psychoactive compounds. L-Dopa, or Levodopa, is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, where it is said to trigger the master gland's production of Dopamine, Noradrenaline, and Adrenaline, all affecting mood and (potentially) small motor function. It also stimulates the CNS's production of HGH as well as efficacy and repair of neurons in the entire nervous system.

Source Naturals' Mucuna-Dopa claims to support brain function, libido, muscle growth, and a positive mental state.

Ingredient Profile

Mucuna pruriens Seed Extract, yielding 100 mg l-Dopa. Pretty straight forward.


Since encapsulated, there is no taste or mixing to consider. The capsules are rather small and easy to swallow, not causing any odd-tasting burps, gas, etc. The bottles said to start with one capsule, and adjust accordingly. The effective dose of L-Dopa is believed to be between 500-1000mg.


The first week I dosed 100mg upon waking and waited an hour to eat, 4 days out of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I noticed no effects whatsoever.

Week two, I dosed 100mg, twice a day, on the same days. Once capsule upon waking, and one before bed. Again, there were no effects.

Week three, I started dosing 200mg in the same pattern as week two. I noticed strange dreams and a deeper sleep after the first night of this dose. The dreams were even wild on the days of the week that I did not use the product, but the sleep QUALITY was not there without dosing. At this point, these are the only effects I've noticed. No mental alertness or better mood.

Week four is where things became strange. In hopes of achieving some type of mental boost, I increase the dose to 200mg, three times a day, on the same four days of the week. Two capsules upon waking, no food for an hour. Two capsules 30 minutes before lunch. Two capsules an hour before bed. The first time I dosed this way, the dreams were intense, and I woke up feeling groggy, taking a few hours to fully shake off. I also woke up with a handle attached to my pelvis that you could have picked me up by. Infrequent, and very persistent erections would crash my day. This isn't necessarily a problem, just kind of annoying while I'm working. It strangely didn't seem to increase sexual desire, just erections. Even at this dose, there was absolutely no change in mood or mental function.

Week five was time to open the second bottle and taper back down. I've read articles and reviews indicative of withdrawals, and would rather not chance anything. I used week three's dosing pattern, and was somehow still visited by the hard-on fairy all throughout my week. The dreams and sleep quality were consistent with week three's effects on week five. I finished week six, while using week two's doses. The effects of had appeared to have stopped completely other than the occasional random woody. I didn't bother doing a 7th week for a full-taper. I was honestly just tired of the product and disappointed that I hadn't achieved the desired results, so I gave my garbage can a rather large dose out of the second bottle.


I got two 60ct bottles for $9 each at LuckyVitamin with a coupon, which made it cheaper than the 120ct. Less than a dime per-serving isn't bad, but having to take so many servings before noticing anything takes away from that value. For me, it felt more like buying snake oil. Even if it's dirt cheap, that doesn't mean its a good deal.

Side Effects

Groggyness in higher doses. Random boners. Vivid dreams.


If you're looking for boners and deep sleep, I say go for it. I however, usually don't have a problem with either. The bottle claims to boost mood and mental function, but I noticed absolutely none of that.

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