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Xtend Perform is a BCAA manufactured by SciVation. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

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  March 17, 2017



I'm a competing powerlifter, and I'm currently cutting down for a meet in June (slowly, losing .5-1lbs/week). I'm training 5-6 days a week right now (2 high volume days and three intensity days- one for each main lift), and looking to add 40-50lbs to my total, so I'll be hitting the grind quite hard for the next 10 weeks.

I use a variety of supplements, mainly pre workouts and protein powder/bars, but I also have some for general health, multi, fish oil, curcumin, and joint support (cissus) which I only take as needed.

----Ingredient Profile--

BCAAS- This product has 7g of BCAAs in the standard 2:1:1 ratio. Usually people take anywhere from 5-10g at a time, so 7 is just about right.

Electrolytes- I like that there are electrolytes here. I think hydration is often underrated when it comes to performance and recovery. The blend includes sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and trisodium citrate dyhdrate

Citrulline Malate- 1g here, clearly not enough for a pump, but even small doses of citrulline malate can help muscles recover faster and improve endurance. I don't know if 1g is enough for endurance/recovery purposes (I couldn't find any literature on the matter), but many pre workouts have citrulline in them anyway, so it's easy to get more (or you can just add some in bulk).

Peak O2- This is what sets Xtend Perform apart from the other Xtend versions. Peak O2 is a trademarked blend of mushrooms. One study on it found that it can improve peak power output, VO2 Max, and time to exhaustion. In the study, they used 4g Peak O2 over the course of the day.

Each scoop of Xtend Perform has 2g Peak O2, and on the bottle, they recommend you take it twice a day, which would mean one bottle lasts 22 days (or 22 workout days if you only take it then.)

If Peak O2 holds up to the hype (hopefully there will be more research on the product), this could prove to be a really interesting supplements for athletes in a variety of sports.


I had the black cherry tub, and it tasted good, but it was strong. So strong that 1 scoop was almost enough for my half gallon water bottle. If I filled my bottle up all the way, the flavor was a little weak. 50-55oz is about right, so I would not use a small shaker bottle for this supplement.

My friends who also had black cherry complained the flavor was too strong, and it was like drinking candy. They had 20 oz shakers. That's why. I can't comment on the other flavors yet, but I ordered mango, so I'll know soon if it's as strongly flavored.
It mixed easily if anything 1 scoop might be too much for people who have a normal sized bottle. They should supersize their bottles, like I have :D.


For me, this product was very effective. I found that on days where I used it, I wasn't as tired at the end of my workouts, some of them last 2 hours and I do 38-40 sets, so prolonged time to fatigue is really helpful for me.

I also found that my endurance improved even though I wasn't doing cardio regularly. I might do cardio 2-3 times some weeks and not at all other weeks. I found that when I came back to cardio, I didn't have to start over endurance wise. I was able to pick up where I left off and I've never been able to do that before.


It can be expensive, $30-35 a tub, which is 44 servings if you take 1 scoop a day, but only 22 servings if you take 2 scoops a day, but if you look around, you can get a good price.

I got 3 tubs for $60 (and free shipping). At $20 a tub it was an absolute steal, and I found that 1 scoop a day was enough for me to benefit from Peak O2, so 3 tubs will last me a long time.

You can also buy Peak O2 in bulk from Primaforce, so if you want 4g, but don't want to double scoop this product, that's an option.

Side Effects

None for me!


This product has become my favorite intra workout. It checks all the right markers: helps with performance, tastes good, hydrates. I'd recommend it to anyone who has long workouts or wants a boost in their work capacity or just wants to stay hydrated and have something that tastes good.
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Increased Energy
  • Tasty
    • Black Cherry: 8/10
    Rep: +586
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 36
      October 13, 2016


    I did a previous review on Scivation Xtend and I did not have the same great results as others had in the past. I loved the taste and when I went shopping for another BCAA product, I came across Scivation Xtend Perform. This product is almost the same as the Scivation Xtend I previously tried and was not totaly satisfied with but after doing research, I found that Scivation Xtend Perform had a PeakO2 Performance Blend in it. I will explain what is in this blend and why I believe I had better results with this product than the previous even though they are from the same manufacturer. I was a bit skeptical to buy another Scivation product along the same lines when my previous results were not what I expected. I figured, what the heck, why not give it a try and write the first review on this product.

    Ingredient Profile

    Low in calories (5) and carbs (1.5g) per one serving scoop. Sodium is at 230 mg which I am not crazy about but can live with. 190 mg of potassium. Vitamin D which will put at you at your daily reccomended intake. Vitamin B6 which will give you just above 30% of your daily intake. It has a 2:1:1 ratio (Leucine 3.5g, Isoleucine 1.75g and Valine 1.75g) of BCAA's which I prefer over any other ratio based on everything I have read in the past showing no benefit of a higher/lower ratio. Glutamine is present at 2.5g. 1g of Citrulline Malate. Now, to the Peak02 Blend.......This is a mushroom blend made up of the following mushrooms: Cordyceps Mushroom which is a natural anti-oxidant, reduces fatigue and has been shown to increase testosterone but the research on the testosterone boost is still in its infancy stages. Reishi Mushroom which helps boost the immune system and reduces fatigue. King Trumpet Mushroom which is higher than most in protein, 2.2g per 6oz serving. Shitake Mushroom which is a natural fat reducer and provides an energy boost. Turkey Tail Mushroom which helps with immune support and contains pre-biotics which will aide in digestion and absortion of food and nutrients. Lions Mane Mushroom helps with mental focus and is an anti-inflamatory. Sorry for the long description but I feel it is necesary to explain the blend since I beleive blends to be a negative thing but not so much in this case.


    Taste was very good. I had the Black Cherry flavor. Mixed well. Just be aware that if you leave it sit for 5+ minutes during your workout, a very small amount will build up at the bottom. Make sure to shake it good on your last sip to get all the "loose change" at the bottom which is minimal. I dosed with one scoop intra-workout and one scoop post workout with 10 oz of water in a shaker cup for each serving.


    When I took the orginal Scivation Xtend I did not have all of the same postitive results everyone else had. This time around I had better results with the Scivation Xtend Perform. Was it the PeakO2 Mushroom Blend? Not sure but I do believe in mushrooms and thier natural positive effects. Maybe I was expecting too much out of the regular Xtend. All I know is my body took to this product much better than the previous. I had two days where I had to do two days worth of workouts due to travel and the following days my soreness was not near what it was in the past when I would do the same thing. I continued to progress and hit the targets I set for myself so to say it did not impact me in a positive way would not be accurate. I will be going back to this product in the future but not the regular Xtend.


    $10 more than the original Xtend ($49.99 vs $39.99) but you get 14 more servings which I thought was a bonus. 44 servings at $49.99 comes out to $1.13 pers serving. You be the judge on what you want to spend per serving. I was at two servings a day which can get expensive. Lasted me a month with my off days.

    Side Effects



    I was concnerned buying this product due to trying the original Xtend and not being completely staisfied but belfore I purchased it I did my research on the PeakO2 blend and believed this could benefit me. I do beleive this product benefited me by aiding in recovery (less sore), continuing to make progress, hit my goals and I did feel less fatigued intra and post workout. If you are looking to try a newer BCAA product, I would reccomend giving this one a shot. It tastes great, mixes well and gives you results. Only thing I would like to see is how much of each mushroom is in the PeakO2 blend.
    • Increases Focus
    • Reduces Fatigue
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Can Be Pricey At 2 Servings Per Day
    • PeakO2 Blend Does Not Show Amounts Of Each Ingredient
    • Black Cherry: 9/10

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