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Resurrect PM has been reported as discontinued.

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Resurrect PM Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  January 19, 2016

  • Quick Recovery
  • Well Balanced Sleep Aid Ingredients
  • Deep Rem Sleep
  • Too Tired In The Morning
  • Tired/drowsy In The Morning


I would first like to say thank you to the SR TROOPS and big Ronnie Coleman for making this product available for review.
This was a tough one for me to rate. For a product such as this, I look for better sleep quality sleep, and in turn better recovery. Although this delivered in those aspects, I'll explain below why I gave it the rating I did.

Ingredient Profile

First off, props for listing everything in full doses. I'll post a picture in the review of the label, so I won't go to in depth, but I think everything is dosed pretty solid. I thought it was interesting they included aminos and a "leucine trifecta". Giving the muscles a little something to feed on while you sleep is never a bad thing I suppose.


I had strawberry watermelon, and I thought it was great. Tasted exactly how it sounds. Mixability was average, though on par with other similar products I've used. A little settling if you don't chug it. Just add an extra swish of water at the end and you're good to go. No issues here.
First off the label recommends 5 days on 2 off. The actual dosing for me was tricky. Started with a half scoop, and got not much. Upped it to one scoop the next day, and it was far to heavy. I slept through my alarm, which is very obnoxiously loud, for 20 minutes. And I never do that. I found about 3/4 scoop was all I needed.


This is were it got interesting. Like I mentioned earlier, what I mainly look for in a sleep aid is better sleep, and better recovery. I'm prepping for a meet, and as the weight gets heavier I feel I need more rest days in between workouts. This definitely added in that, and i had noticeable improvement in recovery when I took this, which I am missing now that it's been gone. The problem was most days while I did feel I recovered and slept well, I just had the worst sleep hangover, which I'll get into below.
I don't feel this really helped me fall asleep, but I don't usually have a problem with that anyway unless I took a PWO to late at night.
This did deliver for me, I just had a hard time finding an effective dose that was worth the side effect of being shot all day


This is decent value in my opinion. You can get 25 servings for $25.99 on Amazon, so just over a dollar a serving. If you can get away with less than a scoop like I did, the value only goes up. I think it's fairly priced.

Side Effects

This is the real draw back for me. I thought I've had a sleep hangover from other similar products, but nothing like this. I literally could not wake up. I took until about 12-1 in the afternoon to actually be fully alert, which was miserable, and I drive a truck, so you can see how this could be a problem. I really struggled to finish this, because even though it worked wonders, it just wasn't worth being half asleep all day. I also found the I had a hard time falling asleep for almost week after I stopped using this, which is rare for me, so worth noting. I'm sure this is why it's recommended you take 2 days off.


Overall, I don't think I'd look to this one again. There are other similar products out there that don't leave me tired all day. However I do know a lot of people like this product, and I've enjoyed other RCSS products, so this could just be an off one for me. It does work well in terms of recovery, so give it a go if your looking for something new, but don't be surprised if you don't wake up the next day.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: 8/10


  • ODAAT365
    Rep: +1,279
    January 19, 2016

    Good review, but I'm confused why you gave it a green smiley yes, if you wouldn't take it again? One would think you would go with a no, or perhaps a maybe if you think it could be a good product for others, but just not for you.

  • killaz5
    Rep: +402
    January 19, 2016

    I gave it the green because it was effective, it just came at a cost most nights. I know others whose opinions I respect enjoyed this product, and I've enjoyed other RCSS products, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    January 20, 2016

    hey bro thanks for the review. yeah sometimes its too strong at a full scoop for some people which is why we recommend starting at a half scoop and working your way up. maybe we need to do a better job on the directions. thanks for the help yeah buddy!

  • ODAAT365
    Rep: +1,279
    January 20, 2016

    Understood killaz, thanks for clarifying!

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