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Resurrect PM has been reported as discontinued.

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Resurrect PM Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  September 15, 2015

  • Relaxed
  • Quick Recovery
  • Well Balanced Sleep Aid Ingredients
  • Deep Restful Sleep
  • Deep Rem Sleep
  • Uniterrupted Sleep
  • No Sleep Hangover
  • Minor Clumps And Residue
  • Difficult To Scoop
Here's a review of Ronnie Coleman's Signature Series (RCSS) sleep aid; Resurrect-PM. First off, big thanks to the SR Trooper program for all the product opportunities to review, and BIG thanks to the Big Ronnie himself for getting this and other products out to us, for some unbiased reviewing! This is a supplement I didn't realize I needed, but now I'm a believer in the importance of QUALITY rest and recovery! After working the graveyard shift for almost 6 years, I recently got moved to the 3rd Watch "Swing Shift" (2pm-10pm). When I was on graveyards, caffeine was a staple both on and off the job. I would sleep maybe 4-5 hours a day, often times in broken up segments. Now that I sleep at night like a normal human, I've been trying to cut my caffeine consumption to strictly pre-workouts (taken pre-workout). A good night's rest can make the difference between NEEDING a morning cup of coffee, to just wanting one.

PROFILE- 8.499999
The label is clearly broken down, with the "big dogs" of any sleep/GH Supplement listed in their dosage. Zinc, Magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens, GABA, Phenibut are all listed in their dosages, as well as 1000mg of L-Arganine thrown in. Nice addition! The second blend is a 3289mg "GrowtH & Repair Complex" with a couple of creatines and and stuff in the mix. I felt this was a fine profile for such a supplement.
This product was a white color, and there seemed to be just a little dye to it, not much. It mixed like any RCSS product I've tried, slight graininess, opaque, minor settling on the bottom. It did clump and harden after a few weeks. Still mixed just fine. I tried the Strawberry Watermelon; man that's some delicious stuff!!! Really, Ronnie Coleman's products are some of the best tasting on the market!

Do you remember as a teenager when you'd crash right out, then wake up ready to take on the world? And not have to force yourself out of bed, dragging ass until you get some coffee? I do, and this brought me back to those days! I would take a level scoop of this when I got home at night, which was usually around 11-11:20pm. Then shower, change, and hop into bed. I don't feel it made me drowsy and knocked me out; it just seemed more like a relaxed state. It made going to sleep easier for me. It's hard to describe, it wasn't a Nyquil or sleep-pill feeling. I'm the guy who will lay in bed, then start thinking of random stuff to look up on my phone like "how long can dolphins submerge", or I'll read Wikipedia articles on movies, or Yelp reviews, or conspiracy theories! Not when I take this, I'm off to sleep, then wake up feeling like a million dollars! I would wake up refreshed, with a natural energy to take on the day. This helped me taper off from so much caffeine intake. I feel it helped me stay in a deep sleep, with better rest from it. I usually don't dream much, and if I do, I don't remember it for long. This didn't change that for me. Once in a while I'd wake up to use the toilet, but then right back into bed. As for Anabolic Growth Support and Lean Muscle Growth (as stated on the label) I don't feel i got swole on this, but i really didn't expect to. But better rest = better workouts! I didn't think this would help with muscle recovery, but with this past week of not using it, my body feels more sore, or sore-er, you get what i mean.

Very little sides to say of this product. I was worried about a "Nyquil" hangover, but it didn't happen to me. I had no trouble waking up in the morning, except for a few times when I probably shouldn't have taken it. For instance, a few weeks ago I stayed for a double shift. I got home around 7am, and I wanted to wake up around 1pm because I didn't want to spend my days off in bed. I shouldn't have taken it, but I did. My wife wakes me up around 11am to see if I wanted to have lunch with our kids, and of course I couldn't resist. I felt goofy and my legs felt wobbly!!! After some caffeine I felt a little more normal, but I think this is my fault! Other than that, no other sides to complain about.

This one runs the full spectrum of real cheap, to real expensive! After a quick search online, I found it as low as 25$, all the way up to almost 50$!!!! The label says 25 servings per container, but I think I got a few more out of the tub. Matter of fact, in the last few TRooper orders I think I've gotten more servings then is stated! Next product, I think I'll mark a check-list on the tub, each time i take a scoop. Am I the only one who thinks this is happening? I digress. The deals are out there, and I'd be willing to jump on this again. Hell, I'd get it just to taste that flavor!

If you are like me, and lay in bed thinking about the mysteries of the universe, I highly recommend this product! I don't think it directly added muscle mass or changed body composition. But it sure helped getting good rest, and in turn, getting some good workouts in. We only spend 1-2 hours in the gym. The remainder of the day is just as important to our health and well-being. Medina out
  • Strawberry Watermelon: 10/10

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