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Testogen XR has been reported as discontinued.

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Testogen XR Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

  August 21, 2014

  • Builds Muscle
  • Taste Very Good Mixes Well.
  • Effective Test Booster
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Massive Bathroom Issues
I am back after a long, dormant period of not reviewing supplements. A lot has changed including the site layout. I hope to provide you with insight and maybe even a few laughs (especially with my experience with this supplement). Let's get into it...

Taste: 10/10
I just finished up my 30 day tub of Testogen and I will severely miss it in the morning. Strawberry Lemonade was a nice refreshing nice way to start off the day. As far as dissolving goes, you will not find anything better than this DAA. A couple swirls in a cup with a spoon and you are good to go. You may get a tiny little bit of sediment, but only a light dusting that you can swallow whole.

Effectiveness: 8.5/10
My test levels have been all over the place lately. It's really hard to pinpoint Testogen's role in my overall test increase. Over the period that I consumed it I experienced muscle gain and a better lifting experience overall. The ingredient profile is much more promising than any other DAA product IMO.

Value: 5/10
As much as I liked the product I still preferred AI's DAA better. Much more simple formula but much less agonizing side effects (which I will explain earlier). AI's DAA is also a lot more servings.

Libido: N/A
My libido has been thrown off by other products so I don't want to misinform.

Side effects: 2/10
I will keep this as mild as I can for how I feel about what this product did to my O-ring.
Almost as perfectly timed as a train, an hour after consuming Testogen I had to be seat-belted down to a toilet with a weighted vast to keep from blasting off planet Earth into orbit. I started calling it "nuclear reactor dookies" or "peeing out my butt". I would be sitting in my office going through paperwork...BANG...I have 20 seconds to get to the nearest restroom or suffer a soupy death. There were times while I was clench-walking to the bathroom I thought even the slightest misstep and the Colorado river would project out from behind me. If you were sitting in the stall next to me you'd be thinking, "Is this guy sitting down to pee right now." When I was finally done unleashing anything that has ever been in my intestines it looked like Jackson Pollock finished his most recent painting.

Summary: 8.5/10
A very good tasting and functional product that will help you obtain your goals, but(t) at what cost.

Hope this helps.


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