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This product has been reported as discontinued.


Only 3 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Karbo-Lyn is a Carbohydrate Product manufactured by SciFit. It is designed to provide the body with the vital macronutrient carbohydrates which is used as fuel to help performance as well as improve muscle recovery.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 18 products in:
Energy Supplements > Carbohydrates


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +4,289
Trust: 100%
  June 11, 2011

I tried this great product on a recommendation from jmlstocks (thanks bro!). Like almost all other SciFit products, this one is a winner in my book. I never was really big on "˜carb products', besides Vitargo (which is amazing and ridiculously expensive btw) until I tried KarboLyn.

I primarily used this as pre cardio/wrestling/grappling supplement, so my review of it will be mostly based off of those experiences. However, I did use it postworkout on several occasions, so I will touch on KarboLyn's effectiveness in that aspect also.

Profile: 9.5 out of 10
Karbo-Lyn is a patent pending homopolysaccharide, which is a newly developed rapid absorbing sugar free carbohydrate. Karbo-Lyn is derived from corn, potato, and rice via an "enzymatic milling process" and has been precisely manipulated to create absorption through the stomach.'
Karbo-Lyn (Homopolysaccharide)
30grams of Carbs per serving

Value: 8.5 out of 10
Initially I was not all that impressed with the value of this product, but my opinion changed after I realized its effectiveness. It is not as affordable as most fast carb products (glycomaize/maltodextrin, ect.), but it offers much more than most of those IMO. Overall, depending on where you purchase it from, it comes out to be in between $0.50-0.60 per serving, not too bad for what it does.

Taste: 7.5 out of 10
I can really care less about taste because I just chug everything down, but this was surprisingly decent, and I actually started to enjoy the Orange flavor.

Effectiveness: 9.5 out of 10
As I stated before, I mainly used this product for pre cardio purposes, so in terms of that, KarboLyn was extremely effective. I would just slam down 1 to 1.5 servings 30-45minutes before my cardio/wrestling sessions and away I'd go. No issues with bloating or a "˜heavy' feeling in my stomach, which is common for me if I were to "˜carb load' instead. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical of the "˜never ending' energy claims, but they couldn't be any more truthful. KarboLyn + 3 grams of Beta Alanine and I felt like I could not run out of gas, the stamina/energy from this product is pretty amazing.
In terms of using KarboLyn for postworkout purposes, it served as a solid alternative to other "˜quick carbs', although not nearly as cost effective. You could tell that the absorption rate is very fast and its nice and easy on the stomach. Overall I'd recommend it for either use.

All in all, Karbolyn is a very solid product with multiple uses. Personally, I think it works even better than I could have ever imagined. It will remain a staple for me as long as I keep doing intense cardio sessions. If you are in the market for a solid pre cardio and/or postworkout carb source, KarboLyn is the way to go.
  • Increased Energy
  • Endless Cardio Stamina/endurance
    Rep: +3,120
    Trust: 100%
      January 9, 2011

    This product was a recent purchase for me as I had been eager to try it against other fast absorbing carb products such as Waxymaize and Malodextrin. In addition, Sci Fit is a great brand that has produced some of my favorite products.

    Value: 8/10
    My rating has a couple elements. It gets high marks for being cheaper than other Karbolyn products, however, it is not as cheap as other fast absorbing carb products such as Malodextrin and Waxymaize. Pricewise, this came out to around .50/serving. For comparison sake, the NOW Malodextrin was around .28/serving, the ON GlycoMaize was around .30/serving, so a little more expensive.

    Taste: 7/10
    Most carb products that I've tried do not taste that good, so my expectations are normally low. That said, this is better tasting than the other carb products that I've tried. I tried the Cherry (6/10) and the Grape which I liked a little better (7/10).

    Uses and Effectiveness: 9/10
    I have used this product for many different uses. It works very well as a post workout carb as it is very fast absorbing. I didn't find a difference in recovery using this as opposed to the other carb supps that I've tried.
    It is an incredible carb supp for pre cardio and sporting events. I normally take this 45 minutes ahead of time, although 20 minutes would probably be sufficient. What this product boasts is the ability for an athlete to no longer have to "Carb load" and to have their carbs at their convenience. A very tall order indeed-anyone who is a runner knows this. Surprisingly, I agree with them, they have successfully with this product done away with the need to carb load. Where this product really shines is when you take it before a cardio session, race, or sporting event, the energy is endless, you really do feel like you can go on forever.

    In summary, if you're just looking for a post lifting carb, other carbs are just as good and cheaper, but if you're looking for an all around carb for cardio and lifting, you'll love this product!
    • Increased Energy
      Rep: +899
      Trust: 10%
        December 11, 2010

      I came across this product, on, while looking for something totally different. What caught my eye was the claims that the company was making:

      "KARBO-LYN derived from corn, potato, and rice via an "enzymatic milling process" has been precisely manipulated to create absorption through the stomach!"

      Alright, now I'm interested!! So I start reading up on it and came to a conclusion to give it a try. I was actually about to pull the trigger on BCAA-Lyn again because I was so turned off by the tub of Modern BCAA I had just recently bought but I came away with a product that provides something that has been missing in my post workout...CARBS!! Plus the fact that it's $18 for 2lbs. that was a price right in my wheelhouse...

      Effectiveness: 10 Sorry, but I was only using 30g of Karbolyn with my EAS Whey and a banana post-workout and it was great. Everytime I took this ...20min. later I would feel energy and I felt awake; having switched to morning workouts this was a good companion and will continue be.

      Results: 9 I've been experimenting with some test boosters so I will rate this 9 because I am getting some great results muscle wise and I really would like to think that Karbolyn has been a factor in my gains. Also, the fact that I just finished a bottle of Glycobol (which I just reviewed), so loss of body fat has been great as well.

      Value: 10 Again, I don't like giving 10's unless the product is exceptional and Karbolyn is just that. I bought the 2Lb. tub of unflavored (I really like unflavored products.. you can add them to anything) and the ingredient profile will actually surprise some people ... it made me almost laugh. I usually like to watch my sodium intake along with simple sugars and cholesterol etc... but when I looked up the list of ingredients it said... Calories 120, followed by a bunch of zeros and then Total Carbohydrates 30g, followed by another bunch of zeros... and the serving size is... you guessed it 30g. Unbelievable... 30g serving ...30g of carbs... that's it, no fat, no sugar, no sodium... that, in and of itself, should be a reason to go out or stay in and order it on-line and try it.

      Plus, I only used this on my workout days so this will last a very long time adding to the value of this product.

      Totally recommended... ;)
      • Lasts A Very Long Time
      • Little To No Taste
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value

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