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The Legend Stack has been reported as discontinued.

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The Legend Stack Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

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Growth Enhancers > Nutrient Repartitioners
The Legend Stack is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

The Legend Stack has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Growth Enhancers > Nutrient Repartitioners


Only 3 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  March 31, 2013

  • Strength Gains
  • Builds Muscle
  • Yeah Buddy!
  • Solid Pumps
  • Great Recovery
  • Awesome Sleep
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Very Spendy
  • Individual Products Not All Effective As Standalone
One final thanks going out to the guys over at the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for allowing me and several other ERs to run and review the entire product line. I pointed out my two favorite products from this line in previous reviews, and this will be my thoughts on the stack as whole. The "Legend Stack" contains 5 products in all: Myo-Blitz(pre-workout), Testogen XR (test booster), Stacked N.O. (pump), Pro-Antium (protein), and Resurrect PM (sleep aid).

-Testogen XR: About an hour after meal, an hour pre-workout.

-Stacked N.O.: 45 minutes pre-workout.

-Myo-Blitz: 30 minutes pre-workout.

-Pro-Antium: Postworkout

-Resurrect PM: 30-45 minutes before going to sleep.

Ingredients(8.5/10): Overall the products in this lineup are of high quality. My reviews of Testogen and Resurrect PM cover their profiles in more detail, so I will focus on the other products here in this review.

-Myo-Blitz is an interesting blend in a pre-workout, it's prop blend contains two main components: energy blend highlighted by taurine, caffeine, and schizandra. Next is a Pansion and Recovery blend highlighted with creatine, cirulline, hica, and astragin for enhanced amino absorbtion. I'm a little surprised to see beta-alanine not included in a pre-workout, but I understand the niche for a "tingle free" pre-workout in the market. Overall I give Myo-Blitz an 8 for profile.

-Stacked N.O. is pump enhancing product that feature two of the most proven ingredients for this, citrulline(1500mg) and agmatine(500mg), as well as a small prop blend of ornithine, hica, and astragin. As a stand alone not enough to make a big impact in terms of effective dose unless you take two servings, but if stacked with the other products in this stack makes it a great addition. Overall I give Stacked N.O. a 7 for ingredients.

Pro-Antium is a protein blend, mostly a concentrate which I am a little down on, but otherwise contains a good blend of whey isolates and hydrolysates, egg albumen, and micellar casein. Add to this 5g of creatine, 2.5g betaine, and 29g of protein a scoop and you got a great recovery blend. Pro-Antium gets a 9 for profile.

-Myo Blitz mixed well with only a small amount of undissolved powder, no clump. I give it an 9 for mixture.

-Pro-Antium mixes well for having such a comprehensive blend of proteins, it has a thick texture but no real problem with clumps. This also gets a 9 for mixture.

- Myo-Blitz: I must be the only person who tried this who didn't have a problem with the taste of Myo-Blitz. The "Sensacool Flavor Technology" gives it a minty aftertaste, which may seem weird with a fruit punch flavored product, but I didn't feel it was that bad and it was very tolerable to me. Overall I give it a 7 for taste.

-Pro-Antium: I got two bags of this, one vanilla and one chocolate. Typically I hate vanilla flavored anything, but this vanilla is not as bad. The chocolate flavor however was pretty good, it's actually a mixture of cookies and creme and chocolate which makes for a tasty treat after a hard workout. Vanilla gets a 7, chocolate gets a 9.


-Myo-Blitz: Myo-Blitz is a solid pre-workout. However, it's effects are amplified ten fold by stacking with the other Ronnie products. As a standalone it would be fair to adequate as far as pre-workouts go, but when stacked with Testogen and Stacked N.O. as Ronnie would say "YEAH BUDDY". On it's own, I would give it a 7 for effectiveness, the pre-workout stack effectiveness, 9.5.

-Stacked N.O.: The same can be said about the Stacked N.O. as the Myo-Blitz, you won't see as much effectiveness on it's own compared to using it in a stack with products also containing agmatine and citrulline. If you doubled the dose it would be a sufficient amount of both, but the bottle would run out quick. On it's own I give Stacked N.O. a 7 as well for effectiveness.

-Pro-Antium: I was pleased with the recovery and results I got from this protein. Good sustained release formula and the creatine and betaine make for a great combo postworkout. Pro-Antium gets a 9 for effectiveness.

-Myo-Blitz: On average, you are look at anywhere from 35-40 bucks for a tub. About $1.16-$1.20 per serving. If you are going to try this out I highly suggest saving a little more to also buy the Testogen XR to get the most out of it. Value is a 7 for this.

-Stacked N.O.: 36 dollars for 30 servings at 3 pills a pop. $1.20 per serving. That's a lot to throw out there personally for me for something I don't consider vital in a pump enhancing product. To anyone using the Myo-Blitz and Testogen combo, this would be the proverbial cherry on top. I give this a 6 for value.

-Pro-Antium: This is the most reasonably priced product in the whole line. About 55 dollars for a tub that will give you 50 servings, or $1.10 a serving. Considering all that you get with this protein, it is quite the deal. I give it a 9 for value.

So all in all when the smoke settles and the dust clears, the Ronnie Coleman lineup is a highly effective and comprehensive stack. It produced in all aspects and areas, energy and focus in the gym, pumps and strength increases, great recovery and sleep. It's a very well put together stack, anyone who has some money to invest in a complete stack should look into this lineup. I had some of the best workouts of my life while on these products. All the products do a great job of complimenting one another to make it a well rounded stack, even if the individual products themselves aren't the best in their respective field. Overall I give it a solid 9.5 overall grade and a thumbs up.

  March 6, 2013

  • Strength Gains
  • Usa Manufactured
  • Builds Muscle
  • Burns Fat
  • Yeah Buddy!
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Underdosed
  • Too Expensive
"Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder... don't nobody wanna lift this heavy ass weight!"

Those words from Ronnie Coleman constantly rang in my ears for years, and for the month of February, I was lucky enough to have his entire line of supplements coursing through my veins.

A big thank you (yet again) is in order for everyone over at Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for hooking some ER Members up with the "Legend Stack" +1. The original "Legend Stack" is Pro-Antium Protein Complex, Myo-Blitz Pre Workout, Testogen-XR Test Booster, and Resurrect-PM Sleep Aid. Luckily for us, Stacked-NO Nitric Oxide Support was also thrown into the mix.

I'll give a quick overview of the entire stack, the good and the bad, and a Cliff Notes synopsis of each separate supplement. Like Clippy said, I don't want this review to resemble War and Peace lol.

Overall Impressions:

The fact that I got around $300 worth of free supplements from arguably the most badass bodybuilder to ever live is pretty much the only justification this stack needs.

All of the products cGMP certified and the labels all feature Ronnie flexing menacingly. Win-win.

Every product also features Senza-Cool flavoring technology, which was a bit strange. It made everything minty and gave the supps a "cool" aftertaste. If you've ever tried peppermint water, that's exactly how it felt. Odd, but it grows on you.

Inside the gym, there was nothing but progress to be made while on the stack. I posted these four-week progress numbers in my Myo-Blitz review, but they are worth repeating:

Weight: 176 to 174 (-2 lbs)
Waist: 33 3/8 to 33 1/8 (-1/4 inch)
Chest: 40 1/8 to 40 3/4 (+5/8 inch)
Bench Press: 195 x 9 to 200 x 10
Barbell Rows: 195 x 7 to 200 x 9
Romanian Deadlifts: 225 x 12 to 245 x 14
Leg Press: 380 x 13 to 405 x 13
Pullups: 6 to 9
Squats: 280 x 8 to 285 x 8

Stronger and leaner. You can't ask for much more in return. I was actually trying to gain weight while running these supplements, but I was able to trim some size off my waist while I was pushing heavier and heavier iron.

Outside the gym, there were a few pros and cons. The good was obviously the physical improvements that come with a bigger chest and smaller waist. I also looked more vascular throughout the day as opposed to running no supplements.

Resurrect-PM improved my sleep quality slightly, but I also found myself dreaming less. The alpha feeling definitely kicked in thanks to the DAA in the Testogen-XR, which was both good and bad, but mostly good.

On the flip side, I had some severe stomach issues near the end of my run with the stack. I chalk this up to Myo-Blitz, as many others have experienced similar stomach problems with it.

Testogen-XR also made me break out pretty bad, and like I said, that alpha feeling can be good and bad. Some days, things didn't feel quite right and I would get angry pretty easily at small things. Nothing you can't keep in check with a little self control.

Pro-Antium Protein Complex

- The Goods: Two 12-serving bags, one of Chocolate Cookie and one of Vanilla Wafer.
- Dosing: 1 scoop either with pre or postworkout meal (lasted 24 workouts)
- Highlights: 190 calories, 5 g fat, 10 g carbs (1g sugar), 29 g protein (complex), 5 g creatine, 2.5 g betaine
- Pros: Nearly 30 g of mixed protein for sustained amino release. Recovery was on par with any other postworkout protein I've taken, maybe slightly better thanks to the creatine and betaine. Micronized creatine is a plus, and betaine enhances its absorption, so I like the synergy there. Both flavors taste good, but I preferred the Vanilla. Both include real cookie pieces, which definitely add to the flavor.
- Cons: A little high in the fat department, but at least they are mostly MCTs, Omegas, and healthy fats. The mixability suffered a lot when mixing with 2% milk, and it wasn't much better in water. It would stick to the sides almost every time. Small gripe with not having Creapure as the creatine, and the amino content is a bit low (only 3.5 g of BCAA. Hydowhey, while not a perfect comparison, has 8.8 g BCAA). I like that the blend only includes whey, milk, and casein components, but whey concentrate is the first one listed. Would've rather had a blend built around an isolate or hydrolysate.
- Value: $26 for a bag like I got, so $2.17 per scoop. The big tub is $63 for 50 servings, so $1.26 per scoop. The bags aren't cost effective, but the big tub sure is.
- Verdict: I like how complete the profile is with the added creatine and betaine. If you get the big tub, you can afford to take it on off days too. I recommend this for anyone looking to maintain or add weight and strength. I'll give this one a solid 8.

Stacked N.O.

- The Goods: One bottle of 90 caps
- Dosing: 6 caps (double dose) with pre workout meal (lasted 15 workouts)
- Highlights: 3 g Citrulline, 1 g Agmatine
- Pros: Stacked with Myo-Blitz and Testogen-XR, I got sick pumps during all my workouts. I would take these an hour preworkout and notice more veins popping out just from walking into the gym. The pump never became "painful". It also helped me attain a more vascular look throughout the day.
- Cons: You have to take double the dose just to get any appreciable value of the ingredients, and even then the Citrulline is on the very low end. This NEEDS to be stacked, hence the name. Losses points for not being a viable stand alone. Also may be a lot more pills than people generally want to take in one sitting (though it wasn't a problem for me). It also doesn't last long at the six cap dose.
- Value: Found it at for $40. Three cap dose = $1.33 per workout for 30 workouts. Six cap dose (recommended) = $2.67 per workout for 15 workouts.
- Verdict: It's a nice add on, but nothing more. For the price and length of the cycle, I probably wouldn't buy it. Instead, look for a preworkout that already contains a good amount of N.O. boosters. Have to give this one a 6.

Myo-Blitz (for a more in-depth look at MB, check my review:

- The Goods: 1 tub of Fruit Punch Fusion, 30 servings
- Dosing: 2 scoops immediately preworkout (lasted 15 workouts)
- Highlights: 12 grams of active ingredients in two scoops, featuring Creatine Gluconate, Citrulline, Aminos, Leucic Acid (HICA), Citrus Aurantium Extract for increased thermogenesis, and Astragin to enhance nutrient absorption.
- Pros: Energy was phenomenal. Mildly crashed more often than not, but the improved acuity, energy, and mood during my workout was worth it. Contributed to a great pump without fail. The two pounds I lost lend some credibility to adding a thermo to a pre workout, and Astragin sounds awesome in my opinion. I have no clue why other companies aren't using it more given that it enhances vitamin and nutrient uptake, as well as amino absorption by 67%.
- Cons: Tastes funky, especially with the minty cool aftertaste. It's like fruit punch chemically cough syrup, and then minty. It does grow on you a bit. Losses points for being a proprietary blend, and I also don't like that it doesn't include Beta Alanine to help with muscular fatigue. My main problem with Myo was how it affected my stomach. Strange pains and long trips in the bathroom = no bueno. Granted, I was taking two scoops when the recommendation is only one. Also, this may sound petty, but I don't like that there's 16 calories in two scoops.
- Value: 30 serving tubs go for $38. That's $1.27 per workout using one scoop, and $2.54 per workout using two. Decent value either way.
- Verdict: As long as your taste buds and stomach will allow it, two scoops of Myo-Blitz make for one helluva workout. I strongly recommend it for those who can handle it thanks to its fat burning properties and how it contributes to your energy and pump. Myo grabs an 8.


- The Goods: 1 tub of Orange Creamsicle, 30 servings
- Dosing: 1 scoop with Myo-Blitz on workout days, 1 scoop with breakfast on off days (lasted 30 days)
- Highlights: 3.12 g DAA, 1 g Agmatine
- Pros: Along with Stacked NO and Myo-Blitz, this completes the sick pump trifecta. On off days, I would take this before cardio and could feel improved circulation. Contributed to the all-day vascularity I experienced. You can definitely feel the DAA kick in around week two. If you can channel that shift in mood into aggression into the gym like I did, then it's a plus. Pump/test-boost blend resembles Test Powder; both products are winners in my book. Tasted and mixed just fine, even though I wasn't expecting orange with a minty aftertaste to taste good.
- Cons: Compared to Test Powder, this doesn't have any built in estrogen blockers, so you'd have to pony up some extra dough if you wanted one. The additional 2.422 g prop blend is interesting, but there's no telling how much of what is even in there. I doubt it contributed much to the effectiveness of the product. And like I said earlier, if you let the alpha feeling of this test booster consume you, then you could be spending a lot of your time mad at life.
- Value: $49 for 30 servings, meaning each day of the month will set you back $1.63. That's a cheaper per serving value than Test Powder, and you also get more days out of it.
- Verdict: This was probably my favorite product in the stack. It increased my strength, aggression, and pump in the gym. If you can deal with the minor side effects, this is a solid test booster for an even better price. Testogen gets a 9.


- The Goods: 1 tub of Blue Razz Dream, 25 servings
- Dosing: 1 scoop before bed, 5 nights a week (lasted 5 weeks)
- Highlight: 1 g GABA, 1 g Arginine, 1 g Mucuna Pruriens, Creatine Gluconate, HICA
- Pros: This improved sleep efficiency, meaning I felt better on less sleep. Never got the sleep hangover or morning grogginess. The taste is weird in a good way, I liked it a lot. Turns your teeth blue but whatever. I like that it includes creatine, this is the first sleep aid I've noticed that. Noticed crazy vascularity after taking this too, but that happens to me at night anyways even when I don't take anything. It's just much more pronounced with the Resurrect. I also like that it's a powdered sleep aid, a nice changeup from all the pills.
- Cons: The scheduling was strange. 5 days on 2 days off is just unconventional, and even though I didn't miss any days, there's definitely the potential for you to forget. I noticed I didn't dream as often with Resurrect, and if I'm not mistaken dreams indicate more REM cycles, which is the recuperative part of sleep. I also feel like other sleep aids I've taken have worked better.
- Value: $38 for a tub, and with the wacky scheduling, the value is $7.60 per week. It would be $1.52 per day, but you don't take it every day. Better value than most powdered sleep aids, but most pill form sleep aids cost way less per serving.
- Verdict: Resurrect did its job, but nothing above and beyond the call of duty. If you have the cash, give it a shot. But this gets an average 7.

If I had to rank the products, Testogen, Myo-Blitz, Pro-Antium, Resurrect, and finally Stacked NO. Averaging out all of the scores gets the whole stack 7.6 for an overall score. I'll round up to 8 because I'm a nice guy.

As far as total effectiveness, I have to go with a 9 here. I still can't get over the fact I was eating +3000 calories a day and only lifting 4 times a week and was still able to gain strength while losing weight.

Value is another story. I'm not even sure buying all five products at the same time is feasible for most people. Adding up the cheapest prices I found still totals up to $228 before tax and shipping.

I really don't know how to gauge value for a stack, but considering it will set anyone back nearly $300, I wouldn't feel right giving it anything higher than a 6 for value. That's not to say you don't get what you pay for, that's just a lot to commit to supplements at one time.

YEAH BUDDY! All told, I'm super stoked I was able to run all five supplements for a full month on the company's dime. If you have the cash to do so, I strongly recommend you pick up a Legend Stack to see what I'm talking about.

If you want a more in-depth look at my experience with the RCSS Legend Stack, check out my log entries from pages 19 to 24:

  February 26, 2013

  • Strength Gains
  • Solid Daa Product
  • Protein Tastes Great
  • Usa Manufactured
  • Builds Muscle
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Underdosed
  • Too Expensive
A big thanks goes out to the folks over at the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. They were nice enough to provide some of the experts with their entire "Legend Stack". As most of you know this is Ronnie Coleman's personal line he is promoting. The stack consists of 4 products, Pro-Antium (Protein Blend), Testogen-XR(DAA Based test booster), Resurrect-PM (GABA Sleep supplement) and Myo-Blitz (pre-workout). Since I ran this stack all at the same time, it makes the most sense to review it as a single stack.

How I ran it:
Pro-Antium - (1 scoop) - Post-Workout exclusively
Testogen-XR - (1 scoop) - Preworkout with Myo-Blitz on workout days, morning on off days
Resurrect-PM - (1 scoop) - 45 minutes before bed
Myo-Blitz - (1 scoop) - 30 minutes prior to workout

Ingredients 7.75: The ingredient profile for the stack overall was solid. I did enjoy seeing that all the products were manufactured in the USA at GMP facilitates, this isn't to be understated. I am always delighted that companies chose to take the quality approach rather than the cheap approach. More specifically, I am not going to examine each of the product's ingredient, but I will highlight some of the key ingredients for each of the products.

Pro-Antium - 29g of a protein blend, 5g of creatine and 2.5g betine. However the amino profile was lacking compared to similar blends with near 30g of protein.

Testogen-XR - Effective 3.2g DAA, 1g Agmatine

Resurrect-PM - GABA, proprietary blend

Myo-Blitz - proprietary blend and underdosed, HICA, creatine gluconate however it has No Beta Alanine!

Overall, I am happy that some of the ingredients that are fully disclosed also are dosed at effective amounts. However, the proprietary blends disappoint me and having a more fully disclosed product could enhance the marketing from my perspective.

Mixing 9: No issue with any of the mixes. No clumping.

Taste 7: As most of you know I do not really rate on taste, so I am going to keep this short. All products have what they cal as SensaCool Flavor Technology. All of the products have different flavors, but the SensaCool flavoring appears to have given this a "cool" "smooth" taste. It's not the best, but not the worst. However, the Pro Antium did taste wonderful, all the other products were just so-so.

Effectiveness 7.25: When rating effectiveness, I am rating this on the entire stack's performance and not individual products. However each product was independently rated in conjunction to how well it worked synergistic with the overall stack. Overall, I would have to give this a thumbs in the middle. The ingredients are solid, sourced well and effectively dosed (minus the proprietary blend pieces), however you will see some negatives also exist. Individual product breakdowns below:

Pro-Antium - 8 - This protein blend with added creatine and betine tasted great. The amino profile was subpar given the designer status this product has. The effectiveness however was on par with other similar protein blends. No significant digestive issues. No real difference in soreness between this and other protein post workout products that included creatine.

Testogen-XR - 9 - This supplement is very similar to other DAA blends (such as USP Labs Test Powder). The main difference between this and TestPowder was I did not experience "MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE" in the bathroom every single time. This was a welcome change. Getting back to the effectiveness, this is effectively dosed DAA and I did notice strength gains in weeks 3-4 of using the product. The 1g of agmatine provided solid pumps in the gym for sure. Solid product with no terrible bathroom sides. Big plus.

Resurrect-PM - 9 - Resurrect was perhaps my favorite supplement of the stack. This knocked me out with 30 minutes of taking it. Sleep was solid and I never woke up in a fog/haze. Waking up I felt refreshed and recovery appear to be aided.

Myo-Blitz - 5.75 - Myoblitz was a a bit of a letdown. The total dose was 6.2g and did not include any beta alanine or BCAAs. Additionally, the minimal blend does not appear to effectively dose the creatines and citrulline well enough. The energy was decent, but was not on par with other similar pre-workouts.

Value 6.75: Given that this stack runs $320 retail at GNC and is almost exclusive to only GNC and Ronnie Coleman's own website, it is priced extremely high. With your gold card at GNC and potential sales it could get knocked down to 220-240 or so, but still that is a steep price to pay for a 30 day stack of 4 products. Wish it was a bit more aggressively priced.

Conclusion 7: There are many things to like about the new Ronnie Coleman line. The USA based manufacturing, the effectively dosed ingredients in some products, and the taste of Pro Antium. However, the proprietary blends, subpar amino profile of the protein and the very high price tag do detract from the overall rating. Like I said, individually the Testogen-XR and the Resurrect-PM were my favorites, those are winners separate from the stack. The Myo-Blitz was underwhelming and the Pro-Antium needs a better amino profile.

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