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Yeah Buddy Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  June 12, 2016

  • Good Value
  • Great Taste
  • Excellent Pumps
  • No Crash
  • Builds Muscle
  • Teacrine
  • Great Pumps
  • Solid Long Lasting Energy
  • Increased Energy
  • Use Of Dyes


What's up SR, another review here. Today I'll be talking about Ronnie Coleman's YEAH BUDDY Preworkout. Thank you for the TROOP Program and RCSS for giving me this opportunity. When I first saw Ronnie's product line I was pretty skeptical. I could name a handful of bodybuilders over the years to put their name on bunk products to just get a paycheck. They usually fail after a couple years or after putting out so many pitiful products they finally decide to make a change but are merely hanging on by a seam. Ronnie Coleman is my favorite all time BB for a handful of reasons. I am really stoked that he didn't follow in line with marketing his name for a paycheck on crappy products. Ronnie Coleman has always been a beast! That old video of him repping 220 lb dumbbell bench press to the 800 lb squat. He is the epitome of a bodybuilder. He has/had the strength, charisma, and the mutated freak monster look( I mean this in all respect, the physique is past godly it would be like the physique of a video game boss). And he was a cop to boot! With all of this being said If this product didn't measure up to the greatness of Ronnie I would gladly have smeared this all over saying how it was a shame to have soiled his legacy with this product and so forth. But guess what?! It measured up and than some. So much to the point that I don't think I'll buy another pre workout. I am going to test Cannibal Ferox to see how they compare but other than that unless Cannibal blows this out of the water by miles(I tried it with one workout I had a free sample and it didn't seem to be as mind blowing as I was told but can I base my opinion off of one workout? No so I shall investigate further.) I will stick with this product for a long time.

Type of Training:powerlifting and strength
I weigh 205-210
Poverty Bench:345 in gym
Bf%: Idgaf whatever will let me achieve 1500+ raw total with wraps
Diet:Carb Backloading
Occupation: Steelworker; picking up heavy parts, grinding, welding, operating overhead cranes, stabalizing the cranes, climbing up and down trucks
Goals: Stay at the same weight maybe lose five pounds and gain strength

Ingredient Profile

This ingredient profile is solid. It is extremely complete. It's not your typical 400mg+ caffeine stimulant pre that boasts about "insane energy". They have 420 mgs of time released caffeine which for me is something I need. ("You don't NEED caffeine Patrick." True but killing a workout than pulling an 11 hour shift makes it a lot easier.) Their pump ingredients seem to be underdosed yet something I don't understand is that the pumps were great even at 1 gram of citrulline and a half gram of agmatine so can I dock points for this? Probably not but in all honesty I'll get to why I couldn't give this a perfect 10. They added theacrine and choline for the focus. Theacrine is structurally similar to caffeine and choline seems to be pretty similar to theobromine compounds with its stimulatory effect and heightened focus. Synpherine is something they added that is structurally similar to ephedrine although not as potent(obvi.). Overall this is a great and complete profile. Absolute Home run. "But Patrick they don't have BCAA's!" "If I want bcaa's I'll drink bcaa's. If I want alpha juice to kill a workout I'll drink this."


OK HERE IT IS! The only complaint I have about this product is the taste. Sour berry wasn't something that I looked forward to. Okay back to ranting and raving about how great this was. The mixability was standard nothing wrong there. The use of dyes was obvious but it didn't stain my shaker cups or teeth so again not a big deal to me. Holy Moly an effective dose at one scoop!!!! Insane right? And I tell people we don't live in a perfect world. With my diet I would use this preworkout along with 25 grams of whey protein, Mct oil, and creatine.


The effectiveness of this was amazing! Beyond amazing. Absolute Alpha Juice. My focus was on point nonstop. Usually with my workout I have to constantly check my phone to make sure I am doing the right set/weight/reps or readjusting my pandora station. I would have tunnel vision as soon as it kicked in which took a little bit but I digress. I would literally look at my phone MAYBE three times. I would demolish the weights and the pumps! THE PUMPS! The pumps were astronomical. The energy carried me through whatever routine I was doing. Recently I have been doing volume training and a few preworkouts that I have had recently just don't do much for this. Yeah Buddy however I was able to push through volume training, heavy sets, accessory work, whatever with energy to spare. I would still be zooming into my work day til about my first break. So I would workout at noon-1/130 my first break is at 630 is when I would feel it taper off. With absolutely no crash! Again not the type of pump I would get from anything anabolic but enough of a pump I would feel my legs turn to concrete walking out after a great leg day. Honestly I broke through a ton of PR's on this. With the first time taking it was a powermeet I was really happy with my decision. Even during training I wouldn't even go for rep PR's I just did! The focus helped me succeed and again see nothing, think nothing, doubt nothing and just pump out rep after rep til I couldn't. I won't be changing this preworkout for a long long time.


$45 would be worth it for this product.... But I found it for a buck a serving!!!! Are you joking me? The value stacks up with everything so far! $30 for 30 servings is I feel what all pre's should be. Even with whatever new crazy ingredients they concoct it should stay at this value. Makes me wonder why less effective bordering on not effective at all are $10-20 more.

Side Effects

I would get the usual detoxifying effect that comes with caffeine and other stimulants. Was it unpleasant and explosive? Not at all. This is as far as I'll go with it.


My conclusion is this. Ronnie Coleman has created a preworkout that has been unmatched by any I have tried so far. He didn't soil his name and in fact those 8 Mr O titles along with this product line will cement his place in the bodybuilding world and further his legacy that which is unrivaled by ANYBODY! Yes Arnie had the aesthetics true. However when I think of bodybuilding, massive freakish monster size that artists have trouble drawing I think of Ronnie. When I think of an insane preworkout that I can count on I think of YEAAAHHHH BUDDDDYYYY! POPS OUT
  • Sour Berry: 5/10


  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    June 13, 2016

    Hey bro thanks for the review and real excited to hear it worked so well. Yeah Buddyyyyy!!

  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    June 13, 2016

    we will definitely be using this review in some ads

  • poppapat1503
    Rep: +1,177
    June 13, 2016

    Awesome! Thanks Bro!

  • willyb87
    Rep: +1,840
    June 15, 2016

    Good review, the only place I think the cannibal Ferox beats this is in taste that stuff Is downright amazing.

  • medinacirilo
    Rep: +1,095
    June 15, 2016

    Dude, that just happened!!! Big Ron gonna use your review! I still haven't tried this, but Ferox felt pretty mellow considering the amount of caffeine it contains

  • pancow
    Rep: +2,355
    June 17, 2016

    Great review bro. This sh*t is freaking legit and made my skin tingle like crazy every day of use. Even bought more of Yeah Buddy lol workout gets pretty intense if taken even on a semi-empty stomach.

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