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Resurrect PM has been reported as discontinued.

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Resurrect PM Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

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  January 13, 2016

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Back at again with a review for Ronnie Coleman Signature Series' Resurrect PM. This is a sleep/recovery product aimed at helping you attain a deeper REM sleep during the night, which in theory, will help you produce HGH, recovery more quickly, and wake up feeling more refreshed. I took this in conjunction with RCSS' Testogen XR, and for the first couple of weeks a fat burner. For the first couple of weeks I was on a cut and the last 2 or so weeks I was on a bulking/strength routine. For any comparison sake, I am 34 years old, 5'9" and during this run I started at 174 lbs and ended at 170 lbs. I have been lifting for about 14 years now and have used a lot of sleep and recovery aids before, my favorites being MassHGH and PowerFULL. I have used the old formula of this product so I can provide some insight on how it compares to the old formula. On to the review!

Ingredient Profile


I have attached the supplement facts for the new formula to review. Overall the formula is similar to the old version, except they have taken out the creatine (good call) and added some aminos (good call). As with Testogen XR, I can tell RCSS has listened to some consumers, did research etc., and are actively improving their formulas which I applaud. The profile starts off with some vitamins, being B, C, and E is some pretty standard doses. These vitamins are always welcome as they are a great help to our everyday health and well-being. From there, the profile is split into three categories: Sleep and relaxation, Aminos, and ZMA.

ZMA: Not too much to say here, ZMA has been around for awhile and this blend of zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins has been shown to provide restful sleep as well as maybe provide some testosterone support as well. This can be pretty cheap as a standalone but I like that they included it.

Aminos: This is where they changed the formula a little bit. Here we have a full gram of arginine, which is in quite a few other sleep aids and helps relaxation, etc. With this, also 500 mg of some EAAs like Theanine for relaxation as well, and some BCAAs valine and isoleucine. The star of the show here though is the Leucine supplementation. We have 500 mg of regular leucine in instamino form, but then 1.5 grams of ActivTR Leucine which is supposed to be time released and be ingested into your system throughout the night, probably to prevent any muscle break down while fasting. Either way, it's 2 grams of leucine with some EAAs which is a nice tough, even if in some lower doses, to help your body repair the breakdown at night. Top this all off with some HICA, a leucine metabolite that prevents break down and this is a nice little addition to a sleep product.

Sleep and Relaxation: Three ingredients in total, all well known to the sleep game. A healthy dose of Mucuna Pruriens at 1000 mg, and then GABA and Phenibut at 500 mg a piece. All of these are ingredients that are supposed to help you achieve a much deeper, more restful sleep resulting in more REM sleep, and thus HGH production. With the better sleep, comes better recovery and feeling better every morning. Phenibut is actually a version of GABA, which supposedly is much better at crossing the blood-brain barrier and more effective. A lot of research has shown that it may become habit forming however, and thus probably the dosing protocols for this supplement which I will discuss later.



Definitely some pros and cons here.

Pros: Cherry limeade flavor tasted great, mixed very well in just a little bit of water (I hate drinking a lot before bed).

Cons: Dosing says you should use 5 days of the week, two days off. This is most likely because of the Phenibut, to prevent any one becoming dependent on this product. I feel as though this is a pain, as it leaves a lot up to the user. Which 5 days? Would I get more out of this product when I take this on big lifts? In reality it probably doesn't make much of a difference but I chose to take this Mon-Fri, weekends off because I can sleep in on those days most of the time anyhow. I usually do legs on the weekend though and thats where you start doubting yourself regarding dosing. Like I said it probbaly doesn't make much of difference in the long run but other products are pop 4 pills before bed everyday and be done, dosing it definitely more complicated than other. Oh, and there's dyes. Boo.



Overall, this product really worked for me. On night I took this I did achieve much deeper sleep as I did have much more vivid dreams. My fiance even asked me one morning "What were you dreaming last night? You woke me up talking in your sleep." So, the vivid dreams were definitely there. I was still tired when I got up, but once done with all the usual morning prep, etc and at work I did feel great. Definitely focused, clear, etc.

As far as recovery goes in terms of DOMS and soreness, it's hard to tell. I was using NutraBio IntraBlast during some of this run, and I can tell you by upcoming review of that product, it REALLY helped with DOMS. But my muscle soreness never lingered longer than I thought it should, nor did it intensify worse than what I expected. I would say Resurrect PM was effective to some degree in helping my muscles recover, which a good night's sleep and some aminos should do.



This product worked for me, so it has value right there. It costs anywhere in the $32-35 range and has 25 servings. That number of servings is a little weird, but if you follow the 5 days on 2 days off protocol it'll get you over a month so the value is actually pretty good on this product.

Side Effects


I'm happy to report no ill side effects such as grogginess, dependency, etc.


This is a very nice product. It worked for me in giving me a great nights sleep and I believe helped in my muscle recovery. Is it my favorite sleep product? I can't say that, as when you do all the pros and cons, dosing, etc. I think some are just as effective without the hassle. However, RCSS does frequently have some nice deals on retailer sites and if it were to pop up I wouldn't hesitate to snatch it up again.


  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    January 15, 2016

    thanks for this review bro i will look into maybe putting some different dosing instructions based off of what you said. yeah buddy!!

  • Vaughn
    Rep: +3,382
    January 15, 2016

    Enjoyed it very much, looming forward to trying out the new RCSS products as well...thanks for participating at SR Ron!

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