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Stacked NO Powder Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

  December 14, 2015

  • Muscle Fullness
  • Good Value
  • Good Pump
  • Good Taste
  • Proven Ingredients
  • Bad Taste
  • Artificial Taste
Hi SR team, time for another review, this time for RCSS's pump product, Stacked N.O. I was lucky enough to pick this up on a BOGO so I tried 2 different flavours, and i'm glad I did, as you'll see in the mixing/dosage section below.


Being a pump PWO product, this will be a more lengthy review. I have decided to take 2015 completely off stimmed pre-workouts, so i've been able to try a lot of pump products, and find ones that I like and dont like so much. Not taking any stimulants means I dont get to test these pump products out stacked with stimmed products, but I shall do that at another stage. My workouts consist of a lot of Mike Rashid/CT Fletcher overtraining style stuff at the moment, training 5 days a week. Obviously with those types of workouts getting a pump isnt too much of a problem due to the volume, so to be a contender as a good pump product it's going to have to go all out and above what I would normally experience in a pump product.


The ingredient profile is nothing special really. The lack of creatine is good, I supplement with my own creapure anyway. At 2 scoops (which I needed to use to get the results out of this product) you get 3g of Citrullene Malate and 1g of Agmatine. That's OK, but later on I found myself adding in another 3g of citrullene malate to continue to get results. What is the real deal is the catalyst blend, which includes Astragin which helps with absorption. I dont think it's a substitute for under-dosing ingredients, but it does help with making an effective dose more effective in my opinion. There's also some Niacin and B-12 in there. All in all the ingredient profile is solid, but nothing amazing, so a solid but not amazing score.

TASTE/MIXING/DOSAGE - Strawberry Watermelon 9.5/10, Cherry Limeade 6/10

I'm glad I got 2 different flavours with the BOGO because it really showed me that just getting 1 tub sometimes isnt enough to review effectively. The strawberry was a dream, nice, light, powdery, mixed in fine and never had an issue with grit or lumps. The Cherry Limeade on the other hand, was lumpy in the tub when I opened it, and only got worse. I use an electric stick mixer to mix up my PWO's, and it still took some effort to get all of this dissolved in properly. In terms of taste, I could drink the Strawberry all day but I was well and truly over the Cherry Limeade by the time I got to the end of the tub.

I required 2 scoops from the outset to get results out of this product. By the end of my run of the 2 tubs I was needing to add in an extra 3g citrullene malate to continue to get pumps, and I felt the effectiveness diminishing through the tub. Perhaps cycling with another pump PWO would have reduced my tolerance to the product. I would take 2 scoops of Stacked N.O. 20-30mins before working out and I never saw a need to waver from that dosing protocol.

Also, we've been through this before, but I dont see the need for any product to have dyes in it.


This product will give you a pump at 2 scoops. The pump will be consistent, it will pop up after 1-2 sets and remain there for your workout. I never had a painful pump, nor did I have exploding veins coming out of my skin, but more an overall swole look instead. Unfortunately, I felt the pump was short-lived after my workout finished, unlike some other products that seem to hold the pump for longer. When I got home if I ate first before my shower on arm day I wouldnt have any issues washing myself, whereas with the top products my tris or bis would be burning and still pumped up, making it difficult to wash certain parts of my body.

I didnt feel I gained any focus or mental edge when using Stacked N.O. but then again it's not designed for that. And finally I didnt feel a crash when using Stacked N.O.

VALUE - 9/10

I picked this up on BOGO for $30 for 2 tubs. That's solid value for 15 2 scoop servings, although not outstanding. On BOGO you would never feel ripped off on this one and I would gladly buy it again with my own money if I wanted to cycle back around to it.


Nothing to report here. No cramps, trips to the toilet or anything like that. The dyes in the product (which I dont like) stained my shaker cup a bit, which isnt ideal, but something I can live with.


A solid without being an outstanding pre-workout pump product. At 2 scoops I felt a significant pump for the duration of my workout, but unfortunately this did not last for long once the workout was finished. With no side-effects and results, if on sale I would gladly buy this product again. I would recommend Stacked N.O. for someone looking for a pump product that is solid without being earth-shattering and vein-popping. It's a good product to try for a tub if you want to cycle off stims for a bit.
  • Cherry Limeade: 6/10
  • Strawberry Watermelon: 9/10


  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    December 15, 2015

    Thanks for the review bro

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