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In: Amino Acids > Agmatine

Agmatine is an Agmatine Product manufactured by SNS. It helps provide muscle pumps and vascularity during workouts by increasing blood flow and dialating blood vessels. More blood flow and nutrient delivery translates into increased muscle mass and fat loss.

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Amino Acids > Agmatine

  November 8, 2013

Agmatine is the king of pumps outside nitrates in my opinion. No one ingredient has ever given me as good of a pump as agmatine beside Thermolifes old C-Bol. I haven't tried agmatine caps so I do know the nasty, bitter taste!

Taste: Bitter/10

I would feel bad rating the taste because it doesn't claim to taste good. It is just strait up agmatine so it is ofcourse going to be bitter. If you mix with a preworkout then you can't even taste it which is great since most people use it to add.

Effectiveness: 10/10

SNS agmatine does exactly as labeled. It increases endurance, pumps, nutrient delivery and vascularity. It also claims to raise LH and GH levels but I can't really know that without bloods. I dosed this at two grams preworkout about 30 minutes before heading to the gym. I didn't get any burst of energy or focus or anything like that from it, but that isn't what agmatine is for. I didn't notice any strength gains out of the ordinary from training and proper nutrition. The pumps are where Agmatine shines though. Holy poo! Shoulder days are by far my favorite. I do very close grip shrugs without using my thumbs and holy poo this stuff gave me monster pumps. I had veins flowing through my traps and all in my lateral delts. It felt amazing. The pump helped me to bust out countless reps of 315 on shrugs.

Value: 100/10

Yes, that is a 100. I bought this off lockout for 33$ That is 100 servings which last me 50 workouts. For the effectiveness that is an unbelievable price. You can take it on your off days which may cut into the value a tiny bit.

Agmatine will be a staple of mine for years to come. Not once did it let me down. SNS Agmatine delievered for me every single workout. I wouldn't recommend starting with 2 grams as it can cause headaches, paleness, and stomach discomfort, so be sure to start at 1 gram. This will also allow the tub to last possibly twice as long. I recommend agmatine to anyone. I'm excited that most good pre-workout supplements are including this in their formulas.

  • Great Deep Pumps
  • Longer Lasting Pumps
  • Vascularity
  • Awesome Value

      October 7, 2012

    OK here is my review of the SNS Agmatine. I was very skeptical about this stuff when I first got it. The only thing I have truly found that has worked was the Nitrox ll for just a pump product. Well this really gives it a run for the money.

    Quick summary.
    Easy dose
    effective every time
    Longer lasting pumps

    Ingredients NA
    Its simple just Agmatine sulfate 250mg. Very simple.

    Effectiveness 9
    I have to say I didnt think it would amount to anything. I do need to say Im using the powder form of this and not the pills. It lasted over a month of workouts also.
    First dose I took normal one very small scoop and got a minor pump , it was leg day but I could tell I could feel it a bit more. Next day was chest. I took 2 scoops and wow. DEEP D-pol type pumps. Different than nitrox II.
    I seemed to recover a bit more and faster on this too. Even my skin felt and looked tight on this. I went back and forth on the dose from 1 to 2 scoops and only thing I noticed was a small amount of more tighter pumps. 1 scoop is all that is needed. I need to note also that when I would carb up it was a much more intense pump.

    Taste NA
    I could never taste this and it was never a issue.

    Value 7-8
    I contacted a rep and he said the powder would last longer. I dont know if it will or not. Its really fine powder and you could really PACK a scoop and use more than is needed rather easy. I would like to try the pills and see where they stand on a value point. Its on their site for 35 bucks I think thats a bit much. I have seen it on some other sites and on amazon for about 25. That is a much better deal.

    Overall 8
    I know we all love the pumps and this delivered for me at least. I will get more of this later on for sure. One thing I did notice was how much longer my pumps and fullness seemed to stick around . I cant say its better than some others I have tried. I need to try Hemoval and see how it does for me too. This stuff is pretty consistent too, something I have heard Hemoval is not.
    • Great Deep Pumps
    • Longer Lasting Pumps
    • Faster Recovery
    • Hard To Find A Good Sell
    • Easy To Overdose Amount Needed

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