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100% Whey Protein Professional LS Reviews

By: Scitec Nutrition


Only 3 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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100% Whey Protein Professional LS is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Scitec Nutrition. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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Protein > Whey Protein


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +41
Trust: 33%
  October 6, 2013

Hey all! This is my first review on this site. I found this site while I was googling to check out reviews on another product. I just finished the 5lb tub of this thing a few days ago and thought I'll share my thoughts on it.
First off, there are two similar products from the same company. One is the 100% whey protein professional, and the other is the 100% whey protein professional LS(lightly sweetened).I find that, on this site,there is only the LS version and not the other one.I am writing this review for the 100% whey protein professional (Not LS).
Now, starting off, this is one of those products which I had absolutely no idea why I was buying, but had a decent experience using.The first thing that strikes you about the tub is the lid. It's almost like a mirror and I occasionally used it do my hair just before rushing off to the gym. Lol :D
Onto more relevant stuff now.
The main ingredient used is whey concentrate, with a mix of isolate as well.The label claims to have thrown in some extra key aminos and digestive enzymes which were (I am guessing) the tiny white particles in the powder. Something similar to the whey peptides in ON GS 100% whey.Anyways,these extra aminos are L-leucine, L-glutamine,taurine,dextrose.The digestive enzymes are bromelain,which is found in pineapples and is said to have anti-inflammatory effects, and papain, which is found in papayas and helps in breaking down meat fibres. It beats me why they put it, but am guessing it was to help digest the whey concentrate(for lactose intolerant people like me). It's got a 117 cals,14 of which from fat,3.8 g carbs,1.5 g sugars and 22g protein per scoop which I felt was decent.
This supplement comes in a ton of different flavours. I got the chocolate rocky road, which was fine and gave me a pleasant experience drinking it.It has that little bit of a smell of almonds and the chocolate,which was cool(particularly since I had a scoop of rocky road ice cream a few days before I bought this product) :).
For a whey conc. this product mixes really well.And by that I mean, no clumps,no sticky stuff on the edges.Just clean,smooth mixing,both in water and milk. There was a bit of foam from shaking it vigorously, but hey, it's a WPC.
Now,this is where this supplement takes a beating. The cost of the 5lb tub here in India is Rs.6600,(I am not converting it to $ 'coz the stocks vary frequently).There are 78 servings in the 5lb tub,again I am not going to calculate cost per serving owing to the swinging market.I was lucky I picked it up at a sale here at the Neulife store.You may not be lucky!!!!
OVERALL (8/10):
Overall,taking into consideration all the above said factors and my results. I would say that using this product was a solid,satisfying experience.I am looking for fat loss.I am currently weighing 81 kg and standing at 24% BF.I stacked it with N.O Xplode and weight trained 5 days a week. This product has helped me recover amazingly well and also helped sustain muscle while helping me build some new one.However,lactose intolerant people may want to stay away from it since it's a WPC, and it may lead to bloating and gasses.
BOTTOMLINE: To sum it up, I would definitely say that this is one solid product and a good tasting one at that too. It's very pricey, for a WPC specially. The label may say that there are extra digestive enzymes and aminos, but to what extent they are going to help get rid of the gasses for the lactose intolerant(if that's what they are meant for), I am not sure of.

P.S: I forgot to mention this above, finish drinking your shake and immediately wash your shaker.Failure to do so may lead to a bit of stench.
Hope you find this useful.
  • Flavor
  • Fast Repair
  • Tons Of Bcaas
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Recovery
  • Gasses If Milk Used
  • Too Expensive
  • Slight Stench If Not Washed Immediately
Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  July 17, 2013


This is my first review here! I found this site a while ago when I was searching for reviews myself, so I thought why not give it a shot?

So I recently bought some Scitec Nutrition products for the third time. In the past I have bought from different companies every month, but I am pretty happy with Scitec so far, so I'll be sticking with them for a while.

Among other things, I got the Scitec Professional Whey in White Chocolate-Strawberry, which I'm going to review now.

First off, the nutritional value:

One scoop (30 g) contains:

Calories: 117 kcal
Protein: 22 g
Carbs: 3,8 g
Fats: 1,5 g
Sodium: 43 mg

It also contains the digestive enzymes bromelain and papain (83 mg) and extra BCAAs and taurine.

Taste 10/10: Hands down one of the best tasting Whey Proteins, I've ever had. It has a creamy texture, even when mixed with water and tastes great in water but even more fantastic in milk. Looking forward to it every morning and after my workouts.

Mixability 8/10: It mixes well, does not clump and there is none of it sticking in the shaker. Exactly what I expect from a good whey, although it could mix a tiny little faster, sometimes I have to shake a little longer, but as I said, no clumps.

Results 10/10: As you know, one can't really "feel" a whey protein working, but it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I held on to lean muscle mass while dieting and it kept me full for about 2-3 hours when I drank it for breakfast and had nothing else with it.

I took other supplements while taking the whey also, which were Scitec Hot Blood 2.0 as a pre-workout (on which I will also write a review soon) and a few other Scitec products.

My diet was mostly low carb, high protein, and the Professional Whey helped me get my protein intake without stuffing down tuna and chicken all day.

My exercise regimen changed a few times, since I like to mix it up, but most of the time I my rep range was from 10-15 and I did 4 30-minute sessions steady state cardio per week, since I was cutting.

All in all I can really recommend the product and I am looking forward to buying my next tub of it. For all of you who like exotic flavours, Scitec has 28 different flavours ;)

I will also write reviews about various other products I used in the last couple of months, stay tuned!
  • Flavor
  • Tons Of Bcaas
  • Builds Muscle
    Rep: +4
    Trust: 0%
      April 8, 2013

    Ok my second review.. i will try to be short...
    I have used 3 of these pure 100 %whey professional (2 x 2350 one banana and one chocolate with hazelnuts and 1x 920 chocolate coconut)
    Taste was pretty amazing with the chocolate stuff.. banana was too at the beginning at least.. after the first month of use i don't know why it was not like so "DRUG" and i was drinking always one scoop with water before workouts and on non workout days and had a second scoop with milk on training days post workout... Anyways i wont go with banana again... also the effects were pretty amazing with me(full repair of my chest till the end of 2 days after one super hard chest and triceps day) i know because there were days i didn't use any supplement and my chest was in a moderate pain when they were touching me there like 5 days after the workout so i had to workout once every monday).

    Also i forgot to mention my body experience.. i was getting more and more solid on it at first without creatine and then even with it...stayed at the same kilos the first month(69) then got 68 and then 67 the next 2 months with the same nutrition and same food quantities)and at least i was rock solid on my quads(that i didn't workout at all- not even cardio with bicycle)and then took creatine for like 2 months and went up to 73 kg rock solid legs and massive calves(only seat raises at 3 angels)and a more defined back... My arms stayed the same size i believe but they got hell a lot stronger and solid..
    Side effects.. probably some gasses when it was mixed with milk but itself alone was a miracle...and with milk the taste was epic.. Drug for me with chocolate hazelnuts!
    Mixing was like silk on both water and milk (3,5% fat probably full skimmed) and not problems with shake ... also the taste was epic with blender ..
    definately reccomend.. the price is still somewhat better than the other 100%whey proteins in greece ..but its a little bit pricey for 5.1lbs(2350 gr) 63 euros - 82 USD
    RESULTS ARE AS EXPECTED FROM A PURE recovery and fast muscle cut and absorption(only with water)
    Definitely a must if you plan on cutting without losing strength and want fast recoveries if price is not a drawback for you!
    • Flavor
    • Fast Repair
    • Tons Of Bcaas
    • Builds Muscle
    • Gasses If Milk Used
    • Too Expensive

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