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By: Shredz

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Protein > Whey Protein
Protein is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Shredz. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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  December 30, 2015

    • Weak Taste
    • Poor Mixability
    • Expensive
    • Too Expensive


    Hey guys, Flash again with a review on SHREDZ Cinnamon Bun flavored protein! I took this protein over the course of a week or so as part of my post workout protein shake. I am 27 years old, focus on powerlifting base with high volume accessory work to gain strength and slowly recomp my body. I have tried dozens of protein powders and am happy to leave my remarks on this one.

    Ingredient Profile

    This protein came in a decently designed little one pound bottle. This bottle came with 15 scoops of protein broken down into 23g protein, 3g carbs (2g sugar), and 1g fat (1g saturated fat) for a total of 115 calories per scoop and 76.6% being protein.

    The ingredients (other than flavoring of cocoa, peanut flower, natural flavoring, xanthum gim, and sucralose) are pretty basic being Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, and Whey Protein Isolate with the general consensus being that WPC is the highest dose protein source and WPI is the lowest.

    This is a pretty basic but not necessarily bad formulation of protein as it doesn't contain any standouts such as Whey Peptides, cold filtered or microfiltered proteins that catch a persons eye as being above average.

    One thing to note, I don't know if it was listed improperly on the label, but Whey Protein Isolate is the absolute last ingredient listed, even after flavoring and sweetener.


    I really have to give this aspect of the product low marks, maybe a 5. The flavor itself wasn't bad when you could get it, but the small blasts of Cinnamon Bun flavor came mostly in small clumps. The mixability of this protein was pretty blah. Huge chunks and deposits despite vigorous shaking. Adding a whisk ball helped quite a bit but still left with a water or milk flavored shake with the occasional small blast of clumped up Cinnamon Bun. Also, as thoroughly as I could shake it, two scoops of this in 16 oz of liquid left the flavor being overall exceptionally weak.

    I guess I could have tried it with less liquid but with the poor mixability of this protein I would have rather had a watery shake then risk a further downgrade in that department.


    This protein didn't leave a marked enhancement in recovery or satiety. It didn't make me feel full or bloated which was nice, but it also didn't curb my post workout hunger like other protein shakes would do. I felt like I could eat a whole meal and wash it down with this watery shake.

    I also did get some particularly raunchy farts from this product which, along with mixability makes me question the overall quality of this protein.


    The value for this protein was also exceptionally poor. A 1 pound tub of this runs a buyer 24.99. This is 15 scoops containing 23 grams of protein each. Even if that was quality protein, that gives me about 7 shakes with 50 grams a shake. This lasts me about a week and a half of workouts tops, and that is if I am only doing a post workout shake. That makes the price of running protein powder at least 75 bucks a month. Way too steep. I would rather spend that kind of money on a high quality protein or peptide supplement.

    Side Effects

    Protein farts and disappointment.


    Overall, I think this is a very lackluster product. It lacks in taste, mixability, quality, and value. There are hundreds of other protein powders in the world and the only way I can see myself migrating towards this one is if they have it on the clearance rack for about 10 bucks. If you feel the need to spend 25 dollars on a pound of protein I would be more than happy to point you to a product that has a better overall value for that price point.
    • Cinnamon Bun: 5/10

    COMMENTS (1)

    • ODAAT365
      Rep: +1,279
      January 5, 2016

      Shredz is one of the biggest poster children for what's wrong with the supplement industry. Terrible, low quality products for high prices. I'm sure they spend 90% on social media marketing and 10% on their actual products, if even that.

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