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Myo Blitz XS has been reported as discontinued.

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Myo Blitz XS Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

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  December 21, 2013

  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Good Taste
  • Thermogenic Effect
  • Heavy On The Dyes
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
Yet another review from your friend Brotein and this time it's on the new and improved Myoblitz XS from Ronnie Coleman Signature Series.

I'd like to thank Big Ron, Joeflah and the entire RCSS crew for allowing me to try a free tub of this product as part of a logging opportunity here on SR. Very generous people over there, I have to say.

At the risk of rambling on, I'm just going to jump right into the profile:

Profile: (8/10)

Since I'm the first to write a review on this one, I've decided to give a bit more detail for most of these ingredients.

The first part is just your various vitamins:

1.5mg Viatmin B-1 (as Thiamin HCL)

1.7mg Vitamin B-2

15mg Niacin

2mg Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCL)

6mcg Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

6mg Pantothenic Acid (as d-Calcium Pantothenate)

Then we get to the good stuff.

It starts off with the "Strength, Stamina, and Pump Enhancers" blend of 4,200mg which consists of:

Creatine (Monohydrate and Gluconate)- We all know what creatine does. Increased ATP levels leads to increased muscular endurance.

L-Citrulline- An amino acid commonly linked to an increase in nitric oxide production, good for supplying oxygen to working muscle tissue and good for DA PUMPS.

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn)- Another amino acid, we've become familiar with Beta-Alanine for the "pins and needles" sensation it can provide as well as increasing endurance through its ability to boost the synthesis of carnosine within the body.

Betaine Nitrate- A metabolite of choline, Betaine helps to preserve muscle tissue by maintaining cell hydration. It also helps prevent the build up of homocysteine, which can harm blood vessels.

Glucuronolactone (misspelled on the label by the way, gents)- Claims include an increase in mental acuity, increased stamina and detoxification of harmful waste within the body.

HICA (Alhpa-Hyrdoxy-Leucine Salt Calcium)- Also known as Leucic acid, it is a metabolite of Leucine. It has been suggested to be an independent mTOR signal transducer, which enhances muscle protein synthesis.

Adhatoda Vasica- Also known as Malabar nut, it is touted as a bronchodilating agent and has also been said to impart antispasmodic properties that suppress muscle spasms.

Astragin- The now seemingly mythical Astragin is a natural compound composed of highly fractionated Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. Several studies have noted its ability to enhance the absorption of critical nutrients.

You can see how this would be interesting in bodybuilding supplements as the Astragin could possibly enhance the effects of stimulants and endurance based ingredients.

We then move on to the "CNS, Focus and Energy Stimulators" blend of 2,046mg:

L-Tyrosine- The direct precursor to numerous important neurotransmitters, it may affect mood, stress response and mental functions.

Phenylalanine- Converts to tyrosine once in the body.

Extended Release Caffeine (Anhydrous and PharmaShure XR Caffeine)- It's caffeine, guys. I'd hope we're all familiar of its effects and benefits by now.

Acacia Rigidula- A shrub that belongs to the legume family, benefits of acacia rigidula include an increased metabolic rate by way of the activation of beta-adrenergic receptors as well as being a CNS stimulant.

Taurine- It has been suggested that the amino acid taurine can play a role in protein synthesis, cell hydration and metabolism.

Citrus Aurantium- Better known as bitter orange extract, it targets beta-3 adrenergic to help increase lypolysis and aid in fat loss.

Schizandra Extract- Stimulates the CNS to increase mental focus.

Yohimbe Extract- Once consumed, it is converted to yohimbine which helps support fat loss.

Cocoabuterol- Couldn't really find anything on this on my own but the packaging states that this is a "thermogenic and mood stimulator".

Overall, a good looking profile. Regardless of the inclusion of Astragin, I feel that the strength and stamina blend is underdosed in most ingredients at one scoop and most likely at two scoops as well.

The CNS and focus blend seemed appropriately dosed, however, leading to and 8 overall for that category.

Dosing: (10/10)

RCSS directs you to mix one scoop with 6-8 ounces of water and drink on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a workout, and for max results to take it alongside Testogen XR.

Simple enough, and while I tried it several different ways (1 scoop, 1.5 scoops, 2 scoops, 1.5 scoops pre and .5 intra) the most common for me and where I felt most comfortable was with 1.5 scoops along with the old flavoring formula of Testogen.

Effectiveness: (7/10)

This was a solid preworkout. Nothing outstanding, but I enjoyed my time with it.

I was a bit disappointed by the endurance/stamina aspect of this product. I just can't really attribute any additional endurance to Myoblitz. While I do love performance based ingredients, I'd rather have an uptick in energy from a pre so this wasn't a major disappointment.

Can't contribute any additional standalone pumps to this either, although this in combination with Testogen XR made for some great ones.

As far as energy and focus go, I thought these shined through very well. It didn't last particularly long, I'd say no longer than 50-70 minutes, but I try to keep my training sessions within this frame anyway and it was a nice, clean energy and my focus during that time span was razor sharp. I hit the gym ready to roll.

In what might be the most interesting aspect of this pre was the thermogenic and bronchodilating effects that I received from it. I could barely make it through my stretches and my warmup sets before I was sweating something fierce. I enjoyed it! I also found that my quality of breathing was improved which obviously helps.

So as a whole, it lacked a bit in providing endurance, but the energy was very good and it had me sweating like a hog in heat.

Taste/Mixability: (8/10)

The flavor I received was Crystal Blue Razz which was pretty exciting since that's the flavor I would have picked had I been given a choice.

It was pretty tasty, although the first time I tasted it was the best and I did grow a bit tired of it as time went on. If anyone decides to go with this flavor though, just be aware that in anything under 16 ounces of water the taste might be a bit overbearing to some so take my word for what it's worth.

As far as mixability is concerned, there were no issues although this was pretty heavy on the colored dyes. It didn't give me any stomach issues, but more and more I dislike seeing such heavy dyes and feel there is no place for them.

Value: (5/10)

I hate to give it such a low score, but sometimes the truth hurts.

The most common price I see it listed for now at online retailers is $36.99. Even at once scoop, we're already looking at $1.23 per workout.

Take it to what I used it for most of the run, 1.5 scoops and we're now at $1.84 per workout.

If you decide to go up to 2 scoops, it's a very pricey $2.46 per workout.

No matter how you shake it, this stuff is going to cost you.

I understand the need to introduce it at a higher price to get ahead of production costs and I do anticipate this price coming down somewhat in the future, but this review is for right now and the price just isn't good.

Overall: (7/10)

Overall, this was just about what you'd expect from a slightly above average preworkout. The energy was very good and lasted a decent amount of time and it tasted fairly well. The ingredient profile was thoughtful and well put together, and there are a few exciting ingredients including the Astragin, Acacia Rigidula and extended release caffeine.

Two categories I believe could be improved upon, however, would be the doses of the endurance/stamina based products and the price point.

As it stands now, I most likely would not purchase
Myoblitz XS with my own money. If either the doses would be bumped up or the price point would come down (I wouldn't expect both and it wouldn't be fair to), then I would definitely consider it.

Hope you all enjoyed the review!


  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    December 21, 2013

    Effectiveness in the body of the review was supposed to be 8/10. My bad

  • December 22, 2013

    Great review!

  • brenth6112
    Rep: +1,338
    December 22, 2013

    Awesome review bro.

  • December 22, 2013

    Awesome review man i was curious to know if you tried the original myo blitz and if so how woulf you compare them?

  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    December 22, 2013

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

    @Superdude, I have not tried the original formula but if you tried it and liked it then I believe you'd really enjoy the new formula.

  • December 23, 2013

    Thanks dude I think ill give it a shot

  • joeflah13
    Rep: +1,493
    December 23, 2013

    Thanks for the review Brotein, excellent detail! And good catch on the mispelling on the label lol. Not the first time that has happened...

    Anyways, to give a little more info on the cocoabuterol: "A relatively new ingredient, Cocoabuterol is a natural cocoa extract yielding 4 different compounds: EGCG, N-Coumaroyldopamine N-Caffeoyldopamine and Theobromine. These four compounds act on the B2 Adrenoceptors which play a very important role in cardiac stimulation, bronchodilation, thermogenesis and can even widen blood vessels."

    We're always working on the price point, hopefully that can come down early in the new year.

  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    December 23, 2013

    Awesome, thanks for that Joe.

    That thermo effect really is strong, I think people have to experience it to truly believe it.

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