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Beta Alanine has been reported as discontinued.

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Beta Alanine Reviews

By: SciFit

  January 31, 2012

  • Easy To Take
  • Increased Muscular And Cardio Endurance
  • Lasts Forever
    This is a review for Sci-Fit's Beta Alanine 2000 Powder not the Gel Caps in actuality.

    Hopefully most of us by this time know what Beta-Alanine is yet for those of us still in the dark about this great product here is a little background info! Beta Alanine-BA is a Non-Essential Amino Acid that promotes muscular energy. It improves muscular endurance and buffers your muscles from normal fatigue. Through many studies done (Pubmed) BA was shown to decrease Intra-muscular Acidosis (why you get tired while performing an exercise) which is done through the production of additional Carnosine. Beta-Alanine, along with L-Histidine, has shown to be the limiting factor on how much Carnosine your body can produce. The more you are able to produce the more your muscles are buffered from fatigue therefore improving endurance. Studies also show that it may also help in the production of lean muscle due to the fact that you are able to do more reps because you aren't as tired as quickly!

    Enough about the background info lets jump into this review!

    Dosage- I dosed this as directed on the bottle which is 1 teaspoon (2g) twice daily for four weeks then after that just 2g once daily. Obviously the best time to use this product is as a pre-workout and I really wouldn't recommend taking more than 2 servings of this stuff because it is powerful. (I jumped straight into it with around 5ish grams and was in the bathroom the entire workout, take it slow in the beginning and then increase dosage after you build up a tolerance.) I have taken this product over the course of many stacks so listing what else I've been taking would be pointless but no matter what I was taking this product for me was always consistent.

    Effectiveness 9 Really nice feeling each time I would take this product right about 10-15 minutes later so it really works fast! Very Effective, you feel the Beta-Tingles every-time you take this product, kind of like an itchy feeling that can be overwhelming for some in the beginning but you really start to love them after some time! This product allows you to go beyond your normal limit on reps from this I felt like I could always push out more reps and felt like I couldn't run out of energy throughout my whole workout and this lasted the entire bottle. Each dose I would know it was time for the gym (after having this as my only pre-workout for months on end my body just got used to going to the gym after getting these tingles!)

    Taste/Mixability/Ingredient Profile 10 Really simple here 2g would mix perfectly in about 6oz of water and it was a strange taste towards the beginning but after awhile you get used to it and even look forward to it! The Ingredient Profile is great and simple-no prop blend here! Profile is 1780mg BA with the other precursor to Carnosine L-Histidine 220mg.

    Value 10 As the reviews before this one state this stuff is really dirt cheap in its bulk form. I bought this from at $16 for 300g or 150 servings so right about 10 cents a serving...ridiculous. I ordered this on July 14th...I just ran out yesterday. Really great value on this great product. I do however recommend getting the powder (little more expensive) over the soft gels due to reliability and the ability to dose it the way you please more effectively than caps.

    Overall 9 Great product, Great Value, and has a Great Effect. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if you're looking to stay away from stims or trying to create your own pre-workout concoction! As the expert reviewers said if this product isn't in your stack you are definitely missing out!

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