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Charge has been reported as discontinued.

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Charge Reviews

By: Royal Sport LTD

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Royal Sport LTD for sending it out!
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  November 3, 2015

  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Solid Formula
  • More Effective Than Other BCAA Products
  • Bonus Ingredients
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Costs More Than ObamaCare
  • Needs More Servings
Ingredient Profile
The formulation behind Royal Sport Charge is a big one, with hopes to it being a game changer. We see that they took the normal BCAA supplement and added SAA's + Electrolytes + Glutamine, but unfortunately they are all in Blends and Matrix's which is ok if the product will work! So the BCAA Blend is the standard and effective 2:1:1 ratio, but sadly it is stuck at the 4g mark and thus you miss the critical 1g extra to make it most effective. Luckily we are given the ratio it is kept in, as if they did not it would be possible to have more or less of Valine/Isoleucine. Next up we have some Sequenced Polypeptides or SAA's, which are something I haven't really supplemented with but is a designer Amino which has been used for years in creams and shampoos but until a few years ago it came to the supplement game. You can read plenty about SAA's in garlick's review for this product, which he goes into great detail. Next we have the Glutamine Electrolyte Matrix which as you guessed it contains Glutamine! How much GLutamine is in this 2.25g Matrix? We don't know, but we do know that Glutamine supplementation is most effective at 3g which we know is not contained in this matrix. There are some fancy forms of Electrolytes in this matrix as well, but don't be fooled because the normal Electrolytes are up top on the label.

Overall this formula is different from the run of the mill BCAA supplement, and I feel it is a great looking profile. Sadly Royal decided to keep us in the dark with their dosages by using Matrix's and Blends, but still they give us plenty to make it work with bonus ingredients. Great points to Royal for the unique profile too, which is not something we see often.

Well sadly I didn't get the flavor requested, which they sent out Raspberry Lemonade to me.. I thought I would die, because as I have said before Raspberry is not for me! But surprisingly it did not taste too overly Raspberry! It is interesting, because it smells and tastes kinda well.. Hard to explain, but it certainly doesn't taste like they call it. Good taste none the less, but they do have other flavors that seems more tasty. The mixability of this product is good at first, but then you see this suspension of white particles floating around which ultimately sink to the bottom of the cup which is odd because I normally do not see this from a BCAA supplement which makes me suspect the SAA Matrix.. No more foam than your normal BCAA product, and the flavoring system is great as expected. Dosing I have done in many different ways: before working out, intra work out, post workout, during my off days etc. Normally I would use 1 scoop and 2 scoops depending on how hard I trained that day, but in most cases I was fasted and used this as a sustainer for endurance.

Effectiveness (9.2/10)
This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of this product, and then the Value is where it finishes on. So how well did this product work? Simply put "Excellent!" I am quite surprised and happy to see how well this product worked for me, because I have always been responsive to the normal BCAA products and was interested if this formula would pull it off being only 4g BCAA's in addition to having SAA which was a first for me. So what are we talking about on being effective? As Royal advertises, I had Enhanced Recovery which gave me less muscle soreness along with no symptoms of DOMS. Is being less sore enough for you to purchase this product? Well for some it would be, especially if you are working out again for the first time but us normal Gym Folks (Rats too) want it for more.. Do not worry, because you will get it! With the enhanced recovery you will know that the Muscle Repair has happened more effectively, which is due to this product but can be accomplished with a high protein and moderate carb intake.

I will say that I did notice a better and quicker recovery with this product than the normal BCAA product, which I feel is mostly due to the electrolytes giving me a more refreshed feeling in total body but I am not ready to rule out the SAA's at this point. Definitely the Glutamine and SAA blend are the icing on the cake, but any person working out sweating heavily as I have will appreciate the added Electrolytes!

Value (7.0/10)
Well we all knew this was coming, and in this case I would suggest that you hide your wallet because you may not be sore from your workouts but your wallet sure will be! Just like all the other Royal supplements we see the price is a problem, but how big of one? The product retails for $56 on Amazon and $62 on GNC for members, making it $1.86 a serving! Now if you are using BCAA's you should know it is an additional supplement to help you achieve more, but it is still "icing on the cake" and you can accomplish the same effect from having a proper diet. So does the added ingredients make it worth the high cost? I feel it doesn't sadly, but still it is a solid product just not high on value..

Overall (8.5/10)
I will honestly tell you (just like in all my reviews), that this product is indeed effective and worth trying but the cost is what hinders most users along with myself. I would love to run this supplement year round, but when your Recovery supplement costs more than your internet I think you have a problem. Simple fix would be for Royal to lower the price, or to even have the product sold at other online stores but then they would be competing with themselves with the Multi-Brand Supplement Group Nutrabolt. I would recommend this product, but be ready to pay for it because it is not cheap and definitely would not earn the "Lava is a cheapskate" seal of approval!

Thank you Royal for this product, I really did enjoy using it but for me to use it own my own dime it would need to be lower in price or more servings added to the existing price (45 servings?).
  • Raspberry Lemonade: 7/10


  • myuncker
    Rep: +12
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    November 4, 2015

    Great, Thanks for the feedback!

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