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Beta Stim Powder Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  June 11, 2015

  • Appetite Control
  • Mood Elevation
  • Leaned Me Out
  • Diuretic Properties
  • Taste Good
  • Increased Energy
  • Taste Great
  • Lack Of Thermo Effect
  • Needs More Servings
  • May Cause Increased Urination
  • Below Average Value
So here I am, doing the first of my "SR Trooper" reviews. Which I am VERY grateful and excited to be a part of, and I think is an awesome concept! Big thanks to the SR Admin for even making this happen, and of course Big Ronnie and his company for getting this into our grimy little hands to pick apart. I finished this about two weeks ago. I upped my cardio, of course for all the summer stuff coming up. Also cleaned up the diet a bit, with a little "intermittent fasting" thrown in; my last meal is/was before 7pm, breakfast at 10-11ish. Hey i tried! As far as lifting routine, i modified my 4-day "bro-split" by removing arms from their respective days, and doing arms on their own day. This makes it a 5-day routine, and gives me more time in the gym for cardio (I'm a busy guy!). I finally got off the graveyard shift and went to swings; great for sleep and rest, but bad for family life. So I'm trying to slowly ease myself off of the stims. Its not going too well! Anyways, on to the Product itself; RCSS Beta Stim. With summer coming, I jumped at the chance to try a fat-burner. Well, lets get into it.

This product looked, felt and mixed about the same as any other RCSS Powdered product I've tried (Testogen, Myo-Blitz), which was a slightly grainy texture, took a few shakes or stirs, and would separate if left standing. But man, do they have their flavor department on point!!! I tried the Melonberry Cooler, and was impressed. It was a little too sweet at first, took some adjustments with the water (20 oz) to get where i wanted. The taste was of honeydew and cantaloupe, and maybe a sweet fruit gum flavor. I never got tired of the flavor. For the most part, I took 2 scoops a day, with an extra here or there. First Scoop as soon as i woke up, second later during the day when i felt like.

PROFILE-6 Seriously, this has been beat to death the last few weeks so I'll spare you the reading. Its got all the usual fat-burning players split into two prop-blends. The "XR Energy & Focus Compound" has your Choline Bitrate, L-Tyrosine, Extended Release Caffeine, Schizandra Extract, and Synephrine HCL. The "7-Phase Thermogenic Complex" has White willow bark, Higenamine, and a bunch of roots. Sorry, its late! Samazon and Kalans did an outstanding job breaking it down, so head to their reviews if you want.

EFFECTIVENESS-6 This was a little hard for me to decide. If I was to rate solely on energy, I'd go for a high 6/maybe low-7. Like I've said, I'm a recovering stim-junkie, so I took this not expecting much in the energy and alertness department. It took about a half hour to hit, but I experienced a nice awakening and good mood, which lasted a several hours. Its not a preworkout, so I never expected to be ampped out of my mind (i wasn't) I did experience some decent hunger suppression, but not much thermogenic effect or sweating. For me, it never lost its magic, I felt the same effects the whole can. Now, bear in mind, this is a Fat-Burner, so if it doesn't burn fat its not performing its job. I went from 266lbs to about 261. I noticed some leaning effects in my arms, upper chest, and the wife says my stomach shrunk a bit. Of course this didnt happen by taking a powder alone, my changes to diet and cardio had a big part in it! But it (and any supplement) is to assist, not do the work for you.

SIDE EFFECTS-6 Not much in the way of jitterness, over-stim, or shakiness. But it does have some legit diuretic properties. I was urinating LOTS, and it was a nuisance! No stomach issues or nausea to report. I didn't have any insomnia problems either, but I'm pretty sure i could sleep after an espresso too, so your experience may vary.

VALUE-4 This is going for about $30 a can, with 45 serving per can. Sounds about right if it was a preworkout, but its not. Dosed at 2 scoops a day, this lasts right around 3 weeks! Big changes to your body composition take Months, not weeks. You'll need 2 cans to really reap the benefits of this. A 60 serving can would be perfect!

OVERALL-5 I did enjoy this, and felt it has potential in the long(er) run. But when a can runs empty on you, just as your seeing some progress, its a big turnoff. With so many other options available, I'd be hard pressed to purchase this, at its current serving size.


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