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Beta Stim is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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  December 2, 2013

I would first like to give a HUGE shout out to Joeflah and the legend himself, BigRon, for letting the members try out full scale products. Since I am not an ER, but can only hope to get there one day, I know these offers do not come around often. So with the constant growth of a company comes new additions to their arsenal. One thing that some companies can fall prey to is trying to add too many products without a through run down to make sure each is quality. Luckily for RCSS, this is a safe addition. I ran this along with the basic staples of weightlifting, but didn't add any additional thermos or carnitine to my preworkouts in order to get a proper feel for this product. Beta-stim is a fat burner that I could see myself using again, but let's jump right into the review.

Profile/Dosage- 8
For this product, many of the ER's have gone into deep detail about each ingredient and such so I do not feel it is crucial for me to spit out the same info. What I have noticed about this product is that it is a low stim option. As a comparison, I have run another low stim PX Black by Finaflex so I have a baseline to compare it to and have also run higher stim options like Alphamine (which is my love child). I ran this after a 3 week break from high stims and kept my daily intake to around 0-200mg total, which was mostly just my nonworkout and workout days, respectively. I chose to take this break because I wanted to get an accurate reading on Beta-stim, but also because I was taking in around a gram of caffeine a day so I knew something needed to change.

One thing that I liked was that since this was a low stim option, I wouldn't have to watch my daily intake of caffeine like I do when I'm on Alphamine. I'm starting to draw back my crack fiend caffeine lifestyle, and I'm starting to enjoy the lower stim options because I don't feel as though I have to constantly feed caffeine to feel productive. I kept it at 1 pill in the morning and one pill towards noon and as I started to add caffeine slowly back in, I would bump it to three a day (the 2:1 ratio common with most fat burners.) I read about others hitting three pills in a single dose, but I was never inclined to take in that much.

Effectiveness- 7

-Thermo/Diuretic- 7-
I did notice additional heat while doing everyday activities. For most fat burners, I only really notice this while I'm working out. I was a huge fan of this because I like knowing that what I'm taking is actually doing what it's supposed to. The down side was that I only felt a minor upswing in body heat while exercising, but still an upswing none the less. For fat burners, I would like to feel like my skin is literally melting the fat away, although this can't always be accomplished. Still, there was a thermo effect to report, and with the thermo burn during the day, that helped bring the overall score up higher. Unfortunately, I definitely felt like I was sweating more, but I didn't feel like the mirror properly showed any loss of water weight. But since I was sweating more than usual, I would have to say there was some type of diuretic action in effect. I will have to run two bottle back to back and up the dosage for my next go round (2:2 ratio).

Appetite- 3
This was a common problem in other reviews and I have to say that t didn't really affect me either. I know I dropped my calories to about 2100 calories (usually I run around 2500), and while I'm trying to do this, my stomach still was starving for more food to feed the flames. This was my major loss against Beta-stim.

Energy/Focus- 8
Because this was a lower stim option, I did not get as much energy as from other products. But because of my caffeine break prior to taking Beta-stim, I felt as though I didn't need as much stimulant as before to get similar effects. One thing that I noticed on the label was an addition of a time released form of caffeine (PharmaShure XR Caffeine) or at least I think it's time released? Hopefully Joeflah can comment on that part, but I did feel as though I had a small burst of caffeine that lasted longer than most caffeine sources, as though it was slowly breaking down and my body was adjusting my energy output accordingly.

I rated this as an overall effectiveness at a 7 because I usually never buy a fatburner for its appetite properties. The only thing I've found to actually knock out my hunger during a cut would be casein protein, but that's to be expected. For this reason, I did not weight the appetite as heavily in my overall score, but used it more as something to note.

$29.99-$32.99 for a 60 count. I would definitely pay that price tag again because 1) I do like this product and would be willing to spend money on it and 2) it's better than dishing out for something I've never tried. Plus who can't get some kind of coupon now a days. Hopefully they will release a large count bottle as well. When OEP had its 180 count bottle, that ish would last me forever! I would love to see a 100 count or more of Beta-stim (*ahem* Joe! *ahem) because I would be willing to pay more for a larger count size.

Overall- 8
Although this is a lower stim option, I liked that aspect. If they do happen to double the strength of this, I would be fine sticking to a 1:1 ratio. It's a win-win because I have to dose less per serving which gives the product more longevity and then makes the price per serving drop as well! Boom. This product was a win in my book. The hard part about fatburners is that you're never going to please everyone, but this was good enough for me. I can maintain this as my primary low stim option and keep my Alphamine as my high stim option. Can't wait to see what RCSS pulls out next. Maybe a powder version?!?

As always,
  • Smooth Energy
  • Longer Lasting Energy
  • Great Profile
  • Got Me All Hot And Sweaty Like
  • Appetite Control Did Not Work For Me
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  November 29, 2013

First up, an especially huge shout-out to JoeFlah & the King Big Ron himself, for their continued participation in the ER program, LONG LIVE THE KING. Not only does it seem RCSS is always extending product opportunities to the ER, but every time they do they offer up multiple products at once.

I don't do a whole lot of "cutting," nor have I had the desire to as of late. However, I was waking around over 250lbs & felt I needed to loose some weight. My asthma seemed to become more a problem, & I just overall felt like an unconditioned mess. Around that time Beta-Stim (along with other products) was up in the ER, so I figured "what the hell."


The ingredient profile is pretty straight forward/standard for the most part in my opinion, & only the extended release caffeine & iFAS503® really caught my attention. Since Lava did such a fantastic job of going into detail over the ingredient profile, I'll let his work shine lol.

I like the idea of the extended release caffeine. I feel it's a good way around that "cracked out" feeling, while still getting quality energy that will be consistent over a given period of time.

The dandelion root is a nice addition, but I'm about 50/50 on it being in there. I can see the benefits of diuretics, but at the same time I don't feel its 100% necessary to make a good product. I do like it in there, though.

Overall I feel it's difficult to grade ingredient profiles for these types of products, since (in my experience) it's not so much the ingredients but the combination & execution if you will. However, good results make for a good ingredient profile.


I don't grade dosing like a lot of other users, since most dosing are very similar for certain types of products. However, I've come to the realization that it's important to look at for products such as Beta-Stim.

Instructions direct users to take one serving on an empty stomach in the morning & a second may be taken 5-6 hours later. Max dose is 3 caps per day, with a max serving of 2 in the morning if desired.

I like dosing protocols like this, where the doses are spread throughout the day. I've take a couple products where the only dose was take in the morning, I never felt they were effective in that manner. At least this way, I feel like it works better. For myself, the first does was usually between the hours of 5:30am & 7am, second dose coming around noon most times. In this manner I had good energy throughout the day, & I felt like I could use some aspects of Beta-Stim better (like the appetite suppressor).


All said & done, I was satisfied with the results from Beta-Stim. I started my run weighing between 250-253lbs, & ended weighing 245-246lbs over the course of 4 weeks (give or take). My lowest point during my cycle was 244lbs, after the first week oddly enough. I modified my training slightly in the beginning, by adding cardio back in & utilizing circuits more, but those were cast aside rather quickly much to my shame. Diet remained unchanged for the most part at that time.

In terms of energy, I felt Beta-Stim was average at best, which I like in a way. I never felt stimmed out at any one point, & I never experienced any sleeplessness when stacked with a pre-workout. That works for me, but I wouldn't rely on Beta-Stim too much to give you energy to go tackle a demanding workout. While I feel there are other products better in that aspect, I liked the way Beta-Stim worked out for me.

The appetite suppressor was average at best, much to my dismay. I was looking forward to that a lot since I'm pretty much always hungry. I felt it worked best in the mornings when I took the largest dose, but in the afternoons left much to be desired in my opinion. Unfortunately, that's when I need the most help.

If had stuck to my original workout routine from the first week (which yielded the best results) I may have finished better. However, I still feel like Beta-Stim did a good job in helping me loose some weight.


Beta-Stim can be had for around $30, give or take depending on where you go. I have no clue where some retailers get charging almost $50 for Beta-Stim, especially given the fact they're all 60ct bottles regardless of price.

For what works out to 3-4 weeks worth, the price isn't all that bad. It's more than agreeable for me, & I'm a "if it's free it's for me" kind of guy.


I enjoyed Beta-Stim, though I felt it was underwhelming as an appetite suppressor. The way the stims worked out for me was great, which is something that was hit or miss with other products in the past. Is this something I would go back to? Yes...if I ever decide to go on a "cut" again.
  • Smooth Energy
  • Longer Lasting Energy
  • Appetite Control Did Not Work For Me
  • Appetite Control Did Not Last Long
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  November 14, 2013

A big shout out to Big Ron, and Joeflah for hooking me up with the RCSS line. I've been cutting forever, and was lucky enough to get to try Beta-Stim, Ronnie's very own thermogenic. What really got me interested was that RCSS has grown to be a solid line on here, so I thought this would be worth trying.


This has been broken down fairly well, I recommend checking out lava's review or the RCSS website for more detail.

I like the instant and extended release caffeine idea here. This lets you feel more energized longer, with no crash. Dandelion is a nice addition too, to get rid of excess water.

Apart from the other ingredients like Acacia and Higenamine, the iFAS503 was a big turn on for me. It was in Super HD, and that product works well for a lot of people.


Pretty easy, depending on your tolerance, 1-2 capsules in the morning, then another one 5-6 hours later. I took 2 in the morning, 1 in the after noon every day.


I'll break this down, like I always do with thermos, but let me give you a warning here. I am basing the effectiveness off of both Amino-Tone and Beta-Stim. I took both together, and since I personally don't like to stack 2 products which are supposed to deliver the same results, the rating on this will be based on the effectiveness of both Amino-Tone and Beta-Stim together. I will do my best to note what I noticed the most out of Beta-Stim however.

Appetite Suppression:6.7/10
It was the same thing every time. I would get some decent appetite suppression about 20 minutes after I took this, but that would only last an hour or so. Alphamine and Synedrex were great because my appetite would just be gone. Def. not it's strong point.

One thing I wanted to point out was that I was using Testogen along with this, which increased my appetite, or at least should have. However, I've taken thermos that were able to counteract the appetite increase from DAA based products before, so that does not help Beta-Stim's case here.

I admit that I am a stim-junkie. My tolerance for these things is already high, but Beta-Stim was not by any means comparable to OEP or Alphamine when it came to energy. The energy did not wow me in anyway, but it lasted longer than some other thermogenics I've taken, so + there.

Well, throughout the run(about 20 days), I did not lose weight consistently. A cheat meal here or there, less cardio than usual, but I should still have been losing weight faster than I did. I started at 174-175, then on my last day I weighed in at 171.8. I look better too, as I've seen in some of my progress pictures.

I can't really give all the credit to Beta-Stim here, as I was also taking Amino-Tone, so this part is going to be the rating of the 2 together.

All in all about 3 lbs. lost in a little over 3 weeks. Not bad, but nothing very impressive either. Probably seems that way because I lost 10 lbs. in 5 weeks using Ripped Ctail though.


For around $39.99, It is not cheap by any means. One way to make this justifiable would be to make this a 30 day supply instead of 20.


I would probably not buy this, especially with the great experiences I have had with other thermogenics recently. However, if you are less stim tolerant than I am, the bottle could last you longer, and it would be worth looking into.

The profile is solid, and the energy lasts fairly long, but the lackluster appetite control is what brings this down. Honestly, all it needs is a bit more of that and a bigger bottle and it would be worth a go.

  • Longer Lasting Energy
  • Decent Energy
  • Great Profile
  • Pricey
  • Appetite Control Did Not Last Long
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  October 23, 2013

This is the first product I'm going to review from the care package sent to me by RCSS. RCSS is an active participant in the ER program and logging opportunities on I'd like to thank them for their support in this site.

My experience with thermos is pretty extensive. I'd venture to say I've used well over a dozen different ones with various results.

Profile 8/10

As you can see in the other ER reviews, the profile is listed. This is basically 2 blends and I'll give my thoughts on each blend.

7 Phase Thermogenic Complex: Here is where your appetite control, blood flow enhancers, fatty acid intake reducers, diuretic, metabolic enchancers, and thermogenic activators are blended. There are 9 different herbs in this complex at 406mg per cap.

XR Energy & Focus Compound: As you can easily tell by the name of this one, energy and focus. Extended release caffeine and Schizandra Extract for focus. 260mg per cap.

I would HIGHLY suggest if you are interested in looking into these components any closer, go to the website. They do a good job of breaking down what each component is included for. Excellent layout in my opinion. I wish more companies would take the time to do this.

Serving size 6/10

It suggests to asses tolerance by taking 1 cap in the AM then 1 cap 6 hours later, both on an empty stomach. Once you get a feel for that, you can go up to 2 in the AM and one 6 hours later. NEVER EXCEED 3 CAPS IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD. The all caps section is why I dropped this down to a 6. I honestly got up to taking 4 in the AM and 1 in the afternoon. I DO NOT suggest to anyone to do this but I wasn't really noticing anything major at the suggested serving. I am a stim junkie but supposedly I was taking in a lot of stimulants with this to not be feeling anything.

Effectivness 7/10

I'll break this down into 7 different areas since it is 7 phase. Stick with me on this. I'll try not to get too wordy. This will be based on my EXCESSIVE dosage as I didn't really feel anything noticeable at the suggested serving.

Energy 8/10

I would say this is where the product actually shines. I didn't get an actual energy burst or anything from this but I did feel the energy come on slow in the AM. However, the extended energy was great! I would have an uptick in energy all day through work with this.

Thermo 7/10

I could tell a slight rise in body temp but figured I'd have a lot more at the serving I was taking. Minimal extra sweating.

Focus/mood 7/10

Nothing to really report here. I did my daily activity just like I always did. I stay pretty focused and happy.

Diuretic 7/10

I did notice that I had a dryer and thinner skin look while on this product.

Appetite Control 5/10

This is where the product feel short for me. I was really hoping to see some appetite reduction based on some of the logs and reviews. I never felt a change in appetite while on this. I was always starving. Now, as a side note: I was on my 3rd month of DAA at the time also. When test boosters are fully kicked in for me, they make me hungry which is a good sign they are working. Perhaps the hunger from the DAA overpowered the appetite suppression? This is only a theory. If you read other reviews and logs, people have had good luck in this category but I have to base this review on my experience.

Metabolism 7/10

Did I have an increase in my resting metabolic rate? I did lose some weight so I assume I did. Sorry I don't have any more feedback for this area.

Oxidation 7/10

One of the components in this has been used as a bronchodilator while a few other of the herbs show help in blood flow. I do not have any experience to confirm nor deny this but the studies on the herbs looks to be positive.

Now for the results! I lost 4-5 pound on this without changing my diet or workout routine. The first week I went with the suggested serving size, I then upped it to 3 AM, 1 PM. When that didn't really work, I went to 4 AM, 1 PM. That did give me a good energy level but still no appetite suppression.

Value 7/10

The price of thermos is going up. I would say the smallest serving the average person would take would be 2 per day. That would be about $1.33/day. Now if you go up to 3 a day, you're looking at $2/day. The way I ended up using it, $3.33/day!!! While the lower end of the serving size is just slightly more expensive than other thermos I've used, it can get pretty expensive if you use as much as I did. For this, I took the value for most people and averaged it with the value for me.

Overall 7/10

I was torn between going with a 6 or a 7 for this. I think this is a very good product and it seems most people get the full effect of the supplement. However, I did not. I did get the important energy and lost 4-5# without changing anything else in about 3 weeks. I'm 260# for reference.

I say if you are looking for a spectrum type thermo that could possibly work in a few different areas, give this a shot. Quality company and a quality product.

  • Smooth Energy
  • Longer Lasting Energy
  • Pricey
  • Appetite Control Did Not Work For Me
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TROOPer Level: 59

  October 16, 2013

Good morning today we have the start of my RCSS reviews and the first product up on the docket is Beta-stim their brand new fat burner which has been on the drawing board for some umm 2yrs or so. I was picked to run the new product line and I want to thank all the great people at RCSS and the expert team for picking me to run this line.

Beta-stim is a 7phase thermogenic complex which is supposed to keep you burning fat for an extended period of time. This product is slightly different in its approach in this category making this a unique product. Let us get into this and review Beta-stim!


Dose 9/10


This is real easy for anyone follow the directions as stated on the bottle. Well I quickly jumped into the normal protocol of 2 in the am on an empty stomach and 1 at noon before lunch. Once I was on the product for about 10days I started experimenting with the dosage and tried to find a so called sweet spot which I did.**Pleas do not do as I do on the dosage it is not recommended by the manufacture** I started to slowly up the dosage from the normal 2 and 1 protocol to an overboard 1 shot dosage of 3 in the am. This yielded a stim feeling that lasted a bit but it also added some minor stimulant crash. I then tried something a bit more drastic 2 in the am and 2in the pm this was my so called sweet spot a great mix of energy and thermogenic feeling which a normal person should get off a normal dosage.


Effectiveness 8.5/10


At your basic dosage this started to seem like a dud, but once I played with it, it became more apparent that my beta-2 alpha receptors need to be cleansed and I need to take a stimulant break since I doubt this was a bad batch. Once I could experience this product for what it is worth it was a pretty damn good one. The energy it supplied was clean, long lasting with a little to no crash effect, it really reminded me of the original Oxy elite pro (OEP) from USP labs. Even know this product lacks DMAA it still delivered a great focus as well my work day is quiet mentally tasking and at times overwhelming and this product actually helped me with the everyday activities that I would normally start to bog down on late in a day.

I also noticed as in most fat burners it curbs hunger and really suppresses appetite which is huge it the battle of the bulge. This product made me feel like I had to force some food down at times which could be a negative but during a cut you need to expect this. You then may ask yourself, self if I don't eat my mood will decline and I will become an ass to deal with, well this has you covered it has a mood enhancer in it as well for these times. All and all if my receptors were normal and I could use this as directed it may have been better, but I did have a successful run with the product losing a total of 5lbs in 17days.


Content 8/10


The product does work well and even with non-sensitive receptors, but I can't stand damn blends! I understand the point of them on a small label and trying to conserve space or maybe even cover up misleading content dosage. I don't think it is the second one with this product since RCSS has been one of the up most and professional companies I have had dealings with since really understanding the supplement game. RCSS uses the finest ingredients for purity and effectiveness. Let's take a look at the profile line by line

Serving size-1capsule

Vitamin b-12-.75mcg

7 phase thermogenic complex-406mg
acaia rigidula, ifas50( green tea, tuber fleeceflower¶stic laranthus???)
adhatoda vasica, dandelion root, green coffee extract, white willow bark, diiodtyrosine

This is a mix of metabolism boosters and diuretic which aid in shedding water and fat

XR energy & focus compound-260mg
Extended release caffeine (Caffeine anhydrous & pharmashure XR)
Schizander extract,synepherine , huperzine

This is what makes this product tick this is the meat and potatoes of beta-stim
I wish they broke down exacts but they don't that's my only beef.


Value 8/10


Value is something that can be measured in more then one way. Normally I base value off of a 3step process: cost, expectations and experience. Beta-stim at first was not off to a good start until I realized it was not the product that is broken it is me LOL. I'm positive for a normal person this product dosed at the normal 2 and 1 will benefit greatly from it as I did loose some weight in a pretty quick amount of time with the AID of this supplement, good diet and a good routine but I can really only give this an avg rating in this category. You can now find the beta-stim on the net since RCSS is a big time brand now and I have seen it priced from 29.99 to 39.99 making this a total dosage cost of 1.49 to 2.00 a serving for a better then avg fat burner is fair.

My expectations were not blown away nor were they let down this was exactly what I expected minus the receptor issues. So again this is slightly better then avg in this area as well. There are so many different thermogenics out there these days and this one is among the top tier of them since it was clean and provided positive results.

Overall Beta-stim is a basic thermogenic approach you should always assess your tolerance before changing the protocols. This is a an effective product that speeds up the metabolism increasing your core temperature and assisting in appetite suppression while also supplying you with an abundant amount of energy, focus and mood enhancement to get through the long days on a low calorie cut. Even though there are 2 significant blend categories in beta-stim the product does deliver so you can't complain too much. I think if they could and would disclose the content fully it would increase customer interest which could mean more sales just saying.

Value is still pretty sporadic at this point in time since it is a new release but so far it ranges from 29.99-39.99 for a 60count bottle. This is 20-30 day supply depending on the user which is average for a top tier product such as this. I have to say this product will receive a full hulk seal of approval and is worth a shot as for myself I'm not a huge fan of fat burners but this one works well.

  • Smooth Energy
  • Superior Appetite Control
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Laser Like Focus
  • Pricey
  • Not Fully Disclosed
Rep: +6,974
Trust: 100%

  October 9, 2013

What's up my brothers. Up for review today is RCSS's new product, Beta-Stim. Beta-Stim is their entry into the world of thermogenics and as such it calls itself a "7 stage Thermogenic Igniter" promising energy, focus, O2 amplification, fat loss support and appetite control. How'd it do – well let's take a look.

Profile: 9/10
Beta-Stim is broken mainly into 2 prop blends: the thermogenic complex and the energy/focus complex. There's also 5mg of niacin and a bit of B-12 thrown in as well. I'm going to include some of the highlighted ingredients but frankly I find very little value in over analyzing the ingredient profile of thermogenic products as most use a combination of herbs and stimulants that just aren't easily open to interpretation because there is so little clinical data available to establish what is an efficacious dose in the first place. Sure, we can get a "feel" for what to expect based on the ingredients, but other than that, it really comes down to actual experience using the product, however, I'll list them out briefly to be complete:

Stim Package: I really liked the inclusion of both instant and extended release stimulants. You've got your basic caffeine anhydrous but also PharmaSure XR caffeine. I found this to provide smooth and moderately long lasting energy that lasted longer than any other stim based thermo I've tried. It's a more subtle/subdued energy so stim junkies look elsewhere.

Focus/Mood: Schizandra and Huperzine A

Thermos: Acacia Rigidula, Higenamine HCL, NelumboNucifera, White Willow Bark, iFAS503(green tea, tuber fleece flower, parasitic laranthus)

Water Removal: Dandelion Root

Appetite Control: The iFAS503 and Acacia provided superior appetite control for me – something that most thermos have promised in the past but rarely delivered for me personally.

Metabolic Response: Diiodotyrosine (DIT), green coffe extract

Oxidation: Adhatoda Vasica

Like most thermos out there it's a pretty robust list of herbs and less than common ingredients that you can look up or go the the RCSS website for brief descriptions of each ingredient.

Dosing: 9/10
RCSS recommends taking 1 cap in the AM and 1 in the afternoon and after assessing tolerance adding a third cap to one of those doses. The warning is not to exceed 2 caps at once or more than 3 per day. I speculate that is due to the caffeine/stim content safety, however, I will admit that 3 caps was the sweet spot for me. I would take this in the early afternoon and found that it provided excellent energy and appetite control to get me through the second half of my day landscaping without any crash or jitters whatsoever.

Effectiveness: 9/10
I'm a bit cynical/jaded on most fat-burners or thermos. Most deliver very little other than a major stim effect which "theoretically" ramps up dat dere metabolism to the point where fat literally melts off you bro. Righhhtttt. Likewise, promises of increased lipolysis, targeted thermogenisis and various receptor activation have always fallen short for me personally. I'm not saying that these things don't happen – just that for someone like myself that hovers in between 15-20% BF, I find these properties to be of little value for fat loss compared to caloric restriction and training approaches. However, what I do look for is something to aid that approach and in this product, the appetite suppression worked wonderfully. It allowed me to cut about 300-400 calories (afternoon meal) out of my daily diet and the energy effect allowed me to continue to work throughout the day at a high rate. In my opinion, those two factors provided more weight loss than any of the other properties combined and when used regularly over time should help me achieve solid and lasting results.

Value: 9/10
This isn't cheap. Each bottle contains 60 caps so with my dosing scheme (3 per day) that provides 20 days worth of product. It can be found online for $39.99, so that's right underneath $2.00 per day. Normally I would not be all that gentle on a thermo product priced this high, especially considering that my current favorites Genomyx Decimate and PES Alphamine are a bit cheaper. However, while this didn't deliver the energy of Decimate, it did deliver greater weight loss so I will rate the value equal to both Alphamine and Decimate in my book because at the end of the day value is primarily a factor of how effective something is and what that is worth to the user. And like I've said before, I'm changing the way I spend my supplement dollars to purchasing fewer products, that while they are more expensive, they are certainly more effective than the cheaper drek out there.

Overall: 9/10
We all react very differently to thermo products; and based on the comments of some of the other expert reviewers, there will be a wide range of experiences using this. However, for me personally, this adds a solid third choice to my arsenal of fat loss supplements – Alphamine, Decimate and now Beta-Stim. Each have their own strengths, however, I put Beta-Stim at the top of the list when using a caloric deficit to cut weight (or recomp) since the appetite suppression really assisted me in maintaining a lower caloric intake and sustaining smooth and clean energy which works both angles of the weight loss equation (eat less + work more).
  • Smooth Energy
  • Longer Lasting Energy
  • Superior Appetite Control
  • Pricey

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