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L-Carnitine XS Liquid Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  July 24, 2017

    • Not Effective
    • Tart
    • No Way To Measure A Serving From The Bottle


    Currently in a fat reduction mode and saw this advertised as a non-stim weight loss product so I decided to give it a go. Thanks to RCSS for their continued support here on

    Ingredient Profile

    L-Carnitine 3000mg, Pantothenic Acid 10mg. Unfortunately, I did not put much research into this before picking it up. While being marketed as a compound to help with weight loss, it does not seem to have much effect in this area unless you are depleted. See below in the effectiveness section for further details.


    Mixed Berry, 1 tbsp, 31 servings. I did not always have a tablespoon available with me so I used the cap more often than not. I filled it up to the screw lines on the cap. This ended up being a little more than 1 tablespoon so it worked out in the end. I dosed this mainly with my afternoon PWO on days I did a morning and a lunch workout. I dosed it first thing in the morning on days I did not workout.

    I asked for anything but Sour Apple and ended up with Mixed Berry. Boy was this stuff tart. Almost to the point that my butt would pucker and I would get a bitter beer face. The tartness did not seem to be as strong when I mixed it with Muscle Feast's unflavored Pumped Raw in about 8-10 oz of water and it did a nice job of masking the chemical flavor from that PWO. When mixed with other PWOs, it just kind of seemed to overtake or melt into the flavor of whatever I was taking.


    This is classified and posted on TROOP CP as a stimulant free weight loss product which is why I picked it up. After about 9-10 days of use, I decided to do some digging on it on and came across this

    "L-Carnitine and the related compound Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) are compounds able to alleviate the effects of aging and disease on mitochondria, while increasing the mitochondria's potential to burn fat.
    Theoretically, ALCAR supplementation for fat burning should work well, but studies on ALCAR in isolation do not show very good results. Fat loss is typically attributed to the increased activity done by people, from the increased energy they have from ALCAR supplementation.

    "Despite its high prevalence and dependency for beta-oxidation, dietary and supplemental L-carnitine does not seem to positively influence fat metabolism unless the subject is in an otherwise deficient state.[165][166] Deficient states may include veganism and vegetarianism as well as older age, or conditions with a low dietary carnitine intake (from meats) or impaired carnitine utilization.[20]Basically, somebody who falls into one of the previously outlined deficiency states may benefit from carnitine supplementation in regards to fat loss.
    Standard supplement interventions looking at L-Carnitine and either fat mass or body weight fail to note any significant effects in rats[166][165] or in obese women with 2g of L-Carnitine daily and aerobic exercise.[167] "

    Needless to say after reading this I kind of wrote the supplement off. I do not believe I am deficient in L-Carnitine and did not feel like it would benefit me in the area of weight loss after reading the above. I did not really pay attention to any other benefits but do not feel they would have been noticeable without some sort of blood or scientific tests.


    Looks like you can pick this up for $15.99 a bottle. Definitely not a price point to bust your wallet. So if you are possibly deficient in L-Carnitine or just want to give a go to see if it does help with weight loss I don't see it as a big loss. Cheap supplement for a 30 day supply.

    Side Effects

    • Mixed Berry: 4/10

    COMMENTS (5)

    • bctuthill
      Rep: +2,134
      July 25, 2017

      Did you finish the bottle after reading that info on examine? Carnitine will also give you mild energy lift, so it's not exclusively for weightloss. Some people don't respond to it at all, but I always see a difference.

      Keep in mind science says BCAAs are ineffective too. I love examine, but sometimes I question it and cross reference elsewhere. Often I'll find other studies that align better with my personal experience.

    • Parasite
      Rep: +745
      July 25, 2017

      Yep, I finished the bottle. I will honestly say that once I wrote it off I really didn't pay attention to anything else with it. Plus about day 10 I started Supernova so any minor effects would have probably been masked by that. I probably did not give this a fair chance but from the science on if I'm not seeing weight loss effects by day 10 then it's probably not working for me. The other effects I deemed as more long term and not something I would be able to make a determination on in a 30 day supply.
      While I like seeing the science aspect of everything now days I prefer trial and error because most of the studies can be skewed to whatever result they are trying to look for.

    • MarsheS
      Rep: +1,532
      July 25, 2017

      Examine is sometimes too "picky" or "strict" with their information or let's just blame the studies... Sometimes the experience lifters have is way more useful than the scientific information because for some reason, Science can't get the results other lifters are having.

      I think your Value could have been higher because the product is cheap so I don't think it's fair for this not to even reach a 6 which is "I would only buy this if I had extra money to burn".

    • Admin_
      Rep: +4,815
      August 1, 2017

      There's two things here I have an issue with. The first is that half of the review text is just copied and pasted from It's fine to quote a site, and you made it clear that the quote is not your original writing which is good, but I think the review would be pretty thin without the quote.

      The second thing that I have an issue with is simply writing off a product just because you read something about it half-way through. It doesn't seem like you gave it a fair chance and already made up your mind before you finished the container. Imagine if someone wrote a review and said that after 10 days, they read online that the product is really powerful, and that's when they decided that it works. It wouldn't be as much of a review based on personal experiences as it was a review based on stuff they read online.

      I think it's good to be doing research on products, but I believe the research should be done before claiming a product, and regardless of what you find, you need to keep an open mind. It's fine if you experienced nothing from the product, but just say that.

      You've been a long-time and valuable reviewer here, and I know you can do better.

    • Parasite
      Rep: +745
      August 4, 2017

      Points taken and I fully agree Tommy. I should have done more research before claiming and should have given it more of a chance. I do feel this is misclassified as a stim-free weight loss product and should be classified as more of a general health product though. I probably would not have claimed it then.

      It is thin without the quotes but I don't feel it worked and I don't believe I received any benefits so there would not have been much more to add even without the quotes.

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