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Beta Stim Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

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  October 16, 2013

  • Smooth Energy
  • Superior Appetite Control
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Laser Like Focus
  • Pricey
  • Not Fully Disclosed
Good morning today we have the start of my RCSS reviews and the first product up on the docket is Beta-stim their brand new fat burner which has been on the drawing board for some umm 2yrs or so. I was picked to run the new product line and I want to thank all the great people at RCSS and the expert team for picking me to run this line.

Beta-stim is a 7phase thermogenic complex which is supposed to keep you burning fat for an extended period of time. This product is slightly different in its approach in this category making this a unique product. Let us get into this and review Beta-stim!


Dose 9/10


This is real easy for anyone follow the directions as stated on the bottle. Well I quickly jumped into the normal protocol of 2 in the am on an empty stomach and 1 at noon before lunch. Once I was on the product for about 10days I started experimenting with the dosage and tried to find a so called sweet spot which I did.**Pleas do not do as I do on the dosage it is not recommended by the manufacture** I started to slowly up the dosage from the normal 2 and 1 protocol to an overboard 1 shot dosage of 3 in the am. This yielded a stim feeling that lasted a bit but it also added some minor stimulant crash. I then tried something a bit more drastic 2 in the am and 2in the pm this was my so called sweet spot a great mix of energy and thermogenic feeling which a normal person should get off a normal dosage.


Effectiveness 8.5/10


At your basic dosage this started to seem like a dud, but once I played with it, it became more apparent that my beta-2 alpha receptors need to be cleansed and I need to take a stimulant break since I doubt this was a bad batch. Once I could experience this product for what it is worth it was a pretty damn good one. The energy it supplied was clean, long lasting with a little to no crash effect, it really reminded me of the original Oxy elite pro (OEP) from USP labs. Even know this product lacks DMAA it still delivered a great focus as well my work day is quiet mentally tasking and at times overwhelming and this product actually helped me with the everyday activities that I would normally start to bog down on late in a day.

I also noticed as in most fat burners it curbs hunger and really suppresses appetite which is huge it the battle of the bulge. This product made me feel like I had to force some food down at times which could be a negative but during a cut you need to expect this. You then may ask yourself, self if I don't eat my mood will decline and I will become an ass to deal with, well this has you covered it has a mood enhancer in it as well for these times. All and all if my receptors were normal and I could use this as directed it may have been better, but I did have a successful run with the product losing a total of 5lbs in 17days.


Content 8/10


The product does work well and even with non-sensitive receptors, but I can't stand damn blends! I understand the point of them on a small label and trying to conserve space or maybe even cover up misleading content dosage. I don't think it is the second one with this product since RCSS has been one of the up most and professional companies I have had dealings with since really understanding the supplement game. RCSS uses the finest ingredients for purity and effectiveness. Let's take a look at the profile line by line

Serving size-1capsule

Vitamin b-12-.75mcg

7 phase thermogenic complex-406mg
acaia rigidula, ifas50( green tea, tuber fleeceflower¶stic laranthus???)
adhatoda vasica, dandelion root, green coffee extract, white willow bark, diiodtyrosine

This is a mix of metabolism boosters and diuretic which aid in shedding water and fat

XR energy & focus compound-260mg
Extended release caffeine (Caffeine anhydrous & pharmashure XR)
Schizander extract,synepherine , huperzine

This is what makes this product tick this is the meat and potatoes of beta-stim
I wish they broke down exacts but they don't that's my only beef.


Value 8/10


Value is something that can be measured in more then one way. Normally I base value off of a 3step process: cost, expectations and experience. Beta-stim at first was not off to a good start until I realized it was not the product that is broken it is me LOL. I'm positive for a normal person this product dosed at the normal 2 and 1 will benefit greatly from it as I did loose some weight in a pretty quick amount of time with the AID of this supplement, good diet and a good routine but I can really only give this an avg rating in this category. You can now find the beta-stim on the net since RCSS is a big time brand now and I have seen it priced from 29.99 to 39.99 making this a total dosage cost of 1.49 to 2.00 a serving for a better then avg fat burner is fair.

My expectations were not blown away nor were they let down this was exactly what I expected minus the receptor issues. So again this is slightly better then avg in this area as well. There are so many different thermogenics out there these days and this one is among the top tier of them since it was clean and provided positive results.

Overall Beta-stim is a basic thermogenic approach you should always assess your tolerance before changing the protocols. This is a an effective product that speeds up the metabolism increasing your core temperature and assisting in appetite suppression while also supplying you with an abundant amount of energy, focus and mood enhancement to get through the long days on a low calorie cut. Even though there are 2 significant blend categories in beta-stim the product does deliver so you can't complain too much. I think if they could and would disclose the content fully it would increase customer interest which could mean more sales just saying.

Value is still pretty sporadic at this point in time since it is a new release but so far it ranges from 29.99-39.99 for a 60count bottle. This is 20-30 day supply depending on the user which is average for a top tier product such as this. I have to say this product will receive a full hulk seal of approval and is worth a shot as for myself I'm not a huge fan of fat burners but this one works well.



  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    October 16, 2013

    Thanks for taking the time to do this review bro. I'm working on keeping the price point lower and maybe coming out with a 90 count.


    - Big Ron

  • October 16, 2013

    I'd definitely give this a run with the 90 count. I'm like hulk, currently using two in the am and pm with my current thermo.

  • joeflah13
    Rep: +1,493
    October 16, 2013

    Sweet review Hulk, glad it worked well for you! I moved to the 3 at once dose a while back too, I might need to try the 2 and 2 method that you tried though. I'm just as "broken" as you are when it comea to stim sensativity lol

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