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MEDUSA Reviews

By: Savage Supplements

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MEDUSA is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Savage Supplements. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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Thanks to Savage Supplements for sending it out!
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  February 13, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value


    I wanted to Thank Savage supplements for letting me try Medusa. I am always looking for something that will give me a little bit of an edge when trying to lose body fat and also feel good while on a caloric deficit. I also would like to apologize to Savage supplements for taking a long time to write this review.

    Ingredient Profile

    Stim package - 1-3 DMAA in the form of Gerainum Oil Extract, caffeine (225mg per cap) I contacted a rep on face book to get the amount of caffeine.

    Mood Enhancing - Huperzine, Beta-Phenylethylamine (Stimulant/mood enhancer)

    Fat burning - Yohimbine HCL, Synephrine

    Looking at this label you should have a slam dunk fat burner with nice focus factor. I don't like the fact that it is all mashed together in a prop blend as some ingredients might be under dosed


    Taste & Mixability - N/A

    The bottle recommends 1 capsule 1-2 times per day 20 min before a meal. I dosed it this way but I found that 2 caps plus a scoop of pre-workout was way too much caffeine for my daily intake. I am already a night owl, and have trouble falling asleep, when I took 2 caps with meals and a pre I would be up until 2-3am and what little sleep I got would be restless. I did end up changing the dosing and on workout days I would only do 1 serving in the am. On days off I would do 2 servings.


    So the first time I took Medusa, wow it hit me like a train! Energy was the first thing that I felt, next was the thermo effect and lastly the focus. Ok that was the first serving, so then it should feel like this the whole bottle. I will base my review total on these 3 sub categories: Stim effect, Mood, fat burning/thermo effect

    Stim/energy effect - Yes, Medusa packs a nice punch in this category with 1-3DMAA & caffeine makes it a killer combo. I honestly did not feel the crash that you would normally associate with 1-3DMAA. It was smooth clean energy, I will note that if you do not eat within the 20 min the effects will come on a lot stronger and might make you feel uneasy. What I liked was that I felt energized for hours on end.

    Mood - I have to give Medusa a thumbs up on this aspect as well because paired with the caffeine and 1-3 it most certainly gave me an elevated feeling of well - being. I remember having to have certain memos/emails ready for my boss and I would breeze right through them. When it came to the focus in the gym I would say I can't attribute all the glory to Medusa because the pre workouts I was taking also contained some sort of focus ingredients.

    Fat burning/thermogenesis - This is where Medusa could have improved, it did help me with shed some pounds and also slight body composition changes, I could feel the elevated body heat as my ears and cheeks would feel warm. I remember also sitting in my car with the outside temperature being 50 degrees Fahrenheit and sweat trickling down my forehead and back. I always had some sort of warmth feeling while on medusa. While in the gym I would be sweating buckets, I was that guy whipping down all my machines after use (which you should always do anyways). I will say this because I know this is key to fat loss: if your diet is on point these will help you out, don't expect to be as lean as our SR Celebrity Petey. He has been working hard at staying that lean for a while. Medusa is only a supplement not a magic at loss pill.


    Google Savage supplements and you can find Medusa on Cobra supplements for $40.00 will get a bottle of 60 capsules, this can last you well over a month if you do single dosing on days with pre and full dose without pre.

    Side Effects

    Medusa may cause difficulty to fall asleep if caffeine intake is too high. For example if 2 capsules consumed with a high stim preworkout. You might have trouble falling asleep or have a restless night. I would recommend taking 1 capsule on days when you take preworkout and 2 capsules on days when you don't as I did. If you are Super Stim tolerant then go ahead and try the 2 caps within the same day as you're preworkout.


    I believe that Medusa is an effective thermo/mood/stim product. If we got an open label and slight drop in price, this would be one supplement that would be very useful during a cut.

    Again my very sincere apologies to Savage supplements. Thanks again for letting me try this!

    COMMENTS (5)

    • kalans
      Rep: +5,441
      February 14, 2017

      Excellent review Pete! I saw the formula for this product when it came out, looked pretty strong!

    • PiccoloPete
      Rep: +966
      February 14, 2017

      Thanks Kalans! I really had a good time with Medusa!

    • mattyi02
      Rep: +15
      Rep for this Brand
      February 14, 2017

      Amazing review Pete! We had a great time reading your deep insight on our Fat Burner MEDUSA! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • mattyi02
      Rep: +15
      Rep for this Brand
      February 14, 2017

      We are also making the MEDUSA label fully transparent. We 100% stand with using fully dosed ingredients in our ingredients. If anyone wants the full dose breakdown, please email us Thanks!

    • PiccoloPete
      Rep: +966
      February 16, 2017

      Thank you mattyi02, I am happy to hear that you will be changing the label to offer full disclosure to your customers. We appreciate the transparency.

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