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Myo Blitz XS has been reported as discontinued.

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Myo Blitz XS Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

  February 6, 2014

  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Thermogenic Effect
  • Great Mood Boost
  • Heavy On The Dyes
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blends
It's hard to contribute anything substantial with the phenomenal reviews that have already been posted for this stuff, but I'm going to give it a shot. Be sure to check Brotein's review for a great breakdown of the ingredients.

--Summary-- 7/10
Overall I had a good experience with this stuff. It is a very comprehensive formula, with strengths in thermogenesis, focus, and mood enhancement, and a relative weakness in the value department.

--First Impressions-- 2/10
Seemed like my body had to get used to something in this stuff. The first 3 or 4 workouts on this stuff had me feeling lethargic and foggy. Felt like a stim crash.

--Energy-- 6/10
This is an important aspect of any PWO supplement. In this case, a cool sustained energy was felt. This was a perfect energy level for my everyday workout, but there is something awesome about PWOs that give you that crazy electric energy. I prefer the latter, and that's just not what RCSS delivers with this product. Also, yes there was a significant crash in my experience. About 3-4 hours after using the product.

--Focus & Mood-- 10/10
I think these go hand-in-hand for this product. Best focus I've ever had on a pre. I think it was partially the focus ingredients, and partially the simple consistency of this product. Having a consistent PWO makes getting into the zone a habit, and that's what it felt like with this stuff. When I was in the gym on this stuff it was nothing but business. Me and the weights, that's it.
Mood paralleled focus every workout.

--Thermogenesis-- 11/10
WOW. I really think this is something you wouldn't believe until you try it. Wildly increased body temperature and pouring sweat. I liked this aspect personally, made me feel like my muscles were always warm and ready to fire on big lifts. I can imagine that not everybody enjoys profuse sweating during their workouts though.

--Taste-- 7/10
Crystal Blue Razz. When I first tried this I was amazed. Best product I had ever tried. But, opposite of other RCSS products I've tried, this flavor got old. Fast. Never to the extent that I was groaning about having to take it before I worked out, but it was never something I looked forward to.
(When mixed with Strawberry Lemonade Testogen-XR it was delicious, 9/10)

--Mixability-- 5/10
Meh. Some sediment, lots of dyes. Pretty average on a mixability standpoint.

--Pump-- 8/10
I don't have too much familiarity with pump products, but I did notice improved vascularity and muscle fullness while working SOME muscle groups.

--Value-- 7/10
This isn't exactly a single scooper. Even a rounded scoop doesn't quite cut it. A heaping scoop up to 2 scoops is the sweet spot for this. Because of how consistent this stuff is, you really can tell the difference. That gives you somewhere between 15-23 workouts for $35-$45.

--Closing Statement--
No beta tingles. Not even once.
Proprietary blend? Come on. Disclose crucial ingredients and keep some of the special ones in a blend. Beautifully done on the Testogen-XR, now do it on the Myo-Blitz XS.
I think that this is among the best all purpose PWOs on the market, if you're willing to spend a little extra. It has a few outstanding qualities, which I really enjoyed. I will not be spending my own money on this product, but I think it has a place in the supplement world.

Thanks to our wonderful RCSS rep JoeFlah and the G.O.A.T. Big Ron for giving me the opportunity to try this product and log it.


  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    February 6, 2014

    Seems like we had a very similar experience. Good review Pud

  • joeflah13
    Rep: +1,493
    February 7, 2014

    YEAH BUDDY! Glad you enjoyed your run with Myo Blitz. That thermo effect is no joke! We carried over all of the thermo/stim ingredients from the old formula and then threw in some new goodies like acacia rigidula to get the internal furnace churning. I love the feeling too.

  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    February 20, 2014

    thanks for the honest review bro.


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