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Stacked NO Powder Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  August 14, 2015

  • Muscle Fullness
  • Good Value
  • Good Pump
  • Increased Endurance
  • Good Taste
  • Proven Ingredients
  • Directed Usage Was Not Necessary


Thank you to the TROOPER program and RCCS for participating. Apologies to both for how long it too me to get through this product. Summer has been very busy! With things finally winding down I have been back in the gym 4 days a week, battling through the soreness after taking 2 weeks off for my honeymoon. I started running Stacked-N.O. right away and had a pretty nice experience with it.

Ingredient Profile

Simple profile here, which I really like. Sometimes more is less and a lot of companies seem to be missing that memo lately. As samazon and kalans have shown, quite a few products don't have the right amount of ingredients in a scoop. I'm not sure why this is so prevalent, but now I am weighing everything too. This weighed in at 4g, right on target so you know you're getting what's on the label. It's powered by 2 main proven ingredients, L-Citrulline and Agmatine and they are given in grams. I like that the main ingredients are not in a prop blend. I wish there was a little more Citrulline though. Even at 2 scoops (3g) it's a little low, but the Agmatine is well dosed (1g). This is the first product I have taken with AstraGin (for nutrient absorption) and I think it did seem to help everything work a little better than it would normally because despite being a little bit under dosed it worked quite well. The HICA and Ornithine seem to be under dosed, in my opinion, and I'm not convinced they added anything to the product.


I had Strawberry Watermelon, which is a flavor I have never had before. It was pretty spot on to what it sounded like, some kind of weird fruity amalgamation. It wasn't bad, but I would try something different next time. It had that sickly sweet artificial sweetener aftertaste. It was totally drinkable though, no problem.


It mixed up perfect.


Since it mixed so easy dosing was simple. For most of the I did one scoop sometime during the day, and one scoop mixed into my pre workout.


So I tried running this a couple different ways. At first I just stacked 1 scoop with a pre workout. This worked really well for me. Since the pre workout already had some pump ingredients in it, the Stacked-N.O. gave my pump the push from okay, to really nice. I had solid, consistent pumps with every workout, even though many times I was not pushing a lot of reps. As with any good pump product, I feel it helped my endurance, enabling me to hit a few more reps than normal and get more work done. I really feel it helped with with squats and deads, where cardio becomes a factor. Getting more blood to my muscles helped me tremendously there. I think it also aided my recovery time between sets because I was ready to go a bit quicker than normal. I didn't notice much in the way of increased vascularity, but I'm not really lean enough to probably see that effect. I'm sure if I was leaner veins would have been poppin'. About half way through I decided to take it as directed, which was one scoop during the day and one scoop pre workout. On off days I usually didn't take it because I was almost always out of town on off days and don't bring everything with me. Finishing out the bottle like this I can honestly say that taking that first dose was a waste. I didn't notice anything better than I did just taking 1 scoop with my pre workout. I wouldn't bother with it like this again.


Most places that had this were around $30 regular price. $1 per serving is a decent price for most good supplements out there.


I think it's a great value. If you run it 1 scoop stacked with a pre workout that will get you 30 workouts for $30. Can't argue with that. If you dose it twice a day, or are using it as a stand alone pre workout where you are taking 2 scoops, then you get into $2 per serving territory and the value would drop considerably! My rating is based on the way I would use it as mentioned earlier.

Side Effects



This was a product that seemed to live up to more than the sum of it's parts. Although a bit under dosed on Citrulline, it still performed really well for me. As a stand alone pre workout I don't think it's going to do the trick, but as part of a stack it works great. Overall, I had a great experience with Stacked-N.O. and would use it again without hesitation. Well done Ronnie!

Thanks for reading!

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