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Quake 10.0 Reviews

By: XTend

  October 21, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Amazing Profile
  • Stamina
  • Xtend Bcaas
  • Innovative
  • Pumps
  • No Beta Alanine
  • No Creatine
  • Expensive

Quick Summary

A clinically-dosed, full-spectrum pre workout using patented ingredients that will advance your workouts.


OK so let's cut to the chase, when Scivation brought out the profile for Quake 10.0, everybody took notice. In 2018 we're all talking about full-spectrum, clinically dosed pres again, which is great because the days of micro-dosed products filled with stims that gave you about as much clinically dosed effective ingredients (minus the stims) as the glass BBQ seem to be behind us (although some supp companies still try it). Scivation is known really for their BCAA's, which are a staple in many peoples supplement regimes. It was really nice of them to include them in Quake 10.0 at an effective dose. Based on all of this, I decided to grab some Quake 10.0 on BOGO (which is the only way you could afford it without taking out another mortgage) and see if the hype was real. Let's go.

Ingredient Profile


From this point on in the review I will refer to everything with regards to 2 scoops, because 1 scoop is not really worth talking about. As such, there are 10 servings per tub etc.

First look at the label and it's spitting patented ingredients at me. Peak02, Capros, AstraGin, NO3T, look at them all. That's a good sign. The ingredient profile has been broken down well by some of the other reviewers, so I wont repeat what they've said, I'll just make some comments on things I like/don't like.

7g of Scivation BCAAs is a good way to kick off an ingredient profile. I wont say much more about these because we all know what they're about and how trusted in the industry Scivation are on these. I'd say most gym rats have a tub of Scivation BCAAs in their pantry right now.

6g of L-Citrullene is fantastic, even better when combined with 1.5g of Arginine in the nitrate form, which I have always found to be more effective pump/vaso ingredient than non-nitrated. You're getting a pump from this, whether you like it or not. Next up is 3g of Tyrosine and 1,5g of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, both solid doses. The ingredient profile is rounded out with 350mg of caffeine and 200mg of L-Theanine and the kicker, 50mg of AstraGin. The amount of caffeine is high, but effective, and the amount of AstraGin is also high, considering many sup companies put in 25mg. I like this.

Which leaves us with 2 patented ingredients. I'm not gonna lie, I was not one to believe the hype on both the Peak02 and Capros. Peak02 is touted as a mix of ingredients targeted to improve strength (slightly) but more importantly endurance. It seems to be more useful in endurance type sports, but hey, it's worth chucking into a gym pre and seeing what happens right? 2g of this is a solid dose. Capros is apparently a super-powerful antioxidant touted as giving excellent cardiovascular support. While this is nice, I feel that something like this needs to be a daily dose, not just a preworkout ingredient. Scivation believe in it though, and they've put 1g of it into Quake 10.0.

So that's the ingredient profile, and I see 2 glaring omissions. I don't know why they were left out, but it should be mentioned that no creatine and no beta alanine are present. Yeah sure, if you clinically dose both of these ingredients it's an extra 8.2g, taking a 2 scoop does to 33.2g, but I would pay for some creapure and CarnoSyn in this product every day of the week. All in all a very solid ingredient profile, everything that is in there is in there at a dose that will work for you, and you cant ask for much more.


I had 2 flavours in my BOGO, watermelon bubblegum and the lemon. Both tasted quite nice, personally I preferred the watermelon but that's just me. Mixing was quite easy, even with so much in it. I would mix it up in a shaker and then take the top off after drinking it down to check for a foam-a-thon of Leucine, but there wasn't really much to speak of. A little bit of sediment at the bottom but nothing to write home about, and if I wasn't so impatient I feel like it would have dissolved in over a couple of minutes. Dosing was 2 scoops 20-30 minutes before a workout. No need to deviate from that through 2 tubs.



I'll break down the effectiveness into some standard preworkout categories:

Focus/Energy - As there is really 2 workers in here for energy and focus, caffeine and L-Theanine, I was surprised at how smooth it came on and how effective it was. Perhaps I shouldn't have been, the addition of AstraGin always makes caffeine and L-Theanine come on smooth and strong for me, and 50mg of AstraGin was sure to make this happen. The energy was solid through about a 90min workout, but if I wasn't fully focused on the task I felt my mind could wander and focus stray a bit from the weights, so there's some room for improvement there. It certainly wasn't on the rails lift or die focus/energy.

Endurance - This is where the Peak02 made a believer out of me. It's slowly warming up here as we head towards summer, and with that will come a day of 60F then the next day 90F. You cant really prepare for that and you're gonna sweat, but I honestly felt like workouts on Quake 10.0 were unaffected. I felt my recovery and endurance perform the same regardless of the heat/humidity. It was really noticeable on high-volume leg days, where I was thinking I'm going to need to take a few minutes to recover from this, but I was almost immediately ready to go again. It's pretty difficult to explain these sorts of endurance improvements, but I can honestly say Quake 10.0 noticeably improved my endurance and recovery from set to set, something that most pres wont/don't do for me.

Strength - Strength is always hard to gauge because it's not always about numbers, but with Quake 10.0 I always felt like I had an extra gear I could call on, whether it be more reps or more weight. I don't think this was due to the energy/focus ingredients alone, as I've described above, so I have to attribute it to the entire ingredient profile. Sometimes I felt like I was coasting a bit instead of killing it, and when I clicked myself into gear I felt like I had the energy, focus and strength to do what I needed to do.

Pump - Pump was excellent, from beginning to end. But hey, 6g of L-Citrullene and 1.5g of nitrates will do that to you. Pump was predictable too, do some hypertrophy sets early on to build it up and it's with you for the entire workout. I had a lot of DOMS from some of these workouts, indicating there was some serious pumpage to the muscles during the workout.

Overall I felt like Quake 10.0 performed as good as you would expect looking at the ingredient profile. I was surprised with the endurance benefit which I attribute to the Peak02 blend.


8/10 or on a BOGO 9/10

So the value is a little hard to pick here, due to being all over the place from different retailers. You can pick up a single tub of 10 servings for around $30, which isn't cheap, but I got a BOGO for $30 off A1, and that's serious value at $1.5/serving including BCAA. I would not pay full price for this as there are other full-spectrum, clinically-dosed patented ingredient pres out there that are better value. I feel if you can get Quake 10.0 for under $2/serving, do it. You get a full serving of BCAAs per serving of pre too, so factor $0.5-0.70/serving into your calculations too.

Side Effects

None to report. Perhaps only having 10 servings per tub, although I see there's a 20 serving tub out now, which is good.



Quake 10.0 is a very solid clinically-dosed pre with some patented ingredient you have, and haven't, heard of. I wasn't a believer in the Peak02 but I certainly am now. Aside from missing creatine and beta alanine, it has everything you want in a preworkout, with 7g of BCAAs for your intra requirements thrown in. Would I buy Quake 10.0 with my own money? On a BOGO it's not even a question, I just push the add to cart button. Would I recommend Quake 10.0 to others? Absolutely, get it on a deal and you've just picked up a ripper preworkout with added BCAAs. Thanks for reading guys.
  • Lemon Drop: 7/10
  • Watermelon Bubblegum: 9/10


  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,968
    October 21, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-10-21 06:30:31

    Great review, I love this stuff. You can get this on Amazon for $18.99 (40 servings / 20 with 2 scoops) or $9.97 (20 servings / 10 with 2 scoops). There are now deals to be had on this. This gave me just about the best pumps I have ever had.

  • davidian
    Rep: +1,050
    October 21, 2018

    Thanks mate, that's incredible value for what the product is.

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