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17-T SOMATOCRI MX™ Reviews

By: SCI-MX Nutrition

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17-T SOMATOCRI MX™ is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by SCI-MX Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

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  March 20, 2014

  • It Had Some Effect
  • Sleep Was Better
  • Half Of It Not Backed By Research
  • Not Sure How Beneficial It Really Was
  • Didn't See Massive Benefits
Hi guys - heres a product I have tried twice and both times had some mixed results (although both times were under different variables)...

The idea behind this product is to maximise testosterone and GH release during your sleep - to get the most out of your rest and recovery and the 'anabolic drive' which is the period in which after falling asleep rapid utilisation of proteins, carbs, fats and vitamins are directed towards repair and growth...
The hope is over the cycle that more net gains will be achieved and athletic performance will improve due to increased hormone optimisation

Since I am the first I will provide the ingredients breakdown:

Nutritional Information Per Serving (6 Capsules)
17-T-GHRH-MK2 Providing
- Leucine-ketoisocaproic acid 1.8g
- Orthinine Alpha-Ketoglurate 1g
- Phosphatidylserine 200mg
- Theanine 200mg
- 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone 180mg
- Bioperine 5mg
- Vitamin C 478.5mg
- ZMA 478.5mg
- of which Vitamin B6 6mg
- of which Magnesium 450mg
- of which Zinc 22.5mg

Leucine-ketoisocaproic acid - In short is a Branch chain relevant to muscle protein metabolism - so you would hope it will have some benefit to you to put it in there before you sleep.

Orthinine Alpha-Ketoglurate - in short is relevant to the krebs cycle which in turn is relevant to recovery, this stuff helps transport nitrogen and forumulates amino acids - so again you hope that this will benefit growth during sleep.

Phosphatidylserine - Hypothesised to reduce stress and damage from training, keeping cortisol levels in check - which is all in theory relevant to the purpose of the product for recovery and development... although I am yet to find real evidence of this

5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone - the same compound found in PhD Methoxy test.
- Marketed as a bodybuilding supplement obviously with the claims that it supports growth and development - yet no evidence to suggest it has any use. A customer came in the other day asking for it - some fool had sold him Superdrol and then advised he take that for PCT.... (Baring in mind that SD is probably more potent than Dianabol)The idiocy of whoever gave that advice infuriated me....

Bioperine - to maximise absorption

Vitamin C - Antioxidant

ZMA - Provides some of the necessary components for us to synthesise hormones during sleep, particularly GH...

The old stuff also had Tribulus which is claimed by anybody who wants to make money to be a significant test booster... I actually rate tribulus for strength and libido I use it now and again - but I have not seen any proof on paper that it does anything to increase test or increase athletic ability...

If this newer version does not contain Trib - my estimation of it drops...

What happened for me first time was I did notice some better sleep - but I can notice this purely with ZMA. My performance in the gym improved - however, my performance had been improving consistently anyway for the previous 16 weeks - I'd simply run one thing after the next and I was improving. E.G. PWO with Ethyl ester pills, Tribulus with HMB, then this - so who's to say that I wouldn't have noticed an improvement without it. My weight did plateau though for the first time - but then again at that point I had become badly overweight anyway, didnt even weigh out food - so diet could have been deficient for gaining - and I'd had nearly 5 months of consistent muscle gain so it has to slow down eventually.
If the GH boost really did work what you kind find with GH is that in some cases it can actually SUPPRESS weight gain and actually get you burning into your food for fuel and increasing your metabolism so - just because I wasn't going up on a scale while on it - you can't say it hadn't had some effect.
It was a good 5 years ago now that I ran this for that cycle so it is hard to remember specifics - but I remember being a bit disappointed that I hadn't broken my plateau with it - however if I could go back I would have given myself a slap for trying to put on more weight anyway and said to myself: "Time to cut chunky!" ...

The second time I ran it was part of a PCT after a weak and short Pro hormone cycle - I stacked it with a couple of other things and a PWO (the old Jack3d) to keep my workouts as intense as they were on the cycle. I was much happier that time round - I was aiming for cutting/maintenance and I dropped another few pounds - I feel that the 17T is much more relevant for cutting purposes FOR ME PERSONALLY than for gaining - I just don't think its potent enough for gaining...

It's hard to say with these GH boosters how effective they are since GH takes a long time to see benefits from - only way in my opinion to really tell is through getting some bloods done. If GH favourably improving over time get yourself 3-4 bottles and do a quarter of a year recomp with this stuff! However, all this seems to do on paper is give a few components for your body to formulate hormones and anabolic actions which you can provide it with elsewhere - its just this is a convenient way of doing it.

Like I said I have mixed views on it - I was in two entirely different places/stages when I used it each time. I think now that I have things so controlled I could get a better read on it if I were to implement it again - but to be honest there is stronger stuff out there that doesn't have the price tag. That's not to say that you shouldn't give it a go - I didn't storm back to the store and demand my money back or quit half way through the cycle - sometimes it is difficult to find new supplements especially if you're doing it all natural - its always creatine, PWO or test booster and back to the creatine again - when a slightly different product comes out sometimes its worth just trying something new just for the experiment and the feeling of being 'ON' something new - even a placebo effect is better than the same mundane workout pattern week after week.

I tend to use TAURO TEST now by ANABOLIC DESIGNS - since I can noticeably tell the benefit I am getting from it...

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