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Energy Supplements > Carbohydrates

Glyco Shock is a Carbohydrate Product manufactured by SNI. It is designed to provide the body with the vital macronutrient carbohydrates which is used as fuel to help performance as well as improve muscle recovery.

See all 17 products in:
Energy Supplements > Carbohydrates

  June 24, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Recovery
  • Pricey
If your getting sick of the same old post workout recovery products(aftershock,torrent,2:1:1,yada yada yada), then I really think you should this give good product from sni a try.

Value-8: I was at a local sup shop with a buddy and the guy recommended this product. He did a nice job explaining what its all about, but wanted $70 for it. Im all for supporting local businesses, but that was insane. I got it for $35 online (allstar health and are around the same price), on par with other post workouts in this category, but a little pricey for 15 servings.

Profile-10: 268 callories.
- 2 1/2 to 1 carb(mainly waxy maize) to protein(mainly isolate)ratio
-added aminos like glutaimine
-Hydroxyisocaproic Acid (anti-catabolic recovery agent)
-8 g's of creatine (mostly magna power)
-glycerol and taurine
-2 g's of joint support (glucosamine and others)
-500 mg's of electrolyte replenishment.

excellent profile in my opinion.
high on sugar(18 grams) but understandably.

Taste-8: I had watermelon and it was pretty good. a little artificial, but overall it was enjoyable.

results- 10: I took this between a bulk and a cut (toying with my workouts deciding how I wanted to approach the bulk). It was outstanding in terms of muscle building and recovery. I gained a lot of strength on my power lifts in the short time on this. While the work I put in was paying off, there is no way this didn't help out. Recovery time decreased, and it gave a cool energy like feeling after taking it. I dont really know about the joint support part, as my joints are pretty good as it is, but it was a nice addition.

Overall-9: I really liked this product, and highly recommend it. It did as it said it would, and provided an excellent recovery option. It could be cheaper, but considering you get creatine, joit support and a full recovery system of protein and carbs, its not a bad deal.

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  February 3, 2012

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Great Joint Support Profile
  • 5g Kre-alkalyn
  • Endurance
  • Recovery Profile Lacking
Well, I was do for a review and this is an interesting product to review. Here it goes. This is a carb blend product with lots of extras in it and is marketed as a "lightening fast muscle recovery" and an "advanced training formula". It was recently reformulated and I'm reviewing the reformulated version. I've never seen a product like this and almost looks like some sort of hybrid carb blend, recovery, joint support, etc etc. Yeah lots of goodies, so lets break it down.

Ingredient profile:
10g dextrose
20g karbolyn
20g waxy maize
5g kre-alkalyn
1g each of L-Leucine/L-Isoleucine/L-Valine (BCAAS)
2g Glutamine AKG
1.2g Glucosamine Sulfate
600mg Chondroitin Sulfate
500mg MSM
5000mg each-Vitamin C/acai berry, L-Taurine
50mg each-alpha lipoic acid/quercetin
As you can see its packed with a lot of ingredients and some are underdosed, but some have a good dosing to.

Joint support: 10
This is a healthy dose of Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate and MSM! I have some vitamin shoppe brand glucosamine with MSM and it is half the amount of the joint support in 1 scoop of Glyco shock. It was good to have joint support because I've been powerlifting lately and it was nice to have something to support my joints and prevent injury. My joints felt amazing and they were rarely sore while putting up big weight.

Recovery: 6
My recovery on this was actually pretty decent, but the lack of BCAAs was disappointing especially because this product markets as a recovery product. With 1g of each BCAA it was much and the 2g of glutamine was decent, but you can get that from a good post workout protein. The carbs aided to recovery as well, but I didn't really buy this product because of the recovery aspect. I bought it because of the carb profile and that is next.

Carb profile: 9
I've seen other blends like glyco maize by ON, but this one I liked because it actually had Karbolyn and I'm a big fan of that. I was using preworkout and postworkout for a bit, but I found it more beneficial to just choose one and use karbolyn for the other. I actually would switch from pre to post and never really found out what I liked better. The mixture of fast acting carbs was nice to have to replenish muscle glycogen levels and helped me not lose weight because I was on a bulk and I was working out long with cardio included and I didn't want to lose weight. It definitely help me pre workout as well as far as giving me energy and my body had a nice full feeling much like supplement just karbolyn. I don't want to leave on my endurance felt great while taking Pre workout. I felt I could go a long while and I did.

Creatine aspect:
I liked and hated this aspect. I used this product exclusively to make sure I didn't lose weight on intense cardio session so I could replenish carbs. So this hurt when I would workout twice in one day because it was too much creatine. That is also why I switched between pre and post and not too often both pre and post. I was taking a PW with creatine and if I took Glyco shock pre and post I was getting 15g of creatine and that would be way to much. It is really nice if you are cycling off stims though and the value of not having to buy creatine by itself is nice.

Taste/Mixability: 7
Nothing to write home about, but it was terrible either. I had the cherry ice and it wasn't too bad. It says to mix with 10oz of water with one scoop, but I found it better to add a little more water cause the taste was too overpowering at 10oz. The mixability was pretty good, but was sometimes product left on the bottom of my shaker, but overall it was just peachy.

Value: 9
It's is actually a hard thing to gauge. If you were planning on buying joint support and carb product and creatine then this is a steal. It was around $30 for 18 servings which is 3lbs of product. This was around the same price as karbolyn, so depending on if I want the extra creatine and joint support would be my deciding factor in the future. Because in that case its a pretty darn good deal.

Overall: 9
I actually really enjoyed this product. I felt full and energized at the gym when taking pre. When taking post I felt I was replenishing my carbs after long workouts and aided to my bulking and gaining a little bit of weight. The recovery aspect wasn't the best, but the healthy dose of creatine and joint support was suprisingly spot on. My joints felt protected and never really sore while doing strenuous exercises that possibly could get my shoulder joint sore was non existent. Loved that my endurance was great with the creatine and carb blend. Like I said before the deciding factor in choosing this product would be if you want a carb blend with joint support and kre-alkalyn. That would be the best value. For me I found that switching this product back and forth from pre to post and using karbolyn for the other, it worked well on a lean bulk. Thumbs up from a brand I never heard of before.

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