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King Beef is a Beef Protein Powder manufactured by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It is a common, animal based alternative to traditional dairy based protein and is good for those who cannot tolerate dairy based products. The additional dietary protein can increase lean muscle tissue and increase fat loss.

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  February 18, 2015

Ingredient Profile

I'm going for brevity here, so instead of posting the nutritional profile which you can find elsewhere, I'll just touch on some highlights.

1 scoop is 129 calories.
23g Protein, 7g carbs, 1g fat.

Primary ingredients is a hydrolyzed beef isolate and sweet potato powder blend with added bcaas, creatine and other aminos such as ornithine and glutamin AKG. (I could do without the gelatin and maltodextrin ingredients btw.) So it's a pretty straightforward blend of beef and potatoes - literally and figuratively. This is not some geeky science project gone amok. This is basic "Eat To Build 101" kinda stuff. But what's great is that it's actually pretty lean steak and potatoes. Sure, Paleo advocates will crinkle their noses at the sweet potato mix but guess what - Your caveman ancestor didn't look like the KING babieeee..... So seriously, do you want to look like the dude from the Geico commercial or would you prefer to actually, you know, look like you actually lift.


If you want dat dere beef then you've got to accept dat dere foam; I've yet to find a beef powder that mixes anywhere near as smooth and creamy as whey. As a result, you'll experience a good bit more clumping and foaming and perhaps a bit more film/residue on the shaker. So my advice to you is first and foremost, accept this as a fact of life - just think of all dem forearm gainz you're getting from having to shake it like manly men do as opposed to girly men that shake their soy isolate smoothie with their pinky raised.

Taste for the chocolate was fantastic - RCCS does a great job with the chocolate flavors in all their proteins. As for the fruit punch - well, let's jsut say that Blue Raspberry Carniovor now has some company on the list of proteins I really can't believe they thought tasted good, lol. All joking aside - I did not find the fruit punch to be something that I enjoyed.


Instead of getting into a geeky discussion on whether beef isolates are better than whey isolates, I'll just say that in terms of real-world performance, I saw significant difference between this and the why products I use. And that's a good thing because I think very highly of whey. (Although that may just be a by-product of all that reduced cognitive ability from the dairy induced inflammation from which I suffer...) I found this to be an excellent post workout product. I'm still a bit curious as to the inclusion of sweet potato powder, however, I will say that it is a carb source that I've purchased in bulk in the past so I do like it. And frankly, post workout for me is a food-a-rama for me, so definitely not a fear of carbs zone. So bring on dat dere beef and sweet tater bliss.


You can buy this on for $59.99 for 3.9 lbs. That gives you 50 servings - so a bit over a dollar per serving. I find this to be an acceptable/good value for the product that's almost exactly the same as it's closest competitor - Muscle Meds Carnivor. It's also inline with many whey based products - so if you want to give beef proteins a try, then you're not going to have to shell out an exorbitant amount of loot to do so. And if you've got a medical reason, like lactose intolerance, then you're getting a far better value than the insanely priced "paleo" offerings on the market - some which go for twice this amount. (Did I mention insanity?)


This is a manly protein for manly men. It's macro profile is absolutely fine for post workout and frankly I like having the variety in my life. Gaining muscle is all about the right foods - and this certainly adds something else to my cupboard to reach for, so for me, that's a win. Likewise I think this would be a fine choice for a shake during the day - 2 scoops gives me 260 calories (46P/14C/2F) - who can't benefit from that kind of a snack? And really, at the end of the day that's all that matters for me - does it support my training goals. So I recommend you give this a try.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Rich Chocolate Tasted Very Good
  • Fits A Whole Lot Of People's Macros
  • Foamy
  • Fruit Punch Kinda Sucked
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  January 29, 2015



*Steak & Potatoes Blend (hydrolyzed beef isolate and sweet potato powder)
*Strength & Recovery Blend (leucine, isoleucine, and valine and creatine monohydrate)
*Nitrogen Retention Blend (L-glutamine AKG, L-ornithine AKG, and AKG)

Sigh… another prop blend. At least all of the components are refreshingly familiar. Huge downside is not knowing how much beef is actually in that steak & potato blend.


Taste / Mixing

I received a 2 pound tub of Rich chocolate and another of Tropical Punch. Mixing of both was a bit of a chore. At a minimum you will need to shake the hell out of it in a good shaker cup as it tends to clump up and foam. After finishing your drink there will still be quite a bit of residue stuck to the sides requiring the addition of more liquid and/or spoon scraping to get that last bit.

Flavor-wise, the chocolate was delicious with milk and tasted a lot like RCSS King Mass of the same flavor. The tropical punch however was a complete failure in my opinion. I dreaded the thought of trying to chug this protein after a workout. I even mixed it with other powders in an attempt to make it more palatable. Perhaps as a smoothie with fruit would be good. However, whatever you do, do not mix tropical punch with milk. It will not taste like fruity pebbles milk. Shutter…….



For the Rich Chocolate flavor - each 35g single scoop serving contains
128 calories, 1g Fat, 7g Carbs and 23g Protein.



I’m a firm believer in post workout protein shakes and this one fit the bill nicely. Muscle tissue that is damaged from a strenuous workout needs a fresh and fast digesting protein to help repair this tissue and build your muscle back bigger and stronger. The rich chocolate flavor was delicious and went down easy. My body processed it successfully as I experienced no negative post workout bathroom issues.

The big question I have:


I did quite a bit of digging and could not find any unbiased data confirming that beef was in fact better than whey. I’m sure this is because it isn’t. I’m not even going to go into some of the things I read about how beef gelatin is obtained before it’s converted into a powder. However one scientific fact is clear when viewing the bio-availability index. Whey concentrate tops the chart at 104 with beef trailing behind eggs and fish with a mediocre score of 80. In all fairness this rating is for actual beef and not beef powder so take that data with a grain of Montreal Steak Seasoning.



At the time of this writing King Beef was a very new product not yet available at most outlets that sell the RCSS brand. However using RCSS’s own website, a 50 serving tub could be had for $70 which works out to $1.40 per serving. Interestingly enough this is also their price for Pro-Antium. (One of the absolute best protein blends I’ve ever purchased!!) So RCSS was smart in this regard to keep the price between there beef and whey powders the same. I’m guessing the secondary market will also follow suit.

So, knowing that whey has a better bio-availability and therefore is better absorbed by the body, can we say beef is worth trying? Unfortunately I have to answer no. For the same price I say do yourself a huge favor and jump on RCSS Pro-Antium. You won’t be disappointed.

So is this product worthless? Absolutely not.
But then where does the real value lie? This product is perfect for those that are unfortunately lactose intolerant.

Just for fun I thought I’d include this data:
1 lb = 453g
35g x 50 servings = 1750g
1750g / 453g = 3.86lbs
4lbs of King Beef Protein Powder $70
4lbs of top choice boneless Ribeye at my local grocery $48


Final Words

When I think of beef, my mind immediately turns to delicious visions of Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, Porter House, NY Strip steaks and thick homemade burgers on the backyard grill. I am quite sure that the portions of the cow that go into making this powder were not originally derived from the aforementioned choice cuts of meat. If you are like the majority of people that ignore how Burger King can make a triple patty burger for one dollar and still turn a profit, then you should have no problems with what it takes to make a beef powder. For me personally it doesn’t matter how big you plaster “100% Pure Beef Isolate” on a label. All future beef powders for me will absolutely require full disclosure on ingredient quantity and quality.

So in closing I say if you are one of the unfortunate lactose intolerant, give chocolate flavored King Beef a shot. It’s a hassel to mix, but it’s quite delicious. However, If you want to try a homerun protein by RCSS and are not lactose intolerant, try RCSS Pro-Antium. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Rich Chocolate Tasted Very Good
  • No GI Issues
  • Clumpy
  • Foamy
  • Prop. Blend
Rep: +1,327
Trust: 100%
  December 22, 2014


Hello again ladies and gents. Im back at it to review the second half of my RCSS protein run. The good folks at RCSS were kind enough to send out 2 tubs of their new beef isolate protein. It was my first ever use of such a protein and I was really looking forward to trying it. With that being said, it was, with all due respect, one of the worst experiences I can remember. It wasn't all bad, but Im glad it's over. Let me explain.

Ingredient Profile

Serving Size- 1 scoop(35g)
Servings Per- 28
Calories-128(129 in the chocolate)
Fat-0g(1g in the chocolate)
Carbs-9g(7g in the chocolate)

There are also a few undisclosed blends in the active ingredients list that include a "Steak & Potatoes Blend" which is hydrolyzed beef isolate and sweet potato powder, a "Strength & Recovery Blend" which is simply the BCAAs of leucine, isoleucine, and valine and creatine monohydrate, and a "Nitrogen Retention Blend consisting of L-glutamine AKG, L-ornithine AKG, and AKG. I dont really know what to think of it because there's no way to know how much is there. They may be trying a little too hard to wow people with the amount of blends and different ingredients. Sometimes more is less and less is more but that will vary so much on the individual.


Oh man, this was by far the worst part. I was sent the Rich Chocolate and the Tropical Punch. The mixing of both of them was very bad. No matter how much I shook it up there would be big chunks that would always settle at the top and I had to just bear down and power through it. It wasnt so bad to manage with the rich chocolate because the flavor was actually pretty good, but with the Tropical Punch it was almost unbearable. The sad thing is that the Tropical Punch flavor seemed like it would have potential with a little tweaking but add a not perfect flavor with almost no mixing made for a bad experience.

I dosed it at mostly one scoop but went with two some days if I needed the protein and always downed it postworkout


Even though it was a struggle to drink, it still performed as well as any other protein. Nothing special but kept soreness at bay and kept my recovery at a level to where I could consistently train hard in the gym.


Im seeing the average price to be in the low 30's for a two pound tub. Not a bad price but I wouldn't buy it. Just not worth it.

Side Effects

I would say that about an hour after every use I would get some very raunchy gas. It never gave me any stomach pains but i would have a gassy episode that would last for about 15 minutes. Something did not agree with my digestive tract at all.


So the excitement I had to try this was quickly gone. I gave it an honest run but I just cannot recommend this for anyone to use. I think it needs to be taken back to the drawing board and figure out a way to get this stuff to mix. I won't blame them for the stomach issues as it might just be me but I can say that for right now, Im much happier with the various whey proteins that are out there.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Rich Chocolate Tasted Very Good
  • Clumpy
  • Foamy
  • Undisclosed Blends
  • Bad
  • Bad Gas
  • Tropical Punch Flavor Needs Work But Is Close
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TROOPer Level: 58

  December 10, 2014

Big shout to Big Ron & his crew for hooking it up with some new products.

There was a series of products presented to us, but the ones that ultimately caught my eye were the proteins. There was a beef protein called “King Beef” & two new flavors for their Iso-Tropic Max. I signed up for both, because you can never have enough protein on hand, right?

First up is RCSS’ attempt at the interesting class of beef protein powders, because you can’t really eat steak all the time (though we may try). It should be noted, that this is the first beef protein I’ve ever tried.


The ingredient profile is pretty good as far as protein powders in general go. Since this the first beef protein powder I’ve used, I really have no idea how it stacks up against similar products, honestly.

There are some nice things as well as interesting things, though. I’m different than most on this sight, in that I like when creatine is included in certain products (as long as the quality is on point). It means that there’s ultimately one less powder I need to worry about (in an ideal situation). So, I’m happy with the inclusion in King Beef. The “Steak & Potatoes” blend is, well as the name implies: hydrolyzed beef isolate & sweet potato powder. The only “blend” that I’m perplexed on is the “nitrogen retention blend.” I see lots of AKG in the blend, & just scratch my head more than anything.

The big downside is that all the aforementioned information is contained within proprietary blends, it seems. Three relatively small blends, all protected. For whatever reason. Time will tell, eventually.

It is a good profile, though interesting at times.


So, yeah. There was some mixing issues. Initially there wasn’t any problems for myself, but fellow reviewers noted persistent clumping in addition to a butt-load of foam. After that, it was a war with clumps from then on. For the record, I do blame my fellow Expert Reviewers for jinxing it for me. I know the foam is typical of beef proteins from reviews I’ve read, but I don’t know about the clumps. I mostly used King Beef with a breakfast smoothie, but the couple times I tried to drink King Beef by itself, I was met with harsh resistance. On both occasions, I ended up straining the drink to remove the clumps. Also, I let it sit one time to see if that would help. It did the exact opposite. The clumps thickened, & just became nasty.


I received the “Tropical Punch” flavor. From as far as I can tell, it seems all beef proteins come in fruit flavors. Alright, whatever, that’s the way it is. The flavor itself isn’t that bad, it’s drinkable to say the least. Since I used King Beef primarily as part of a breakfast smoothie, I really didn’t experience it in its full force. However, it mixes in nicely with whatever you throw in a smoothie. It doesn’t overpower the rest of the smoothie at all, & it does compliment whatever you decide to throw in.


As far as proteins go, King Beef does alright. It didn’t mess with the stomach, it didn’t bog me down, it went down, stayed down, & didn’t exit in an odorous way.

As for the other things, creatine & the others, they’re nice additions but I don’t think they provide a serious impact one way or another. So they might was well be a moot point.


One, two pound tub of King Beef contains about 28 one-scoop servings. It doesn’t seem King Beef is out on the market in abundance, but the prices I’ve found indicate that the going rate for a two pound tub is around $33. That’s not bad, & in line with most proteins in general.


It’s a good protein, period. I don’t believe everyone should go out & buy a beef protein now, but if you are in the market for them, I think King Beef is a good choice (though my experience here is limited). I did enjoy my run with King Beef, & was very disappointed when the tub turned up empty.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • It's A Beef Protein
  • Clumpy
  • Foamy

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