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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Myo Blitz XS is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 240 products in:
Pre-Workout > Stimulant


Rep: +2,858
Trust: 100%
  July 24, 2014

RCSS products are one of the few in the industry today that I can consistently come back to because of the quality and no B.S. they put into each and every product. Myoblitz xs was the newest product I tried from RCSS and one who from day 1 energy and effectiveness remained consistent.

Taste: 8

I had the fruit punch and it was very good in fact one of the best I have tried compared to the other pre workouts on the market today. There was a slight aftertaste but good nonetheless.

Effectiveness: 7

Great energy and focus! Most of the time yohimbe will make me very sick, but somehow when I took the Myoblitz xs I would not get an upset stomach. Good job big Ron. One cool aspect that I did notice within the first couple of days taking Myoblitz xs was how it opened up my lungs more, sort of how an inhaler works. The first couple of times I was shocked when this would happen, but then I read up on the ingredients and figured out that's exactly what it was. Myoblitz xs is perfect for intense workouts especially leg days! The pump was decent but that's why he created Stacked N.O., this is more based around performance. Overall effectiveness was good.

Price: 7

This runs pretty pricey and with the hundreds of pre workouts on the market this will hurt the rating of Myoblitz xs. However with quality ingredients like this has, it is something to take into account when judging the price. Normally you can find this from $25-$37.

Overall: 7
Another great product from RCSS and the first from the stack I was sent. Ronnie set the standard of what you want to see in new supplement companies, and one where the owner actually listens to consumers. Try out the new Myoblitz xs and you will not be disappointed.
  • Very Clean Energy
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Good Taste
  • Good Ingredients.
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +4,691
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58

  May 18, 2014

Shout-out & a big "thank you" to RCSS reps & The King Big Ronnie Coleman himself, for, should know by now.

The meat of Myo-Blitz's ingredient profile is divided into two proprietary blends, both of which are pretty extensive in terms of content. I don't typically go through each ingredient, & I'm not about to start here lol. There's a lot of stuff, & most of it is stuff you've seen already & are (should) be familiar with. That being said, two ingredients that stand out are Astraginâ„¢ & HICA. I've supplemented Astraginâ„¢ before & love most anything that has it, & I've heard Petey speak favorably of HICA in some of his video reviews.

Overall, the ingredient profile isn't bad. Most of it are things we've seen & know to be effective, but those pesky proprietary blends.

I received the "Fruit Punch Fusion" flavor, featuring their "new flavor system." I honestly had no experience the old one, or at least nothing more than a sample packet. So, I won't be able to compare the taste to the old one.

However, "Fruit Punch Fusion" wasn't that bad at all. You definitely knew it was something that was supposed to be in the fruit punch vicinity, but I wouldn't say it tasted like many fruit punch-flavored products I've tried before, in a very good way. It wasn't washed out, but not too overpowering. It was really about as good as it's going to get in my opinion.

Myo-Blitz mixed well, but I did experience settling at times. If you shook the cup & chugged, you wouldn't notice it at all. However, if you let it sit you could see it settling in the bottom. That all being said, it was comparable to other products that have scored high in this area.

I only used one scoop for the entire tub, since I didn't read anything on the label that essentially told me going over one scoop was OK.

With that out of the way, one coop was all I needed. The energy was good, pumps were decent, and focus was there. All-in-all I felt that Myo-Blitz was one of the better pre-workouts I've tried in recent history. The energy wasn't a slap to the face type of deal, but much rather just being more alert & awake. The pumps were noticeable, which isn't a knock at all. As I've stated before, I don't train for the pump (if you will), but occasionally I'll do what I can to look as yoked as possible leaving the gym. The focus was nice, especially since I've been trying to dial in my technique over the past several weeks. Keeping in mind & listening to coaching cues was easier, & it didn't feel like I had to exert any extra effort to do so. For what I do (powerliftng), this was big on some days.

Overall I felt Myo-Blitz worked very well.

One tub of Myo-Blitz contains roughly 30 one scoop servings, & will cost around $35 or so. Even though I like Myo-Blitz a lot, I'm not too thrilled with price. It's on the high end of what I'm willing to pay, & to be frank I can get something like Nitramine for less (& I like it better).

This would be the only downside to what is otherwise a good experience.

The only downside to Myo-Blitz would be the price/value. Other than that, I would have to say I enjoyed Myo-Blitz a lot. It's a good product overall, & if you can find the right deal it's worth a shot.
  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Good Taste
  • No Crash
  • Good Ingredients.
  • Good Focus
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blends
Rep: +660
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  April 20, 2014

What's good SR. This review comes later than expected, but better late than never. Shout out to Joe and the big man himself BigRon for hooking up the SR community with two products of their choice to log. Truly letting the products do the talking. Let's jump right in.

This really has all the goodies you would expect from a pre workout. You get Creatine, Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, Focus ingredients, and (Ronnie's pride and joy) AstraGin. Now it has all the makings of a great pre, but I feel as this is under dosed. I would never feel a super itch normally associated with high levels of beta-alanine at one scoop, but 1.5-2 scoops was pretty decent for me. I also noticed the caffeine had more of a time released feel to it so I never got that shot pre workout like other high stim Pre's, but had an even flow of energy throughout the workout. It was nice, but not for one looking forward to a stim blast in the face.

I had Watermelon Rage and it tasted like candy. Better than C4 watermelon for those looking for a comparison as I feel C4 is too sweet but Myo hits the right amount of sweetness with a little bit of tart. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'll start off saying I used Myo by itself for the first two weeks and added in Testogen-XR after that for the remainder of the run. At one scoop I could feel a little jolt, but nothing really great. I would hit between 1.5 and two scoops and 2 being the better boost. I never really got a solid pump from Myo by itself, but the focus and energy were both pretty good. I could definitely feel a "second wind" come mid workout a few times which makes me think this was the time released caffeine, but it wasn't as consistent as I would have thought. The times without the second boost I still maintained higher energy levels so its not a complaint, but something I thought should be noted. Once adding in the OG Testogen-XR (which everyone knows the Senza-Cool suuuucks) the Myo destroyed the negative aspects of taste and still shined. One scoop of Testogen and 2 scoops of Myo was a great middle ground, but with some of my workouts hitting later at night I would commonly do 1.5, which still had good effect. I can say the bulk of the effectiveness came from Myo, but I can say almost 100% of the pump came from Testogen as well as the strength gains.

This product performed, but at two scoops the price is high per serving around $2. I respect RCSS by trying to get as many quality ingredients in the Pre as possible, but I felt as though I needed to add Testogen to really round out the product to its peak. I did like as a lower stim option, but just can't justify spending over $2 a scoop. Ditch the Creatine, up the Citrulline, and add some Agmatine. Everyone adds their Creatine anyways and if it's added in I would want it to be Creapure. Just an opinion, but still enjoyed the experience.

RCSS has dropped some show stopping products to lead their categories, but unfortunately I don't feel as Myo is able to corner the market like Testogen, Iso-Tropic, and AminoTone have. That being said two scoops was still great and I would run it again after a stim break which could show more pronounced benefits. But as a guy used to high stim pre's currently, this one doesn't match up in the energy department off a single serving, but the focus was able to round out the effectiveness at 1.5 scoops to compensate.

  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Good Taste
  • No Crash
  • Good Ingredients.
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
  • Needed Two Scoops
Rep: +6,493
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 43

  March 31, 2014

Myo-Blitz XS is the second installment of Ronnie's preworkout. He added some new things to this mix and didn't remove any of the old ingredients at the same time. I received this as part of the whole RCSS line to run and review. This is overdue but I've finally put the finishing touches on it.

Taste 8/10

I had the fruit punch and I thought it was ok. To be honest, I know many people are tired of this flavor because they get it so much. I personally never by fruit punch so this isn't a worn out flavor for me. News flash, if you're tired of fruit punch, you should buy watermelon. You're welcome.

I also had no problems mixing this. It mixes in a blender bottle with a few shakes.

Profile 7/10

I normally breakdown the list of each ingredient but there is a lot here! I don't think you want to sit through and read all of that. If you want to know what each active ingredient is, I suggest you go to Ron's website and look at the Myo-Blitz link. There is a good description of each there and it's very simple to navigate. I'll hit a few things that stood out to me.

The "Strength, Stamina, and Pump Enhancers" mix contains 2 types of creatine, L-citrulline (pump), CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, Astragin, and 3 other ingredients wrapped up into 4.2g. This is what bothers me here. Creatine is normally dosed at 5g. Performance L-citurlline is in the 6g range. Carno is 1.6-3.2. Those 3 add up to 12.6 on the low end. When you add in the other 4 (including Astragin), it seems underdosed.

"CNS, Focus, and Energy Stimulators" L-Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Taurine, Extended Release Caffeine, and 5 more ingredients. 2.046g. The first two are amino acids that will help with alertness and focus. What I find the most interesting here is that caffeine is the 4th item in the list. Normally it's the first item because it's the stimulant kick that gets most preworkouts going! This means it's the 4th largest ingredient in this mix. So the focus here is on focus (no pun intended) and alertness.

Effectivness 8/10

I must say, at one scoop, I couldn't really feel it. There was a little energy, some focus, and a little pump. Once I upped it to 2 heaping scoops, I really liked it. I was not on a caffeine high, had a good pump, and remained focused throughout my workout. Once again, I used this with AminoTone so that was a double dose of Astragin. I like the reports that Astragin helps with the uptake of some aminos so using both of these products together, really seemed to work well for me.

The energy was good enough to make it through my workout with minimal fatigue. I took it about 30 minutes before I got to the gym and that worked well for me. Based on what all is in the first mix and how it seems to be underdosed, I think that is why 2 heaping scoops really worked better for me. There was a huge difference between just 1 and then 2 scoops.

Value 6/10

So this goes for about $35 before shipping. You will see specials pop up or some codes to get it a little cheaper if you look around. You may have to wait a few days to catch something though. If you can use 1 scoop, $1.16 serving. If you have to use 2, $2.33 a serving (amazing how that doubles isn't it). At 2 scoops, this really hits the high end of preworkouts for me. I did enjoy my run with this but not sure I could justify that per serving price at 2 scoops.

Overall 7.5/10

In the grand overview of this product, the most important thing? It worked! Unfortunately I had to use 2 scoops so that drove the value down. I really do like the profile and what is included, I just question if there are effective amounts in that first mix.

For me, this product is effective but not cost efficient. If I were to catch this on sale, I would definitely buy some though. It's a quality product that has results. If you are interested in trying this product, I say go for it. You will hopefully get the results you want with 1 scoop and love it, or you might have to use more. Either way, I still think you are going to love it.

  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Good Taste
  • Great Mood Boost
  • No Crash
  • Good Ingredients.
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +5,757
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 82

  March 9, 2014

Alright so I finally have time to sit down and put out a review for the great RCSS that has come to love.

Myo-Blitz xs is his Pre workout and we all love Pre workouts.

Ingredients. 8.5

Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving Serving % DV

Total Fat
0 g
Total Carbohydrate
1 g
0 g

15 mg
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)
6 mcg
Pantothenic Acid (as D-Calcium Pantothenate)
6 mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl)
2 mg
Thiamin (Vit. B-1) (as Thiamin HCl)
1.5 mg
Riboflavin (Vit. B-2)
1.7 mg

Strength, Stamina & Pump Enhancers
4200 mg
Proprietary Blend: Creatine (Creatine Monohydrate & Creatine Gluconate), L-Citrulline, Beta_Alanine (as CarnoSyn), Betaine Nitrate, Glucuronalactone HICA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Leucine Salt Calcium), Adhatoda Vasica & AstraGin (Astragalus Membranceus & Panax Notoginseng).

CNS, Focus & Energy Stimulators
2046 mg
Proprietary Blend: L-Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Extended Release Caffeine (Caffeine Anhydrous & PharmaShure XR Caffeine), Acacia Rigidula, Taurine, Citrus Aurantium, Schizandra Extract, Yohimbe Extract & Cocoabuterol.
Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Silica, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K & FD&C Blue No. 1

All in all not a bad profile. You see there is two types of creatine in it. There is also AstraGin in here as well. I am seeing the most products that I have ran that have that in it seem to just perform better.

I am not one to break things down on a Profile but you can see that some are listed as a Prop blend. Now I understand this as a business stand point, but I know some hate to see blends as we do not know how strong the stims are and so on.

Enough about all that.. How does it perform.

Effectiveness 7.5-8.5
Well the first couple of doses I was like, Wow. But I adjusted to it fast, And started using 2 scoops on my big days. Back, legs, and chest. This was actually perfect, but it just means I go through it faster. On my other days I would only use 1 scoop or none at all to make this last a bit longer. To be honest it seemed to last a very long time. Now I am not one to want to be stimmed out of my head. I just was a boost and focus. This did that very well. I seem to have a good workout every time on this.... well as long as my back would allow.
I never crashed on this so that is a plus as well.

Taste 6
Now I know that is low but let me explain.
I had Fruit punch and well I pretty much hate seeing this flavor as its done over and over and over, and it never taste like Fruit punch. Now considering how great the other flavors that Ronnie has on his other supplements I feel this could be turned around big time. For example the Testogen Orange creamsicle is freaking awesome!
Sorry Ronnie But I just think Fruit punch is a bad flavor to use for almost any company, There is just way better flavors out right now that are new and interesting.

Value. 8
Now I do not think the value is too bad considering what all Ronnie as put in this. He is really good and putting top quality ingredients in his Products and, as we all know he should know what all works!.
I have seen some sales on this for any where from 20 bucks to 36 bucks. Now Of course the value is truly dependent to how many scoops you use. If you are the kind that just takes 2 scoops every time. Well That brings a tub at 37 $ to around 2.46 a serving. Not gonna last very long either. I do feel this is a good value if you can get it around 30 bucks.

Overall 8
I feel that this is a good Preworkout and was a bit bummed when I was getting the last bit out of it.
Ronnie has showed over and over again that he listens to us here at and shows lots of love to us here. Joe does a great job as a rep here for them too and has constantly keep us all updated on anything new.
Other than the flavor I really liked this PWO.
Keep making great Products Ronnie.!
  • Very Clean Energy
  • Great Mood Boost
  • No Crash
  • Good Ingredients.
  • Heavy On The Dyes
  • Prop Blend
Rep: +3,997
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 70
  February 21, 2014

What a great experience this was I got to be a part of. I want to give a big shout out to the whole RCSS team and Joe for letting me try this product. This was my first product by Ronnie Coleman I have ever tried except for a few samples I had awhile back. I was a bit skeptical at first how this would work but after my experience with this I was rather surprised.

I am not going to go into a lot of details on this but if you want a good break down of ingredients check out Overall the ingredient profile I thought was decent for me but would rather they not put this in prop blends. I like to know better what all I am getting from each ingredient. I won't knock them for this because I do understand for the most part why companies do prop blends so other companies can't copy them by knowing how much of each ingredients they use. There are a few things I would like to see added for better thermogenic and pump.

This is where the product takes a little bit of a hit. I know they are saying they are working to get the prices down a little (and I believe they will) but I do understand that when you want to use more top knotch ingredients like they do it's going to cost a little more to make. The few sites that have the new formula I have seen sell around the mid to high $30 range. I would like to see the price get around high 20's to low 30's at most. If the price is a little high but product works really good then paying a few dollars more I am ok with.

I was given the crystal blue razz flavor to try. I thought this tasted pretty good. It was nothing real strong that over powered you but did have a nice light and smooth taste to it which I really looked forward to drinking before each workout. I give them big props on getting rid of the sense cool they had in the old formula. The sense cool did not impress me at all and really dislike how it made it taste. They do put some dye in here to give it a nice blue color but I would be fine without the dye in here since I am not a huge fan of dyes. The next flavor I would really like to try is the watermelon and I am sure that would be good also.

I usually mix most of my pre-workouts with about 12oz of water. I never had any issues with it not mixing up and there were no little pieces or any grit left over on the bottom of my shaker cup. There was just a little bit of foam that formed but I did not mind that at all. So overall it mixes very well.

I liked that the size of the scooper they put in this. It's a little bigger size which I liked so you will not need to do more than one scoop. I was able to do 1 scoop through out the whole container and that seemed to work pretty good for me.

WOW this product really surprised me at what it did for me. I was really skeptical at first how well this new formula would work since the few packets of the old formula I tried never did much for me. I always took this about 15 to 20 mins before my workout and could start feeling it kick in by then.

I really enjoyed the clean energy I got from this. This was never to strong where it made me feel all cracked out and jittery which I really liked. That really cracked out and jittery feeling I don't like. A little bit I am ok with but if it's to much I don't like it. I felt like my endurance was much better and could keep going a lot longer in the gym.

The mental focus I got from this I thought was really good. This was an area I thought really stood out for me. I felt this really helped put me in a mind set where I could really focus a lot better on my workouts.

I also noticed my mood seemed to be a lot better after taking this. It never gave me that aggression type feeling like some products have which I don't always like. This made me feel better, more calm, and was happier.

Never really got much of any thermogenic feeling from this. I know some people talked about sweating more while on this but I never really noticed much at all. Maybe if I was to up the serving to 1.5-2 scoop I would feel it more. This area could be a little stronger if they are going to put that in here. The one thing that did lack a bit for me was there was not much of a pump feeling I got from this. I like getting some kind of a pump feeling but this did not give me much at all. I would like to see more pump type ingredients added to this. Either way it won't stop me from wanting to take this again.

Side Effect:
Never had any issues with any side effects from taking this which was good.

This is kind of a sad moment for me because I am done with my full container of this great product. This turned out to be a much better product than I thought it would be. I am so glad they decided to change some of the ingredients a bit and get rid of the sense cool flavoring so this could be a much better product. I very much enjoyed this product a lot and would be more than willing to try it again and recommend other try it. I would not say this is the best product I have ever taken but it rates pretty high up there in my opinion.

  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Good Taste
  • Great Mood Boost
  • Heavy On The Dyes
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blends
Rep: +3,466
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 73
  February 20, 2014

Hello folks, I wanted to take a minute to thank Ronnie Coleman and my main man Joe for the opportunity to log this product. Again, I did not pay for this so the value might be a bit skewed, but I will try to keep this review as honest as possible.

So first id like to say that I used the previous, now (discontinued) myoblitz, and although it was good there were many downfalls with that product, such as the sensacool taste.

Ingredients: I wont go into the long details of the ingredients. They can be found here.

Taste: 9/10 - Crystal Blue Razz - Oh man so freaking delicious. This was probably one of the best tasting pwo I have tried in a really long time. Without the sensacool it was like drinking gatorade or should I say limeaid.

Value: 5/10 - 240g (30 servings) goes for around $36.99 on That is pretty expensive for a pwo, when others can be found much cheaper. But hey, we pay for quality, so I guess that's how it works here. Again I did not pay for this, so its really hard for me to justify the value.

Dosage: 10/10 - The dosage protocol is pretty easy. 1 scoop with 8oz of water 30 minutes before a workout on an empty stomach. For me the sweet window was around 15 minutes, and even if I had a protein shake about an hour before it still kicked in pretty full force.

Effectiveness: 9/10:

Pumps: 6/10 - The pumps were okay. It was not anything fantastic. Did I see pumps ? yes, was it on heavy lifting days ? no... it was more on days where I kept my volume and rep schemes a bit high, with lots of drop down sets and quicker recovery workout.

Energy: 10/10 - Damn whoa okay there. The energy was fantastic. It kicks in, and it kicks in hard, right in your mouth, straight for your teeth. You will feel it from the get go.

Endurance: 9/10 - The endurance was good too. I was able to go 2+ hours in the gym lifting heavy weights around without getting too winded.

Focus: 5/10 - Was I more focused ? yea kinda. But maybe it was because I had so much energy from this pwo that I was blasting through my workouts more efficiently.

Overall: 8/10 - This product gets an 8/10. I honestly probably would have given it a 9 or even a 10 if it wasnt for the hefty price tag. The good thing about this product is that from day 1 to day 30, the energy kick is always the same. It did not dwindle down towards the end like most pwo do, where you have to up the dosage. So this lasted for a full 30 days for me. I would recommend this product to others, if you don't mind forking over some dolla dolla bills yo.

  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Good Taste
  • Great Mood Boost
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blends
Rep: +528
Trust: 100%
  February 6, 2014

It's hard to contribute anything substantial with the phenomenal reviews that have already been posted for this stuff, but I'm going to give it a shot. Be sure to check Brotein's review for a great breakdown of the ingredients.

--Summary-- 7/10
Overall I had a good experience with this stuff. It is a very comprehensive formula, with strengths in thermogenesis, focus, and mood enhancement, and a relative weakness in the value department.

--First Impressions-- 2/10
Seemed like my body had to get used to something in this stuff. The first 3 or 4 workouts on this stuff had me feeling lethargic and foggy. Felt like a stim crash.

--Energy-- 6/10
This is an important aspect of any PWO supplement. In this case, a cool sustained energy was felt. This was a perfect energy level for my everyday workout, but there is something awesome about PWOs that give you that crazy electric energy. I prefer the latter, and that's just not what RCSS delivers with this product. Also, yes there was a significant crash in my experience. About 3-4 hours after using the product.

--Focus & Mood-- 10/10
I think these go hand-in-hand for this product. Best focus I've ever had on a pre. I think it was partially the focus ingredients, and partially the simple consistency of this product. Having a consistent PWO makes getting into the zone a habit, and that's what it felt like with this stuff. When I was in the gym on this stuff it was nothing but business. Me and the weights, that's it.
Mood paralleled focus every workout.

--Thermogenesis-- 11/10
WOW. I really think this is something you wouldn't believe until you try it. Wildly increased body temperature and pouring sweat. I liked this aspect personally, made me feel like my muscles were always warm and ready to fire on big lifts. I can imagine that not everybody enjoys profuse sweating during their workouts though.

--Taste-- 7/10
Crystal Blue Razz. When I first tried this I was amazed. Best product I had ever tried. But, opposite of other RCSS products I've tried, this flavor got old. Fast. Never to the extent that I was groaning about having to take it before I worked out, but it was never something I looked forward to.
(When mixed with Strawberry Lemonade Testogen-XR it was delicious, 9/10)

--Mixability-- 5/10
Meh. Some sediment, lots of dyes. Pretty average on a mixability standpoint.

--Pump-- 8/10
I don't have too much familiarity with pump products, but I did notice improved vascularity and muscle fullness while working SOME muscle groups.

--Value-- 7/10
This isn't exactly a single scooper. Even a rounded scoop doesn't quite cut it. A heaping scoop up to 2 scoops is the sweet spot for this. Because of how consistent this stuff is, you really can tell the difference. That gives you somewhere between 15-23 workouts for $35-$45.

--Closing Statement--
No beta tingles. Not even once.
Proprietary blend? Come on. Disclose crucial ingredients and keep some of the special ones in a blend. Beautifully done on the Testogen-XR, now do it on the Myo-Blitz XS.
I think that this is among the best all purpose PWOs on the market, if you're willing to spend a little extra. It has a few outstanding qualities, which I really enjoyed. I will not be spending my own money on this product, but I think it has a place in the supplement world.

Thanks to our wonderful RCSS rep JoeFlah and the G.O.A.T. Big Ron for giving me the opportunity to try this product and log it.
  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Thermogenic Effect
  • Great Mood Boost
  • Heavy On The Dyes
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blends
Rep: +516
Trust: 100%
  February 4, 2014

In the spirit of disclosure, I was given this product to log for free, and I did not spend my own money on this. Please know, however, that the below is my honest opinion of how I felt about this product. For reference, all of my workouts while using this can be found in my log in the Supplement Journals section of the forum. I want to give a big thanks to JoeFlah and the guys at RCSS for giving me the chance to log this product. I really enjoyed using it, and always found myself in a better mood after taking it. Now that the formalities are out of the way, on to the review!


Ingredient Profile: 8/10

I won't go into too much detail and reinvent the wheel here since Brotein has already done a great overview of the profile in his review. It has all the usual suspects (B vitamins, creatine, caffeine, tyrosine, beta alanine, etc..) plus some newer, sexier ingredients as well (AstraGin, acacia rigidula, betaine nitrate). The profile looks solid, but I wish we knew how much there is of each ingredient.


Mixability: 10/10

I don't know if it can get much better than this. I usually just put a dry scoop in my mouth and chased it with water, but I did try it in a water bottle a few times to test the mixability. It would begin to dissolve almost instantly when it hit the water in the bottle, and it took very little shaking to completely dissolve it with little to no sediment leftover. When I took the dry powder straight and chased it with water, I rarely needed more than one mouthful of water to completely wash it down. Fantastic.


Taste: 9/10

I had the crystal blue razz flavor, and I thought it was very good. Sweet but not too sweet when mixed with water, and the dry powder had a slight, pleasant tartness to it. It was very much enjoyable.


Effectiveness: 9/10

Now for the part that really matters. How effective is it? I'll break it down into the usual categories for details.

Energy: 9/10

I was coming off of a stim break when I first started taking this, so it packed a punch at first. Towards the end of the tub, though, the initial jolt wasn't as pronounced, but it still provided me with more than enough energy to get through my workout and then some. It took about 15 minutes to kick in, just long enough for me to get to the gym from my house, and would last approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours before slowly tapering off with no discernible crash. It is not a kick in the face, jittery, stim you out of your mind type of energy, but rather a smooth, clear-headed energy that persisted even after my workout was over. I wouldn't say it is exactly subtle, because it was definitely noticeable, but I found myself having more in the tank even when I didn't expect it.

Endurance: 9/10

The persistent, slow but steady type of energy this gave me made it a great endurance booster. This was a big plus for me because I had been out of the gym for a few months, and my endurance was sorely lacking.

Focus: 8/10

As I commented early in my log, this didn't exactly give me tunnel vision focus, but it did seem to help me block out would-be distractions and helped me stay focused on the task at hand. It gets a solid 8 in my book.

Pump: 6/10

This is the least important aspect of a preworkout to me, but I thought I'd mention it. I took bulk glycerol monostearate, which always gives me a slight pump, along with this every workout, but I didn't notice any greater effects while taking MyoBlitz XS. If you are wanting to use this but are also looking for a good pump, I would recommend taking 5g or so of Citrulline Malate or some other product along with this.

Mood: 10/10

I was always in a good mood after taking a scoop of this. I am going to go out on a limb and say it is largely due to the inclusion of acacia rigidula, because the feeling is similar to another product I've used with that ingredient. It could also be due to the phenylalanine and/or tyrosine. Whatever it is, I wanted to mention it because it is what makes MyoBlitz XS stand out from the crowd in my opinion. It really made the whole experience very enjoyable.


Side Effects: None

I came down with an excruciating headache during one workout while using this, but I am 99.99999% sure that it was due to my poor diet and inadequate fluid intake prior to that session. I never had any other issues whatsoever during the entire time I used this, so I feel comfortable saying that I experienced no sides from this.


Value: 7/10

A 30 serving tub of this can be found online for around $37 plus shipping, which is pricey in my opinion. It could, however, be worth the splurge for the mood boost and great, persistent energy in the future. It will be a must-buy if I ever see it on sale.


Overall: 8.5/10

All in all, this was a great preworkout and I really enjoyed using it. The only things holding it back from a higher score are the prop blends and the price. I really liked the long-lasting, clear-headed energy this gave me, and the uplift in mood topped it off nicely. I really just wish it were a little cheaper so that I could enjoy it more often.

Thanks for reading!
  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Good Taste
  • Great Mood Boost
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blends
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  December 21, 2013

Yet another review from your friend Brotein and this time it's on the new and improved Myoblitz XS from Ronnie Coleman Signature Series.

I'd like to thank Big Ron, Joeflah and the entire RCSS crew for allowing me to try a free tub of this product as part of a logging opportunity here on SR. Very generous people over there, I have to say.

At the risk of rambling on, I'm just going to jump right into the profile:

Profile: (8/10)

Since I'm the first to write a review on this one, I've decided to give a bit more detail for most of these ingredients.

The first part is just your various vitamins:

1.5mg Viatmin B-1 (as Thiamin HCL)

1.7mg Vitamin B-2

15mg Niacin

2mg Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCL)

6mcg Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

6mg Pantothenic Acid (as d-Calcium Pantothenate)

Then we get to the good stuff.

It starts off with the "Strength, Stamina, and Pump Enhancers" blend of 4,200mg which consists of:

Creatine (Monohydrate and Gluconate)- We all know what creatine does. Increased ATP levels leads to increased muscular endurance.

L-Citrulline- An amino acid commonly linked to an increase in nitric oxide production, good for supplying oxygen to working muscle tissue and good for DA PUMPS.

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn)- Another amino acid, we've become familiar with Beta-Alanine for the "pins and needles" sensation it can provide as well as increasing endurance through its ability to boost the synthesis of carnosine within the body.

Betaine Nitrate- A metabolite of choline, Betaine helps to preserve muscle tissue by maintaining cell hydration. It also helps prevent the build up of homocysteine, which can harm blood vessels.

Glucuronolactone (misspelled on the label by the way, gents)- Claims include an increase in mental acuity, increased stamina and detoxification of harmful waste within the body.

HICA (Alhpa-Hyrdoxy-Leucine Salt Calcium)- Also known as Leucic acid, it is a metabolite of Leucine. It has been suggested to be an independent mTOR signal transducer, which enhances muscle protein synthesis.

Adhatoda Vasica- Also known as Malabar nut, it is touted as a bronchodilating agent and has also been said to impart antispasmodic properties that suppress muscle spasms.

Astragin- The now seemingly mythical Astragin is a natural compound composed of highly fractionated Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. Several studies have noted its ability to enhance the absorption of critical nutrients.

You can see how this would be interesting in bodybuilding supplements as the Astragin could possibly enhance the effects of stimulants and endurance based ingredients.

We then move on to the "CNS, Focus and Energy Stimulators" blend of 2,046mg:

L-Tyrosine- The direct precursor to numerous important neurotransmitters, it may affect mood, stress response and mental functions.

Phenylalanine- Converts to tyrosine once in the body.

Extended Release Caffeine (Anhydrous and PharmaShure XR Caffeine)- It's caffeine, guys. I'd hope we're all familiar of its effects and benefits by now.

Acacia Rigidula- A shrub that belongs to the legume family, benefits of acacia rigidula include an increased metabolic rate by way of the activation of beta-adrenergic receptors as well as being a CNS stimulant.

Taurine- It has been suggested that the amino acid taurine can play a role in protein synthesis, cell hydration and metabolism.

Citrus Aurantium- Better known as bitter orange extract, it targets beta-3 adrenergic to help increase lypolysis and aid in fat loss.

Schizandra Extract- Stimulates the CNS to increase mental focus.

Yohimbe Extract- Once consumed, it is converted to yohimbine which helps support fat loss.

Cocoabuterol- Couldn't really find anything on this on my own but the packaging states that this is a "thermogenic and mood stimulator".

Overall, a good looking profile. Regardless of the inclusion of Astragin, I feel that the strength and stamina blend is underdosed in most ingredients at one scoop and most likely at two scoops as well.

The CNS and focus blend seemed appropriately dosed, however, leading to and 8 overall for that category.

Dosing: (10/10)

RCSS directs you to mix one scoop with 6-8 ounces of water and drink on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a workout, and for max results to take it alongside Testogen XR.

Simple enough, and while I tried it several different ways (1 scoop, 1.5 scoops, 2 scoops, 1.5 scoops pre and .5 intra) the most common for me and where I felt most comfortable was with 1.5 scoops along with the old flavoring formula of Testogen.

Effectiveness: (7/10)

This was a solid preworkout. Nothing outstanding, but I enjoyed my time with it.

I was a bit disappointed by the endurance/stamina aspect of this product. I just can't really attribute any additional endurance to Myoblitz. While I do love performance based ingredients, I'd rather have an uptick in energy from a pre so this wasn't a major disappointment.

Can't contribute any additional standalone pumps to this either, although this in combination with Testogen XR made for some great ones.

As far as energy and focus go, I thought these shined through very well. It didn't last particularly long, I'd say no longer than 50-70 minutes, but I try to keep my training sessions within this frame anyway and it was a nice, clean energy and my focus during that time span was razor sharp. I hit the gym ready to roll.

In what might be the most interesting aspect of this pre was the thermogenic and bronchodilating effects that I received from it. I could barely make it through my stretches and my warmup sets before I was sweating something fierce. I enjoyed it! I also found that my quality of breathing was improved which obviously helps.

So as a whole, it lacked a bit in providing endurance, but the energy was very good and it had me sweating like a hog in heat.

Taste/Mixability: (8/10)

The flavor I received was Crystal Blue Razz which was pretty exciting since that's the flavor I would have picked had I been given a choice.

It was pretty tasty, although the first time I tasted it was the best and I did grow a bit tired of it as time went on. If anyone decides to go with this flavor though, just be aware that in anything under 16 ounces of water the taste might be a bit overbearing to some so take my word for what it's worth.

As far as mixability is concerned, there were no issues although this was pretty heavy on the colored dyes. It didn't give me any stomach issues, but more and more I dislike seeing such heavy dyes and feel there is no place for them.

Value: (5/10)

I hate to give it such a low score, but sometimes the truth hurts.

The most common price I see it listed for now at online retailers is $36.99. Even at once scoop, we're already looking at $1.23 per workout.

Take it to what I used it for most of the run, 1.5 scoops and we're now at $1.84 per workout.

If you decide to go up to 2 scoops, it's a very pricey $2.46 per workout.

No matter how you shake it, this stuff is going to cost you.

I understand the need to introduce it at a higher price to get ahead of production costs and I do anticipate this price coming down somewhat in the future, but this review is for right now and the price just isn't good.

Overall: (7/10)

Overall, this was just about what you'd expect from a slightly above average preworkout. The energy was very good and lasted a decent amount of time and it tasted fairly well. The ingredient profile was thoughtful and well put together, and there are a few exciting ingredients including the Astragin, Acacia Rigidula and extended release caffeine.

Two categories I believe could be improved upon, however, would be the doses of the endurance/stamina based products and the price point.

As it stands now, I most likely would not purchase
Myoblitz XS with my own money. If either the doses would be bumped up or the price point would come down (I wouldn't expect both and it wouldn't be fair to), then I would definitely consider it.

Hope you all enjoyed the review!

  • Very Clean Energy
  • No Jitters
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Good Taste
  • Thermogenic Effect
  • Heavy On The Dyes
  • Underdosed In Some Areas
  • Too Expensive

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