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Phenibut XT Reviews



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Phenibut XT is an Immune System Product manufactured by SNS. It is designed to improve immune system health and function.

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  May 23, 2017

  • By Calming You Down It Lets You Recover
  • Mood Lifting
  • Good Value
  • Some People React Badly To Too Much
  • Need To Assess To Avoid Headaches


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Because sleep has been a big issue with me over the years I decided to try Phenibut as a sleep aid. Buying capsules through Amazon seemed like the best way to assess the product. SNS Phenibut XT has been a great sleep aid with benefits from getting mellow for recreation, relaxation including sex.

Ingredient Profile

Product is pure Phenibut. Have bought product for years. Used to get from Amazon until they discontinued it. Still can buy it online from vendors but buying directly from SNS is usually the most expensive. Dosing ( 500 mg. per capsule ) is very consistent which is important when it comes to Phenibut.


Capsule form here. Taste not really an issue. Dosage with Phenibut is a biggie. When you start on Phenibut you need to ASSESS tolerance first. You don't want to overdue it. Powder form Phenibut is much cheaper but then you get into a dosage issue. The benefit of capsule form SNS Phenibut XT is you know precisely how much you are taking. Over the years I have had consistent amounts taken with the capsules.


Phenibut has to be taken on an empty stomach. This is not always made clear from SNS or other sources as well. Again you have to assess first what your tolerance is. Too many guys rush out and buy this stuff and don't feel anything the first couple hours. Phenibut can take up to 4 hours to really feel it effects and for it to peak. Too many people feel a little bit the first few hours, think it's cool, then take another bigger dose and then go through hours of headaches, vomitting or even hospitalization. This is why Amazon stopped selling Phenibut. Given all the caveats, I have stayed with Phenibut over the years. An interesting side note : Phenibut was discovered by the Russians who were looking for something that would have anxiety relieving properties for its astronauts. When you hit the receptors in your brain just right ( gaba-b ) you get a very clean, calming, in the moment kind of stillness that make things like listening to music, sex and going out very enjoyable. Guys have also found they like giving it to their girlfriends for sex but I would urge caution when it comes to the correct dosage for women. Most guys use 1000 - 1500 mg. as their sweet spot. For women I would think a lower dose would be ideal. Occasionally when I used Phenibut recreationally it combines well with alcohol, in fact you don't need as much. My own preference is tequila with my phenny. I love using Phenibut the night before travel. I wake up early in the morning and am calm and collected after a great peaceful night of sleep while everyone else at the airport is tired and cranky and frazzled. Good sleep for workout recovery and has great recreational potential. Stacks really well with SNS Focus XT - this stacking makes the experience not ideal for sleep but for productivity during the day.


1 bottle of SNS Phenibut comes with 90 500 mg. capsules. I take 3 500 mg. once or twice a week with no tolerance build up - this will last me about 3 months. Buying direct from SNS cost $32.95, taxed with 5.95 shipping - 3 to 5 days to receive. Other sources like A1supplements - $21.95, 5.95 for 2-day Fedex shipping are much cheaper so I rarely buy direct unless other sources are out of stock. A good way to sample Phenibut would be to get the 5 gram powder container from LiftMode for $4.95 plus shipping - ships in 24 hours. Once you start using powders the cost savings make it worth it. Note shipping can vary quite a bit depending on how far, which carrier and how soon you want it. LiftMode has been around for a while and they have good service. Once you stock up on powder - 40 grams for $13.88 from Liftmode you can stock up on your Phenibut have plenty to last you a year or more. It's simple, easy to make compound, easy to ship and handle with a fair number of suppliers nowadays.

That said, be cautious about dosing, I stayed with capsules for a while before using more powder. The value of capsule form Phenibut is knowing precisely how much you are taking. You don't want too little or too much. If you travel around a lot like I do, getting the capsules IS more expensive but you don't have to worry so much about measuring powders and dealing with measure spoons which are based on volume and not weight. If you are very budget conscious there are several sources of Phenibut powder - Primaforce, LiftMode. I like Phenibut so much I even keep a backup supply of powder on hand in case someone is out of stock with the SNS capsules. I used to get from which had great prices but they just closed.

Side Effects

It's worth repeating here about Phenibut side effects. There is very good reason Amazon stopped carrying it. I used to re-order my SNS Phenibut from Amazon for over a year then changed to other online vendors - shop around. If you happen to take too much Phenibut you will get epic headaches. Phenibut is in a category by itself. Stranger than most supplements but still not prescription drug in the US. I wouldn't be surprised if someday it gets restricted. Some people, not most can have bad reactions. I have never had a bad experience but once time I knew I was kind of on the borderline of getting headaches which can last hours and hours. NOTE: the SNS label says you can take Phenibut up to 5 days in a row. Most people would caution against this. Many people warn not to take Phenibut more than once a week and that it can result in dependency. I have not had problems, I have always tolerated Phenibut pretty well but other don't.


Phenibut XT from SNS works pretty much the way the company says it does. Very helpful for sleep, helps with mood, relaxation and well being, social anxiety, lasts a long time. Capsules are convenient for consistent dosing, not too expensive but you can save a lot of money eventually by switching to powder form from other sources. It will not work unless you take on an empty stomach, eat 45 minutes later, wait a few hours.


  • Italy48
    Rep: +870
    May 21, 2017

    I would take the parts of the conclusion section that captures the effectiveness and place it in the effectiveness section. A lot of good info but it just needs to be put in the right section. The effectiveness section should include what the product claims to do and what you experienced when taking it.

  • gervs11
    Rep: +605
    May 22, 2017

    You did a good job reviewing this product. Being a one ingredient product, I'd like to know what makes it stand out from others? In others words, why would I buy this phenibute from SNS vs others? But good job.

  • bzyczek
    Rep: +1,738
    May 22, 2017 - Last Edited: 2017-05-22 10:32:52

    I would like to also see numbers .. how much is it per bottle ... how much would it be per dosing ... You should add that too ...

  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    May 22, 2017

    I think this was an acceptable first review, but in the future, it's better to write reviews from your own experiences, not from the angle of giving advice.

  • May 22, 2017

    admin wrote
    "I think this was an acceptable first review, but in the future, it's better to write reviews from your own experiences, not from the angle of giving advice."

    Thanks for the feedback. I added the cautionary advice because some guys on other forums went ahead and used the product taking way too much - over 2000 mg. even 3000 mg. then had a bad night. Other guys chimed in saying it was their own fault which is true but they also gave the Phenibut to their girlfriends because it is great for sex, maybe even better than for guys because Phenibut relaxes you so much. I didn't like being some guy who indirectly caused a woman headaches and anxiety.

    I wouldn't write about other products the same way.

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